ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

Armored Storage Stands (V 1.2)
jimmy has noface Apr 23, 2016 @ 11:17pm

v---server IP below.server name is above---^

* all players young or old are able to join my server and cause havoc on each
* we are on valhalla so the map is huge and their are tones of land marks people can build at including a whole floating island and tones of caves with no cave damage (2 are ocupied) and heaps of stable mods.
* the sooner tribes get in the better prepaird they will be when the server is populated
* i am also able to update the server from work if it goes down.
* there is only 1 admin(jimmy has noface)
* there are 3 tribes recruiting i can send you to if you dont have others to join

1) no greif raiding players off the server
2) no wipes (back ups may occur if server corupted)
3) tribe colours are highly recomended and free dye will be supplied (blue/navy green/black and purple/black are taken)
5) every player gets 1 lvl 300 animal of their choice when they join anything but a giga
6) no cave damage
7) role play is allowed but not defended by rules

TRIBE PACK(3+ players)
with every tribe that joins i will supply the same things
this does not include the standard level 300 dino each player will receive any way
1 level 300 animal (no gigas)
300 stone walls
100 stone fence foundations
50 sotne foundations
50 stone ceilings
3 stone doors and door ways
3 stone dino gates
1 stone beheimoth gate
4 forges
5 bush people(spear woman(flak)axe man(leather) archer(leather))

below are some videos with places i will be able to teliport tribes to build(no cave damage)

(#2,#5 are taken)

(bewair annoying voice)

(bewair annoying voice)(#1 is taken)

(dungion caves)

(under water cave)


x5 tame
x10 gather
x10 EXP
x5 hatch/
x5 mature
max level spawn - 120
max level player - 199
max level after tame - 199
no cave damage


655581765 pimp my dinos

534838287 industrial grinder

504122600 valhalla

558079412 ACM

531713045 taverns trough

550370605 bush people v2 consol spawn

576432474 SKIN MOD

655261420 homing pigeon

558651608 bridges

638464460 armour stand

526513986 better torches
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Kioma Apr 24, 2016 @ 11:55am 
ARK-DISTRICT.RU - (Start 01.05) X25 Mods All New

Наш сайт:
Наш TeamSpeak 3: (

Приватный сервер DISTRICT

Рейты сервера:
  • Сбор ресурсов х25
  • Томление х15
  • Увеличен респавн животных
  • Увеличен респавн ресурсов
  • Длинный день, короткая ночь

Дино и Игроки:
  • Максимальный LVL 240
  • Увеличено здоровье
  • Увеличен реген здоровья
  • Увеличен вес

Отличный баланс
Методом долгих проб и ошибок мы добились хорошего баланса, что доставит море положительных эмоций играя на нашем сервере.

Защита от читов
На сервере установлена анти-чит система battleye. Скажем читерам нет.

Много интересных ивентов
Мы постоянно проводим различные интересные ивенты.

Рассудительная администрация
Отзывчивый коллектив администраторов всегда придёт на помощь.

Сервер у официального дилера игры
Наш сервер находится на профессиональном серверном оборудовании.
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WhoisNight Apr 28, 2016 @ 8:27pm 
New 24/04 Ark'PvP'100xALL'30g'LvL501(Mods) - (v239.2)

AdminLog ON
Friendly Server
Admin Doesnt play as Player

Difficulty 8+
Seven's Tranq Kit
RAWR Beacons
Creature Finder Tools WIP
Improved Spyglass v1.13
Industrial Grinder
Big Walls
Paint Mixer - Dyeing Made Easy v1.2
Big Raft
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