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Basic Strategies
by Emsstewart929
In this small and simple guide im just going to roll through the different type of strategies and what your opponents deck may look like when hes performing a certain strat. I hope that you learned something new and i want to say that there are tons...
Micro and Macro Techniques
by Emsstewart929
This guide will help you learn how to better your skills and abilities in AOE3 through some helpful techniques!...
Aussiedroid's AoE III Cheat Codes
by Aussiedroid
Mini-guide of all cheat codes for Age of Empires® III: Complete Collection....
Age of Empires III: Complete Collection Campaign Guide
by Parzival
Finally, the game I have wanted for my entire thirteen years of living has appeared right in front of my eyes even though everyone talks about it. Silly me. This is a basic walkthrough guide for the campaign in Age of Empires III: Complete Collection. Th...
Japanese Samurai Rush :D
by tholok97
This is a guide on how to rush (attacking early and strong) with Japan, using samurai's and musketeers :D IT ROCKS!!!...
German Boom 40 Min Treaty
by Idean
A guide for the German civilization. This will teach you how to boom as the Germans....
How to Play The Asian Dynasties and The Warchiefs
by CampingCarl
A tiny little guide on how to play Age of Empires 3 with the expansion packs....
Guide Age of Empire 3 multijoueur
by ~H.R.F~ Phil
un petit guide pour les "nuls" ou pour les débutants...
by NoxInvictum
This guide is part of our clan .::X::. treaty guide series from here: Like our Facebook page for more updates: Join our Facebook group for more discussion/tips/gameplay:
Dutch Agro Age II or Quick Age III
by WhiteSammy
For those who are new to Age of Empires III, this guide is centered around getting your Dutch economy started in a reasonable amount of time. This is most effective for games that do not have a treaty timer and require you to have a flexible build order ...