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Fable 3 - Windows 10, Online Co-op & More [2023]
By Kumisnami
A quick guide to getting Fable 3 to run properly on Windows 10 while setting up Online Co-Op at the same time. After checking to see if done correctly, added extra steps to increase game quality for non-potato PCs.

I take zero credit for anything. Just exist and sharing information so I can have more people to play Fable 3 with.
Fable III Windows 10 & Online Co-op
You have to follow this exactly to make sure everything works as intended. Patience is in fact needed in this process since it can take a while for it to finish "working". If you own the game and have modded it with the fake GFWL do a clean install. A clean install means making sure it's completely gone from your system (manually deleting remnants if Steam uninstall doesn't clear it all). When downloaded skip to Step 4.

  1. Purchase a Steam Key if you have not done so already. You can buy official, 100% legal, keys from here[www.amazon.com].

  2. Open Steam and on the bottom left hit "Add A Game" and then "Activate a product on Steam...", redeem code, then install the game.

  3. Once you launch the game you will run into a never ending black screen. No idea why this happens, but this is a good time to close the game out (Alt + f4, task manager force quit, or simple close the game).

  4. Now, download this[community.pcgamingwiki.com] and DO NOT LAUNCH YET.

  5. Hit 'Windows key + R', type Control Panel, enter. You will have opened the control panel. Make your way into "Programs and Features" and scroll down until you reach: "Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE Redistributable" and "Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace". Uninstall both.

  6. Now you may launch and install the brand new and shiny GFWL, from step 4, to replace the broken one you just tossed.

  7. Once it's installed Open up Steam > Fable 3 > Right Click > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files. This will take you directly to the game files needed for the next step.

  8. Right click FableLauncher.exe > Properties > Compatibility > "Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 7" & "Run this program as administrator" > Apply Changes > Ok

  9. Same as step 8 (the one you literally just did), but with Fable3.exe this time.

  10. Now just launch the game. If done correctly you will be met with a super shiny, never before seen GFWL screen. You can log in with xbox account or create a new one. Depending on if your system is potato or not it can take up to 20 or so minutes (mine took 5 but am not potato).

Once this is done you can add players in-game as you used to be able to before the servers went poof. Yay! We can trade legendaries again ~ .

Note: According to user Barkawaka, it deletes saves when signing into live. Small price to pay for being able to play online no? =)
Adding DLC (Credit: UnnyBolt)
Here is the complete DLC guide by the original creator of this method.

Fable 3 Unlock All DLC + Extras[drive.google.com]

Instructions to enabling all DLC

Create the following folder path: "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Xlive\DLC\4D53090A\00000002\D7FCB87DC6790538CC5EE45EC44EC782603B8ACB\"

Copy the contents of "ALL DLC" folder to the above path. Now all further changes to DLC files will be done inside the above path.

Go to XUID[cxkes.me], write your Xbox/GFWL Gamertag, select Hexidecimal and click Resolve. Copy the result (16 characters) and rename the file "0009xxxxxxxxxxxx.lic" with your result. Make sure to keep the ".lic" extension.

That's it. Launch the game, load your Hero and all the following content and items will be unlocked:
Understone Pack: Understone Questline (The Voice, The Wheel of Misfortune, Shooting Range) Slow Time Potion Gusket's Musket Summon Creatures Potion The Bloodstone Bludgeon The Marksman 500 The Full Monty The Absolver Dragonbreath Tattoo Set The Channeler Crystal Tattoo Set The Champion Balance Tattoo Set Swirlwing Tattoo Set Clockwork Tattoo Set Shardborne Dog Suit Black Die Pink Poodle Potion Alsation Dog Potion White Poodle Potion Industrial Knight Suit Hot Pink Die Turquoise Die Cornrows Hairstyle Setter Dog Potion Five Star Dog Potion Bushy Hairstyle Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle Highlander Women's Suit Highlander Men's Suit Highlander Tattoo Set Cream Dye Yule Costume Doberman Dog Potion Traitor's Keep Pack: Traitor's Keep Questline (Throne of Blood) Clockwork Dog Potion Bowerstone Soldier Uniform Inquisitor Pack: The Inquisitor Industrial Tattoo Set

In the Extras folder you will find two bonus packs:
1. An unlocker for the Fable: Coin Golf exclusive weapons: Donna's Kebab, Hammer of the Whale and Thundaraga.
2. Fixes for potential crashes while playing Traitor's Keep DLCs.
There are further instructions inside each bonus pack.

Instructions to Enabling Coin Golf Weapons

They are included in the extras section of the download. Use it if you want it. =)

Traitor's Keep DLC Fixes

They are included in the extras section of the download. Use it to fix some issues.

DLC Unlocks at these Points
First time at Dweller Camp: Alsatian Dog Potion White Poodle Potion Summon Creatures Potion Slow Time Potion Clockwork Dog Potion Setter Dog Potion Doberman Dog Potion Five Star Dog Potion Pink Poodle Potion Leaving Dweller Camp during first Visit: Dog Suit Black Dye Cream Dye Hot Pink Dye Industrial Knight Suit Turquoise Dye Cornrows Hairstyle Bushy Hairstyle Asymmetrical Bob Haircut Highlander Woman's Suit Highlander Men's Suit Highlander Tattoo Set Yule Costume Bowerstone Soldier Uniform In the Reliquary, after getting your first melee weapon: The Bloodstone Bludgeon In the Reliquary, after getting your first ranged weapon: Gusket's Musket After talking to Samuel & Walter in Brightwall Tavern (2nd Floor): Hunter's Lodge Deed The Marksman 500 The Full Monty The Absolver Dragonbreath Tattoo Set The Channeler Crystal Tattoo Set The Champion Balance Tattoo Set Swirlwing Tattoo Set Clockwork Tattoo Set Shardborne The Inquisitor Industrial Tattoo Set
Fable 3 Patcher - (Credits = crossfire151)
I, Kumisnami, have not tested this but I did review it. As of 03/05/2022 @ 3:32 PM PST it is safe for use. Please write in the comments if that changes past this date.

Read Me:
An easier much more simple Patcher and troubleshooter included.

This is a Patching tool for the Public, as many people don't understand or like complications when it comes to getting this game to work the way it was supposed too. This tool helps you with exactly that.

It has a built in troubleshooter for those frequently asked questions!

I hope this helps you guys out, I know it's helped me!

This Patcher includes all the required resources so there is no need to download them seperately.

Github - Fable 3 Patcher[github.com]
64-bit & 4GB+ RAM (REQUIRED) - Graphic Enhancement
Let's just start off with saying that this game loads in real time. It creates unnecessary lag and renders objects slowly. So, this little enhancement basically increases the amount of RAM that the game is allowed to use. The only negative aspect of this is a longer initial load time.

Don't worry, the initial doesn't mean every single map, it means on game startup. It will take about 5 - 10 minutes on game start up for the game to fully load every single texture and model before hand to drastically decrease the lag and rendering time.

  1. First download Notepad ++[notepad-plus-plus.org], if you have never downloaded it, it's basically a million times better than your basic txt editor that comes with windows. Use this instead from now on.

  2. You will need to patch Fable3.exe and it's simpler than it sounds! Download Large Address Aware[www.techpowerup.com] (scroll down and specifically download "laa_2_0_4.zip").

  3. Open an executable to modify (click on the "..." button to browse).

  4. Check the box specifying you want to make it large address aware.

  5. Click on save to commit the changes.

  6. Now, navigate to Fable 3 > Data > Right Click "startup.vfsconfig" and "edit with notepad ++"

  7. Once it's opened in Notepad ++, scroll down until you see this line of code:

    <Composite> <Required><Ref ID="globals_model_headers" Mode="memory"/></Required> <Required><Bank Path="globals/globals_models.bnk"/></Required> </Composite> <Composite> <Required><Bank Path="globals/globals_texture_headers.bnk" Mode="memory"/></Required> <Required><Bank Path="globals/globals_textures.bnk"/></Required> </Composite>

  8. You will be adding Mode="memory" to 2 lines like so (underlined changed locations):

    <Composite> <Required><Ref ID="globals_model_headers" Mode="memory"/></Required> <Required><Bank Path="globals/globals_models.bnk" Mode="memory"/></Required> </Composite> <Composite> <Required><Bank Path="globals/globals_texture_headers.bnk" Mode="memory"/></Required> <Required><Bank Path="globals/globals_textures.bnk" Mode="memory"/></Required> </Composite>

  9. Now make sure to save (for new Notepad ++ users the normal save option doesn't work, it's a lie and will never be fixed). Simply hit the tiny red x on the tab you have open and it will give you an option to save.

  10. Launch the game and remember: it will load slowly at first easily 5 - 10 minutes so BE PATIENT.

Enjoy sped up game play and no more lag / slow rendering ~
AMD Software Adrenaline (Credits: Kumisnami)
There's already an Nvidia version provided by 𝔾𝕆𝕃𝔻𝔼ℕℂ𝕆𝕃𝔼𝕐. However mine will focus on AMD.

You'll want to set these settings for both the FableLauncher.exe & Fable3.exe. You'll need to launch the game via the launcher so as to make sure no issues arise it's best to set it to both. I won't explain what everything does, but you can adjust accordingly depending on your system.

----- Bonus Below -----
Most, if not all of these, should not work with GFWL. Especially if they're intrusive.
[Optional] 4K 60FPS Remastered Pre-Rendered Cutscenes (Credits: No_One)
This may cause crashing or errors!!!

Originally posted by No_One:
Remastered all of the Pre-Rendered Cutscenes in this game, to 4K, with optional 60FPS pack.

4K 60FPS Remastered Pre-Rendered Cutscenes[www.nexusmods.com]

Included in the download.
Female Strength & Skill Removed (ArtoFeel & LucioMalyn)
Originally posted by LucioMalyn:
This mod was original created by ArtoFeel. I edited his work in order to prevent changes by tall and Strength. I hope this helps a lot to people who don't want to play a Hulk Female, like me!

Fable 3 Female Strong & Skill Remover[www.nexusmods.com]
Thinless Jaw[www.nexusmods.com] (Use this version only if you think that the female jaw is very thin when having 5 stars at strength).

Are you playing as a female for Fable 3 but you don't like that she becomes hulk and look like a man when you use pistols, rifles or melee weapons? This mod modifies the morphs of the female causing that she doesn't change when increasing skill and strength.

Download And put the folder "04_femaleMorphMod" inside the dlc folder on fable 3 wherever it may be located on your computer.

Want to Mod this Mod? Follow these instructions
Originally posted by LucioMalyn:
If you want to modify my version feel free, but follow these instructions:

0- Female_strong.mof and female_Tall.mof can be used with Notepad!

1- Download BNK Loader and Creator, loader is used to take files from femaleMorphMod.bnk and extract it to editing. Creator is used on the foldier where Female_Strong and Female_tall are located and you must select the foldier 004 and create it on femaleMorphMod.bnk.
If you don't trust that page, let me know!

2- If you modify Female_Strong you will noticed some sizes of the morph in X are not in 1.0 (normal) and are in SixeX:0,8, this is because the strong morph even if you put everything in normal (size 1.0 - Pos 0.0) your Jaw will increase and will look fat, so i have reduced the jaw to give her a thiner look.

3- If you want me to upload my edited version that is not vanilla, LET ME KNOW!

Small bug: this mod WILL cause animations on female to not fit very well with the villagers, this is something is can't fix and i tell you that i have tried. If you discover a way of fixing this without altering very much the sizes please shared on the posts!
Enhanced - A ReShade Preset (Credit: MystiriousDawn)
Originally posted by MystiriousDawn:
Uploading this for anyone that wants something simple for their game that helps remove some of the haze and makes the visuals crisper.
All images were taken with an ultra wide monitor and I had to reduce the image size to fit Nexus's standards. So images are lower resolution than the originals.

ReShade Preset[www.nexusmods.com]

To install just install reshade and select all or just make sure curves, colofulness, lumasharpen, ambient light, clarity, and ContrastStretch is enabled.

Drop my ini file into the Fable 3 root folder and go. Turn it on by pressing the HOME key and selecting the preset while in-game.

Skip Intro Videos Patcher (Credit: XJDHDR & TheGeniusSavant)
Just want to state I do not use this since I personally don't mind the intro videos, but some people hate them. So I have not personally downloaded this myself. I 100% cannot provide tips if you install it wrong. Also pretty sure the guy won't check Nexus anymore if you have issues as well so you're on your own.

Pick One of the Following:
Skip Intro Mod 1[www.nexusmods.com]
Skip Intro Mod 2[fable3mod.com]

Skip Intro Mod 1 Possible Reqs.:
- Fable3Mod Account[fable3mod.com]
- BlackDemon's BNK Utilities[fable3mod.com]
- Notepad ++[notepad-plus-plus.org]
- nointro.patch[www.nexusmods.com]

Mod 1 Guide

Originally posted by XJDHDR:
This was designed for the English version of Fable 3 distributed through Steam. I don't know whether this file will work with other languages or distributions. While I would greatly appreciate it if anyone reports success in these scenarios, I can't guarantee that you won't have problems and especially recommend making backups before attempting. While I have provided instructions below for patching the game yourself without downloading this file, you may find this download useful if you would rather take the safe route.

Manual application:
The contents of this download can be manually applied to your game without downloading this file by following this procedure:
  1. Make a backup of <location where Fable 3 is installed>\data\levels.bnk and <location where Fable 3 is installed>\data\levels.bnk.dat in case something goes wrong.
  2. Download the Fable 3 BNK Browser from this site: BlackDemon's BNK Utilities[fable3mod.com]
  3. Download the blank BINK file from here: http://www.geocities.ws/xbdvdrg/blank.zip
  4. Create a temporary working folder on a storage device with at least 4GB of free space.
  5. Extract the contents of the two archives you downloaded earlier into your working folder.
  6. Create two copies of the blank BINK file and rename them to lionhead_logo.bik and microsoft_logo.bik.
  7. Create an empty folder in your working folder to hold the contents of one of the game's resource packs.
  8. Open BnkBrowser.exe then click on Open. Navigate to <location where Fable 3 is installed>\data\ and open Levels.bnk.
  9. Click on Extract All then select the folder you created in Step 7. Exit BnkBrowser when the extraction is finished.
  10. Open the folder you created in Step 7 then navigate to art\videos\. Move the two blank BINK files created in Step 6 into this folder and overwrite the originals.
  11. Open BnkCreator.exe then click on Add folder(s). Select the folder you created in Step 7.
  12. Click on Create then navigate to <path-to-game>\data\. Select levels.bnk then click on Save.
  13. Run the game to test that it starts without issue. After that, you may delete the temporary working folder.

    Skip Intro Mod 2 Reqs.:
    - Fable3Mod Account[fable3mod.com]
    - Notepad ++[notepad-plus-plus.org]
    - notintro[fable3mod.com]

    Mod 2 Guide:

    Originally posted by TheGeniusSavant:
    I had to move ALL the files into the game's data directory (for my machine it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Fable III\data Wink and edit the nointro.bat to read as follows:

    @echo Furby's Fable3 No-Intro Fix
    @echo --------------------------
    @echo injecting microsoft_logo.bik
    bnktool -i levels.bnk art\videos\microsoft_logo.bik microsoft_logo.bik
    @echo done..
    @echo injecting lionhead_logo.bik
    bnktool -i levels.bnk art\videos\lionhead_logo.bik lionhead_logo.bik
    @echo done..
    @echo ...
    @echo You're now intro free

    Then open an ADMIN command prompt, navigate to the game's data directory, and type 'nointro' (without the quotation marks, of course).

    This worked on Windows 10.

    Thanks again for posting!

    Note: For some odd reason the quoting seems to be quoting the entire section if I try to quote the walk through on the first mod, but XJDHDR wrote it all.
Nude Mod (18+ Warning = Credit: Ryuseiken)
I also don't use this since I have zero need for a nude mod. Also looking at the files, I don't know if this will break anything or not so please be careful when downloading.

Nude Mod[www.nexusmods.com]


Originally posted by Ryuseiken:
1) Copy the folders to the matching folders in your Fable 3 install.
2) I recommend backing up the files it wishes to overwrite first to somewhere outside your fable 3 directory.
3) Enjoy.

Version 4.0 update was done by Artofeel and was found here[fable3mod.com]

I (CatchLightning) have fixed the leg issue by transplanting the working files from version 2.4. Enjoy your beautiful legs.

This readme is for version 5.0 of the Fable 3 Nude Mod by Ryuseiken uploaded by CatchLightning (TheGrapeApe on NexusMods).

NOTE: Just like the last mod there's a possibility of needing to edit the .bat to properly find the location of your files. And once again, have not actually installed this so can't give proper walk through myself.
All Items Unlocker (Credit: ???)
I won't use this myself since I have a habit of 100% games on my own. If you're lazy and just want everything right off the bat, then use this.

Originally posted by CatchLightning:
There is a read me inside please read it. I have no idea if their instructions are absolutely necessary but I understand why they suggest them even if it will mean you have to fight the first boss without them. PS don't buy any gauntlets on the road to rule if you don't want un removable duplicates (at least not easily removable). Weapon dupes should be sell able at pawn shops.

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OJpqMCWPGf22fJ3mAmv9PQrMKbb1nBBq/view?usp=sharing

This is the unlocker you put in the Traitors_Keep\Content folder and save your game.

Then replace back the original ones.

I suggest you playing till after mercenaries level when you talk to 2 guys in pub before loading game with unlocker.

This unlocker will unlock all weapons\guns\oufits\DLC.
Walking Mod (Credit: Artofeel)
Wanted to state before hand that I do not use this mod, so use at your own risk.

Originally posted by Artofeel:
Since developers did not bother to add a "walk mode", we can do it for them.

Navigate to
%AppData%\Lionhead Studios\Fable 3\Controls\"your xuid"

%AppData%\Lionhead Studios\Fable 3\Controls\1000100010001000
and open Controls.xml.

Then navigate to the 8588 line and see the following:
<GameActionInputCombination> <GameAction type="int">1</GameAction> <Modifier type="bool">False</Modifier> <OnePerFrame type="bool">True</OnePerFrame> <ReconfigurableInputLabel type="int">15</ReconfigurableInputLabel> <ModifierInput></ModifierInput> <Inputs> <Input> <Type type="int">1</Type> <KeyboardKey type="int">17</KeyboardKey> <EventType type="int">2</EventType> <ControlDirection> <X type="float">0.000000 0</X> <Y type="float">1.000000 3F800000</Y> </ControlDirection> </Input> </Inputs> </GameActionInputCombination>

This is the "Forward" button, default "W".
To modify speed (Y type), for example reduced it by half:
<Y type="float">0.500000 3F000000</Y>

It's important to change Hex64 value (3F800000), float itself will change after game loading, but you can own.

Then navigate to line 8660:
<GameActionInputCombination> <GameAction type="int">1</GameAction> <Modifier type="bool">False</Modifier> <OnePerFrame type="bool">True</OnePerFrame> <ReconfigurableInputLabel type="int">16</ReconfigurableInputLabel> <ModifierInput></ModifierInput> <Inputs> <Input> <Type type="int">1</Type> <KeyboardKey type="int">31</KeyboardKey> <EventType type="int">2</EventType> <ControlDirection> <X type="float">0.000000 0</X> <Y type="float">-1.000000 BF800000</Y> </ControlDirection> </Input> </Inputs> </GameActionInputCombination>

This is "Backward", default "S"
So reduce the speed by half:
<Y type="float">-0.500000 BF000000</Y>

Then navigate to line 8732:
<GameActionInputCombination> <GameAction type="int">1</GameAction> <Modifier type="bool">False</Modifier> <OnePerFrame type="bool">True</OnePerFrame> <ReconfigurableInputLabel type="int">17</ReconfigurableInputLabel> <ModifierInput></ModifierInput> <Inputs> <Input> <Type type="int">1</Type> <KeyboardKey type="int">30</KeyboardKey> <EventType type="int">2</EventType> <ControlDirection> <X type="float">-1.000000 BF800000</X> <Y type="float">0.000000 0</Y> </ControlDirection> </Input> </Inputs> </GameActionInputCombination>

This is "Left" command, default "A".
Reduce the speed (X type) by half:
<X type="float">-0.500000 BF000000</X>

Then navigate to line 8804:
<GameActionInputCombination> <GameAction type="int">1</GameAction> <Modifier type="bool">False</Modifier> <OnePerFrame type="bool">True</OnePerFrame> <ReconfigurableInputLabel type="int">18</ReconfigurableInputLabel> <ModifierInput></ModifierInput> <Inputs> <Input> <Type type="int">1</Type> <KeyboardKey type="int">32</KeyboardKey> <EventType type="int">2</EventType> <ControlDirection> <X type="float">1.000000 3F800000</X> <Y type="float">0.000000 0</Y> </ControlDirection> </Input> </Inputs> </GameActionInputCombination>

This is "Right" command, default "D".
Now reduce the speed by half:
<X type="float">0.500000 3F000000</X>

Then navigate to line 8318:
<GameActionInputCombination> <GameAction type="int">76</GameAction> <Modifier type="bool">False</Modifier> <OnePerFrame type="bool">True</OnePerFrame> <ReconfigurableInputLabel type="int">9</ReconfigurableInputLabel> <ModifierInput></ModifierInput> <Inputs> <Input> <Type type="int">1</Type> <KeyboardKey type="int">42</KeyboardKey> <EventType type="int">1</EventType> <ControlDirection> <X type="float">0.000000 0</X> <Y type="float">0.000000 0</Y> </ControlDirection> </Input> </Inputs> </GameActionInputCombination>
This is the "RUN" command, default "Shift".
Change it (KeyboardKey type) to the Caps-Lock, for example:
KeyboardKey type="int">58</KeyboardKey>

Again, navigate to line 8588 and copy-paste this after "Forward" button:
<GameActionInputCombination> <GameAction type="int">1</GameAction> <Modifier type="bool">False</Modifier> <OnePerFrame type="bool">True</OnePerFrame> <ReconfigurableInputLabel type="int">15</ReconfigurableInputLabel> <ModifierInput></ModifierInput> <Inputs> <Input> <Type type="int">1</Type> <KeyboardKey type="int">42</KeyboardKey> <EventType type="int">2</EventType> <ControlDirection> <X type="float">0.000000 0</X> <Y type="float">0.500000 3F000000</Y> </ControlDirection> </Input> </Inputs> </GameActionInputCombination>

There will be a new button "Shift" for additional forward speed.
Of course you may not reduce speeds: back\left\right.
In addition, the modified Controls.xml:

Mod download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1su5L0HyLvPqsmOzjcqeLrueD_06PaYok/view?usp=sharing
Augment Rework & Weapon Normalization (Credit: CatchLightning/TheGrapeApe)

This mod reduces almost all weapon augment requirements by 3-10 times so as to reduce the grind in this game. Removes rewards and requirements relating to multiplayer and replaces them. Normalizes weapons in the game so all weapons in the same category do the same damage (barring some troublesome ones). Now also offers relationship preference changes.

It's unknown if this works on GFWL or not. Clarity would be nice, but since it changes such an integral part of the game I am assuming not.


Do not install this mod until you have installed an Unlocker. One is posted above.
The Unlocker can be run at any time but it is recommended to wait until during the "Brightwall Trial" after getting your guns. All duplicate weapons (not gauntlets) can be sold at pawn shops.

In case you're lazy, the "All Items Unlocker" is provided in the mod for you to set up FIRST.

Mod Notes

  • Be aware the mod does not affect the text of the augments but does affect the progress bars.
  • Give Gifts to Players over Windows Live challenges have been removed and been replaced with spend gold challenges.
  • Augments which used to give bonus damage in multiplayer now provide healing on hit.
  • Preference for women by general demand will be the main branch. In the future updates to the other branches may be delayed/unavailable. These others are listed under Optional Files. Be aware all are mutually exclusive. Also future branches won't have such silly names.
  • Mistpeak Demon Door is not included in the fix.


I have not tested this mod, however I know it does work. I will not be able to provide fixes for you. Use at your own discretion.


All downloads are on NexusMods. Account may or may not be required. Download only 1 at a time! If you have 2.7 installed you may NOT install a 2.4.2 version for obvious reasons.

Augment Rework & Weapon Normalization (2.7)[www.nexusmods.com]
Originally posted by TheGrapeApe:
I've fixed the undesired cosmetic changes. 2.4.2 is no longer necessary. You can use 2.4.2 alternate versions if you don't only prefer women.

Augment Rework & Weapon Normalization (No Relationship Preference / 2.4.2)[www.nexusmods.com]
Originally posted by TheGrapeApe:
Patch for no relationship preference. Not the mainline branch.

Augment Rework & Weapon Normalization (Prefer Men / 2.4.2)[www.nexusmods.com]
Originally posted by TheGrapeApe:
Prefers men patch. Not the mainline branch.


The instructions are provided in each of the download folders.
Killable Children - Extreme Violence Warning (Credit: Artofeel/CatchLightning/TheGrapeApe)
This mod requires access to Nexus Mods. An account may or may not be needed to download the mod.


This mod makes children killable. There exists a version that adds this and a fix to a dev mistake; and a version that only adds killable children with the benefit of not needing a secondary mod.

This mod is completely integrated into the "Augment Rework & Weapon Normalization" mod in at the very least the latest release (2.4.x - 2.7). So if you have that mod installed do not bother installing this mod.


All Item Unlocker - Only required for the version that includes the Thunderaga Fix.

Mod Notes

  • This mod has been marked with extreme violence to account for its headlining trait. This may cause it to not display in casual searches. I.e. you must be logged in and have marked NSFW ok to see it.

A message or a warning depending on your leanings:

  • This work is likely expandable to add additional functionality to do unsavory things to in game children like dismemberment or something more horrific. I did not feel comfortable going beyond the simple ragdoll my mod causes but you all do you. But if you do something horrific maybe don't cite me. I only made this to remove the children who were products of infidelity or the wrong race child bug.


I have not tested this mod, however I know it does work. I will not be able to provide fixes for you. Use at your own discretion.


Killable Children with no contingencies[www.nexusmods.com]
Originally posted by TheGrapeApe:
This version only makes children killable without applying an unofficial Thunderaga patch which would require you also use the Unlocker mod I uploaded. This version is also by extension integrated into my "Augment Rework and Weapon Normalization" mod.

Killable Children with Unofficial Patch[www.nexusmods.com]
Originally posted by TheGrapeApe:
This version has contingency on the Unlocker which you will need to download separately also on the Nexus. Both of these are fully integrated into my more extensive "Augment Rework and Weapon Normalization" also here on the Nexus.


Provided in the download. Also a little self explanatory.
Test Saves - For Mod Testing (Credit: CatchLightning/ConstantSignal)
This provides a set of files to test mods against. Each Hero is in a different stage and has different situations. Usually Saves 1 and 2 are in the most useful test situations.


Fable 3 Test Saves[www.nexusmods.com]
Originally posted by TheGrapeApe:
Test heroes in various game states for testing your own mods.



To install this mod go to C:/Users/whateveryourusernameis/Saved Games/Lionhead Studios/Fable 3
and copy your version of 1122334400000000 to somewhere else or just rename it to "1122334400000000 original".

Then copy my 1122334400000000 into the Fable 3 folder and load your game (you must have used the unlocker for my saves to work).

Credit for Saves

Catchlightning has provided Heroes 1, 2, and 4 ConstantSignal provided Hero 3

Save Description

  • Hero 1 is maxed for testing mods against a maxed character.
  • Hero 2 has beaten half the game but has not unlocked any weapons chests on the Road to Rule so you can test cosmetic changes from the chests.
  • Hero 3 has most weapon augments not unlocked despite being reasonably far in and so weapon augment appearances can be tested.
  • Hero 4 is just starting out and has been force loaded to prevent crashing out when the game is started as they don't even need the unlocker.

Each Hero has multiple saves at multiple points usually at different useful situations. Usually Saves 1 and 2 will be the most useful but not always.

---- Final Input Below ----
Game broken or doesn't want to work?

Well if you follow the steps exactly it works 100% of the time. I know because I did all the steps in every category (Online, DLC & Graphic Enhancement) 3 times in a row including clean installs.

If something broke then do a clean install and try again.

If you're using any other section that I clearly stated that I did not do it or it could possibly break your game then please don't ask me for assistance since I gave fair warning on both that I did not use this and it could break your game.

That's the best advice I can possibly give you on troubleshooting.

Can't connect to server or server/connection interruption possible fix
Originally posted by funizreaper:
hey if anyone has issue: can connect to server or server/connection interruption during download, you need to manually open where that folder is and install both programs which are the two broken versions you needed to uninstalled from following this guide. You need to install them both while in that error screen, thats when you will see both programs show up in said folder.

Possible Black Screen Fix
Originally posted by K2-XT:
If you've followed all my steps and still getting a black screen as soon as you press enter or start on the main title screen, try signing out of GFWLive, deleting your account, then signing in again.

Possible Black Screen Fix 2
Originally posted by CountViper:
Here's the tip for everyone else:
Before installing the new Live service i also set it to "compability mode Windows 7" and "run as admin" (same as the steps 8. and 9.) and after installing it was installed i restarted my computer.

Then i proceded with whole process and everything ran as normal :)

Possible Fix
Originally posted by *Thump*:
Update to last comment: I figured out the issue, so what I'm about to say, might help if others find this problem.

So basically after doing the setup as described in the first paragraph, when attempting to launch the game, the game wouldn't even start-up. Steam would just struggle for a moment, say I'm in game and then after a few sec it would say I'm no longer playing any game.

The solution to this issue is as follows: run Games for Windows Marketplace app and log in using your registered Microsoft account. While the app is still in use simply launch Fable 3 from Steam (with admin permission and in compatibility mode (I personally used Windows Vista c. mode). It should load in as OP described above, with a black screen and a Games for Windows Live overlay popping up. After that simply follow step 10 of the guide. Hope this helps!

Mistpeak Demon Door won't open?
Run this script (From Artofeel):
if not Layers.IsLayerActive("QD030_MistpeakValleyDemonDoorTransition") then QuestTracker.SetAsCompleted(GetLocalHero(), "QD030_MistpeakValleyDemonDoor") Layers.ActivateLayer("QD030_MistpeakValleyDemonDoorTransition") end
If you don't know how script injection works then I recommend not bothering trying this fix as you will 100% break your game.

Co-op session failed to connect
Originally posted by Kumisnami:
To fix this error you have to make absolutely sure you follow only one guide. If you didn't follow only 1 persons guide, then you have to reinstall so you're both on the same page. Reasoning behind this is because you can't find people without the same DLC or Mods or even fixes making multiplayer connections impossible or hard to find. If everyone followed a single guide then we would all be able to play together. This is a feature built into GFWL and not really fixable from our end.

So install in this order: Base Game < DLC < Fixes

I am fairly certain most mods only work in single player, no GFWL.

Stuck on "Download Profile" screen
Originally posted by CrøssFire ★:
@kumusnami strangely all I did was login to my account on account.microsoft.com to see if my account got locked or something to realise it wasn't; then thought I would give it another try an eh presto it started downloading my profile (the bar actually started moving, which it didn't in the previous attempts). Strange but yeah it got me in.

Windows Live ID does not exist or password is incorrect.
Originally posted by Kumisnami:

@ZanidoS ..."when i do put my credentials even correctly it says that 'Windows Live ID does not exist or my password is incorrect'"

If that's the case you either:
1) Didn't actually put it in correctly.
2) Account was probably marked inactive or is disabled.
3) Account doesn't exist.
Originally posted by SlipSlot:
I'd suggest logging in to the Xbox website and/or playing a recent Xbox game with that account first before attempting to sign in to Fable III, it worked for me and I've seen it help others with the same issue. Just because Fable III reports there's something wrong with the account, doesn't always mean there is, despite what some people claim.
Originally posted by ZanidoS:
I bought it again
because my account was locked as i said
and my game wasnt able to be accessed

GFWL can't connect
Originally posted by That Schmuck:
For anyone stuck on GFWL saying it can't connect, go to https://account.xbox.com/en-us/Social and download the PC app. Start that up, log into your XBox account, and leave it running when starting up Fable 3. At least, that's how I got the game playable online.
Note From Me
If this guide helped you please hit a thumbs up and favorite.
If you want to play with me or just want some more friendos then feel free to add me.
If the guide didn't help ask for help before slamming a thumbs down on me. D;
---- Archived ----
Playing Offline - 2022
Try 1a/2a path first. If that doesn't work, do 1b/2b path.

1a) Download the DLC[drive.google.com]

If that doesn't work for you download the DLC separately and do it the old way:

1b) Understone[download.xbox.com]
Traitor's Keep[download.xbox.com]
Inquisitor Pack[download.xbox.com]

2a) Create the following folder path: "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Xlive\DLC\4D53090A\00000002\D7FCB87DC6790538CC5EE45EC44EC782603B8ACB\"

Copy the contents of "ALL DLC" folder to the above path. Now all further changes to DLC files will be done inside the above path.

Go to XUID[cxkes.me], write your Xbox/GFWL Gamertag, select Hexidecimal and click Resolve. Copy the result (16 characters) and rename the file "0009xxxxxxxxxxxx.lic" with your result. Make sure to keep the ".lic" extension.

2b) Create a new folder in your Fable 3 install directory named "DLC", and subfolders inside the DLC folder named "01_Understone", "02_TraitorsKeep" and "03_InquisitorsPack". Place the downloaded DLCs inside each respective folder.

3) Download this GFWL Disabler[drive.google.com]

Extract it into your Fable 3 Install Directory. This makes it impossible to play online.

4) Open the xlive.ini file that you just extracted. Change "Player One" into whatever username you want to use in-game. In this same file, find the "profile xuid 1 =" number and copy it.
Find your saves folder, probably in "C:\Users\*YOUR NAME*\Saved Games\Lionhead Studios\Fable 3"
If the folder inside there is of another number than the one you copied, just rename the folder into the number you copied. If there is no folder in there, you probably haven't played the game yet and the saves folder will be automatically created with the right profile xuid.

Now you're done. All DLCs should work perfectly. It even works on old saves, as I did all this on an already started save game.
Adding DLC (Outdated / Works - Keeping)
Okay. After talking to management at Xbox we have a slight problem for PC. At the moment we can either have DLC but no online, or have online but no DLC. Both options are bad, but I will reach out to the modding community and ask if they can find a way to make the DLC work. It most likely won't be legal, but it beats having only having 1 or the other.

Before people REEE about legal and pirate bad, these DLC's are posted for free by Microsoft itself.

  1. Download the following 3 DLC:

    Traitor's Keep[download.xbox.com]
    Inquisitor Pack[download.xbox.com]

  2. Navigate to the Fable 3 install directory and manually create a folder named "DLC". Open the folder and create 3 more folders named: "01_Understone", "02_TraitorsKeep" and "03_InquisitorsPack".

    Install Directory

    Inside DLC Folder

  3. Place each respective DLC in its designated folder.

Pretty simple, unlike the other guides you are keeping GFWL how it is. You want DLC and Online mode right?
Adding DLC (Credit: dingleson) - Works / Keeping
All credit to dingleson for finding a fix. PLEASE SUPPORT HIS GUIDE HERE. If you need help on this please ask in his guide for assistance. I did not write this up nor did I find the fix. Don't forget to stop by and say thank you to him.

As of now, this method can only be used with Traitors Keep DLC.

The way this works is you manually download the DLC and licenses that come with it, and trick your GFWL into thinking that you have the DLC purchased with a valid license. If you are reading this guide, you are aware that GFWL doesn't have any kind of support anymore so buying the DLC's is impossible.

Note: I recommend installing this DLC after you have completed the main story, as its content is only accessible after you have finished the main quests. When installing this DLC, you will no longer be able to play with players that don't have it installed, the save that you play on will not able to connect to players on vanilla. So I recommend making a backup of your save first just in case.

You can find your save folder in this path: (C:\Users\[user]\Saved Games\Lionhead Studios), just make a copy of the Fable 3 folder and extract it elsewhere.

Download Links

For this to work, you need to download both the DLC and the licenses that activate the DLC on your GFWL account. You need to download and extract both these files into the same location:

Traitors Keep DLC
Traitor's Keep[download.xbox.com]

Traitors Keep Licenses

Understone DLC

Understone Licenses

Modifying Files
Once you have both files downloaded, and have extracted them into the same folder (Make sure both .lic files are alongside "content.xbx"), you will need to rename the "0009xxx.lic" file with your own Xbox profile's XUID.

Your XUID can be found here[cxkes.me]
Just type in your gamertag and hit resolve, then copy the XUID and rename it with the "0009xxx.lic" file, and make sure you keep the .lic extension.

Moving Files
Now you will want to move all those files into the following directory :

C:\User\[user]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Xlive\DLC\4D53090A\00000002 \D7FCB87DC6790538CC5EE45EC44EC782603B8ACB

If any of the folders inside the DLC folder are not there, just manually create them identical to the path above, you can just copy the folder names and create them. The following files will need to be in the folder: "content.cat", "content.xbox", "X_IMAGEID_GAME.png", "0009xxxlic" (Renamed with your XUID) and the "FFFxxx.lic.

Final Edit
One all the files are in the correct location, just open up the file dlc2paid.bnk.dat with your Notepad, and change the value of <premiumContentMask> from 1 to 0 and save it. After this step, you can now launch your Fable 3 game and will be able to access the DLC with its achievements and online support. Enjoy!
< >
Kumisnami  [author] Feb 4 @ 10:26pm 
@TehChickenChaser.YT(Live) Your solutions are all in the troubleshooting section of the guide. =)
TehChickenChaser.TV Feb 4 @ 10:04pm 
It is telling me I can't connect to the network. Any ideas to fix this?
Sham Feb 1 @ 5:05pm 
If the XUID site is down, you can send the creator a DM on twitter and he can get it back up. :steamthumbsup:
Wartime_Trench Jan 31 @ 6:01pm 
I figured it out! I had accidentally left the coin weapon dlc on upon starting a new game.
Kumisnami  [author] Jan 31 @ 4:38pm 
@Wartime_Trench Did you happen to use cheats of any kind? I know of one issue involved with cheats & guild seal(s) where there's a perpetual "gain of seals" sounds that persists until you get rid of all save data. Doesn't involve a white screen, but it is the only thing I can think of related to guild seal(s). I know it's not the statue with the guild seal, but that's all I can think of guild seal related.
Wartime_Trench Jan 31 @ 4:29pm 
@Kumisnami It's really weird! Only happens when I try to pick up the guild seal. After that, I can hear the game and everything- even my character moving. Sometimes tool tips pop up. Goes back to normal only when I am in the save room.
Kumisnami  [author] Jan 31 @ 2:13pm 
@Wartime_Trench I have only ever heard of black screens when you're in-game not white.

@Rocketarm It might be? Most individuals don't have the disc anymore. You can try to follow the steps, you might need to make some changes on your end, but it should work.
Rocketarm Jan 31 @ 1:30am 
It's probably safe to assume this isn't compatible with the CD disc version?
Wartime_Trench Jan 30 @ 3:54pm 
I am having an issue when picking up the Guild Seal where the screen is just permanently white. Anyone else having this?
Kumisnami  [author] Jan 29 @ 12:34pm 
There's also some other solutions in Troublshooting