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Fixing FPS for those gamers using Nvidia
by Furyan Reign
A Short guide on fixing the locked v-sync at 30fps. With vsync off theres some terrible screen tearing that we can all do without. Heres a fix that worked for me. Hope it helps. Alternatively check out my video here:
Fable 3. FPS Fix.
У многих возникает проблема с оптимизацией.(ATI/NVIDIA). Приступим....
Fable III ++ : Colors & FPS boost
by Hero
Three SweetFX 1.4 presets and a tweaked .xlm for a FPS boost ...
How to get GFWL to work. [Updated, read description!]
by robotman5
Just a short guide how to make GFWL work for Fable 3. 9/14/2013: I forgot to let everyone know, that Microsoft is shutting down GFWL next year (Either March or April 2014) so i don't think this guide will be helpful when that time comes, but r...
East Hare Egg locations and how-to
by Revonlieke
Just a quick guide. Hopefully it is helpful to some FableIII fan's out there! This guide holds a walkthrough on how to find the East Hare Egg's in Albion and what they unlock....
Sunset house to appear during the day
by Devilswarchild
the steps with pictures of how to get Sunset House to physically manifest itself so that one may enter and explore it!!!!!!!...
How to make an orgy - The tutorial
by Wartow
Helloooo to this gloriously salacious guide! Everybody knows it, you can have sex in Fable III, you can have sex with women, you can have sex with men, you can have sex with both at the same time! You might have noticed that when you do it with more...
Fable 3 Troubleshooting guide (AKA i hate GFWL)
by Infinity
(Image is placeholder, unless uneditable in which it simply is) -a collection of resources to help you should you have problems getting Fable 3 to work properly (mostly on getting it to start) -if you find additional information, add it in the comment...
Fable 3 Trading Post!
by ♉ Xjezhekír
This is a place for people to post in search of items they're having trouble acquiring in game(be it due to laziness, difficulty, RNG misfortune, or otherwise). It helps to post up what you're willing to offer in exchange, unless you plan on hoping for a ...
find people to play with.
by MrKris
Looking for someone to play a game with join the group via the link go on voice chat, you dont need to use a mic but it is perfered. we play lots of diffrent games. we're a pretty friendly group so dont be afraid to talk. this also applies to any ...