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Ironic Man™ 16/nov/2013 às 18:17
GTA IV Does Not Open
Hey guys. When I opened the GTA 4 file it said I needed to login in the social rockstar club. The account worked but after it said authenticating user it just closed. My laptop is Windows 8 and a Acer Aspire V5 and it got released a few months ago. Assistance will be appreciated. Thanx guys
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Jonezy 17/nov/2013 às 0:07 
same thing happen to me, but it was working fine the other day. im so sick of rockstars fukking ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥e. thanks for all your bloatware douchbags.
Ironic Man™ 17/nov/2013 às 0:42 
how did it manage to work?
Caowardㅤ 17/nov/2013 às 12:36

You're going to need to download this and make an accoount in order to play since it requires you to have windows live
Feliix 17/nov/2013 às 14:33 
i'm having the same problem, it does not open wather is online or offline
Ironic Man™ 17/nov/2013 às 21:53 
k i will try. ty m8
ineseri 18/nov/2013 às 4:55 
Make sure to run the game as administrator. Don't launch the game via steam, but via the LaunchGTAIV.exe file in the installation directory.
Caowardㅤ 18/nov/2013 às 6:31 
Escrito originalmente por axel_rod:
i'm having the same problem, it does not open wather is online or offline

I had the same problem until my clan mates told me I need to sign onto windows live, so hope it helps!
Ironic Man™ 19/nov/2013 às 23:18 
ty ppl.
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