Age of Empires® III: Complete Collection

Age of Empires® III: Complete Collection

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Wars of Liberty Mod : Getting started
By CelticCrusader
In this guide I will explain all you need to know to get started with this amazing mod. First , I will explain what the mod is all about .

I will then fully explain how to install and update the mod correctly. This is very important. Many people get errors when installing mods for AOE3 and as a community we are unfortunate not to have the steam workshop. There is a simple way to install and add WoL to steam and still be able to play Vanilla, TWC and TAD.
About Wars of Liberty
Welcome to the 19th century: The American colonies have revolted, gained their independence and they are now nations. The Natives have resisted colonization and struggle to keep their identities, the ancient Asian civilizations are now an active part of the world scenario and have to play their cards right to protect themselves, and in the Balkans, people fight for their independence from once powerful empires. There was one spot on Earth, however, that was ignored for a long time... We're at the modern era and all Empires have focused their attention on this long forgotten, but now desirable, region...Africa

Look at all the content Wars of Liberty adds !
  • 40+ Civilizations
  • 60+ World Maps
  • New Gameplay features
  • Incredible Music

  • Easy to install and update
  • Supports online play through ESO and Gameranger
  • The mod never stops growing ! New content will be added in future updates

    Take a look at the intro video

    Check out the Official website here !

    Check out the Official Youtube here ![/url

    I bet by now you will want to install this amazing mod ! Please read the next section where I will cover this in detail.
How to Install and Update Wars of Liberty
To install Wars of Liberty correctly there are a few small steps to do before installation. The method I personally use allows me to install and play WoL whilst still being able to play Vanilla, Warcheifs and Asian Dynasties. I recommend you follow this method if you wish to continue playing all versions as the mod will overwrite original game files. Please note this installation is for Windows .

In order to install Wars of Liberty, just download the installer and install it as you would install any application. Although, there is a small difference between installing WoL and installing most programs: when asked for the destination location for WoL, you need to choose a folder that contains a proper AoE3 installation, otherwise, you’ll get errors about missing files when trying to play WoL

If you have the normal AoE3 version installed in your PC (that is, if you didn’t use Steam to download and install AoE3), then it’s likely located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III, but, if you have the Steam version of AoE3, you might be able to find it C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Age of Empires 3\bin.

:!!: Also, if you use a 64-bit operating system, don’t forget to replace “Program Files” by “Program Files (x86)”!

First , before installing. we need to make a copy of 1 file.
  • Go to your installation directory as explained above.
  • Make a copy of the 'bin' folder and leave it in your install directory.
  • Rename this folder to something like 'binWOL' or 'warsoflibertybin'
  • You will now install WoL into this file.

    Download the installer here[/url

    In order to use the latest updater, you need to have the Java Runtime Enviroment installed in your PC. You can download it at

    If you have installed Wars of Liberty correctly, after running the updater, a message box will show up asking you to confirm the path in which WoL is installed. If it matches with the one you have chosen to install WoL, just click in “Yes” and the updater will do the rest of the job!

    Please note: I am not a member of Wars of Liberty Team, I am just a commmunity member . If you have issues with bugs or errors, please post in the official forums here
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NIK_F_S Jul 8 @ 8:19am 
im getting weird lag spikes with the mod (120fps average, but every now and then it stutters like its loading something and cant keep up) any idea on how to fix this? as i really appreciate to play this mod but its a bit annoying
CelticCrusader  [author] Jul 3 @ 12:40pm 
Or if you have a missing dll, message me and I will give you a copy, then you can play all versions. No need to be installing over asian dynasties unless you never ever play it.
Rise and shine, Guybrush! Jul 3 @ 10:19am 
To everyone having a problem with missing dlls: Install this mod in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Age of Empires 3\bin folder

You can't play any of the AoE3 collection games anymore though
CelticCrusader  [author] Jul 2 @ 2:07am 
Hi there , you would be better posting on the official forums here about bugs,

The skull knight thing is probably the infantry traing speed card Fencing School, it increases the time skull knights train from the firepit, that description is the same as in the orginal game. And the cheaper mercenaries is mercenary loyalty , which decreses the cost of the home city mercenary shipments, nothing to do with saloon mercs.

About the AIs , yes many dont work, its not ideal but in reality to code new AI for all these civs would be incredibly time consuming, especially as the civs have so many different features, ways of aging up, buildings etc.

Also there was a hotfix to solve the OOS issues on this patch yesterday , try updating again if you havent already.
^4MOUNIS O ERISTIKOS Jul 1 @ 7:00pm 
Of course there is also the problem unfortunately about the ai of the most new civs, its really poor, not working at all in some. And the most disturbing of all until now the out of sync problem, when we play 2v2 with a friend against pc its fine, but when we go 3 human vs 3 pc it always buggs and get us out of sync, every time, it may be at 15 minutes, at 20 at 40 its random (i think) but it always happens and we havent been able to finish a game, is there anything that might help with that? p.s. we all have the same updated version and last version. thank you
^4MOUNIS O ERISTIKOS Jul 1 @ 7:00pm 
Hey there, i recently installed the mod and also 2 friends of mine. We noticed that in Greeks there are some problems, first the card for the fort no matter how much times you save it in your deck or how many decks tou create and include it there is never there to use it in game, and when you go back to build a deck it shows that its not included and you have 24/25 cards. Secondly some other card dont work when you use them, one says that each barrack spawns 3 klepts but never happens, another says something about skull knights, dunno what it means cause never happen anything with skull knights and greeks xD , i have some cards in greeks about mercenaries being cheaper and something with the saloon but you cant build saloon or anything to spawn mercenaries with greeks. I also noticed the same problem as i saw someone said at atlas mountain map about not being able to build trading centers.
sirnori Jun 21 @ 12:44am 
I'm missing most of the civs and all of the units. I tried playing as the Tupi (because the awesome Inca and Mapuche weren't there), but all that I got was a town center, crates of resources and a Tupi-speaking version of Captain Huang.
CelticCrusader  [author] Jun 20 @ 12:10pm 
Which civs and units are you missing ? @sirnori
sirnori Jun 20 @ 12:39am 
I installed the mod the above way with Steam. It loaded up, but none of the new units and many of the new civs weren't there. Help!
CelticCrusader  [author] Jun 15 @ 8:37am 
Well you will be lucky to just get a game from hosting on eso. You should join the steam group, then you can find others to play with there. Or you could try hosting on Gameranger, there is a decent amount of WoL players there too.