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[EN]FX:Galaxy v1.3.0 - The Shimmering Path
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lone_wolf  [developer] Jun 9, 2018 @ 8:17am
FX:Galaxy v1.30 Release Notes
Main Updates
NEW: Skirmish Campaign - The Shimmering Path (Single-Player)
This is a new challenge mode. It is a series of 33 matches in which you play as, with, and against all races in the FXmod. Each match has its own preset gameplay rules and map, and the difficulty increases as you progress through. Playing this mode is a great way to discover the strengths and the weaknesses of your race, and is just a fun something to tackle with the intention of seeing how far you can get. Each match counts as a separate Single-Player mission, so progress is saved after every victory. You can resume where you left off, or redo previously completed challenges.

NEW: Game Speed Compression (Feature)
Starting with this release, new player profiles created in FXG MOD will have the ability to accelerate or decrease the game speed in all PVE game modes, much like in HW:Cataclysm. The following three shortcut keys have been preset:

Ctrl + \ : Decreases the game speed
Shift + \ : Increases the game speed
\ : Resets the game speed back to normal

IMPORTANT: There currently is no limit on the rates for game speed compression, but increased levels will put a greater strain on your CPU. So you can go as fast (or as slow) as your CPU can handle.

System Update
• Most units now use the same shortcut key “Ctrl+Z” for activating their special abilities, and also have their own button icon and tooltip description.
• Reset all ships' kamikaze damage parameters to 2.
• Some minor voice adjustments.

Races Update
• Added a new special ability to the Phase Prism unit, [Hyperspace Deliver].
When activated on a Phase Prism, friendly units that dock with it while the ability is active will be stored in hyperspace (“Launch”). The ability can then be activated on any Phase Prism to cause the docked units to appear at that location. If the ability is active on two Phase Prisms at once, units that go into either prism will instantly appear on the other side. This system is similar to the Vaygr Hyperspace Gates, but different in that it removes the hyperspace transition delay and allows for travel between any Phase Prisms (no linking required).

• Light Corvette has been removed and replaced by the Multi-Gun Corvette (anti-fighter & anti-corvette)
• Heavy Corvette now acts as an anti-frigate and anti-capital-ship unit.
• Added Command Corvette (it uses the minelayer corvette model as placeholder for now).
• Replaced the Drone Frigate with the Missile Frigate (anti-fighter).
• Replaced the Missile Destroyer with the Torpedo Destroyer (anti-corvette)
• Removed Sensor Array. This is supposed to be only buildable by the Taiidan.
• Added the Gravity-Well Generator.
• Cloaked Fighters will now be impervious to damage if the Cloak ability is active and there are no enemy anti-cloak units nearby.
• The Kushan Tech-tree has been changed.

• The Command Corvette has been removed.
• Part of Artillery (Spear) Frigate & EW Frigate models now use high-res textures (WIP)

• Nagual can now Guard units again.
• Increased the Nebula’s LOD (Levels of Detail) loading distance.
• Armed Infiltrate Pod now uses the remastered model.

Turanic Raiders
• Cloak Generator now uses the remastered model.
• Increased the Attack Carrier’s LOD (Levels of Detail) loading distance.
• The Azrael Attacker has a one-shot torpedo now. It can move faster after attacking, then auto-dock and load a new torpedo.

AI Updates
There have been some issues with the AI behavior in the previous release (v1.25). In response to those we ended up completely rewriting the AI system code in this version. The AI should now function a lot better, and also feel more like a human player.
• Rewrite the whole AI system.
• AI now uses repair units properly.
• AI now treats Hiigaran Turret, Kadeshi Turret & Taiidan Defense Fighter as reconnaissance units.
• AI now properly uses Light Nebula’s Ion Cannon to attack enemy frigates.
• AI will now periodically target and focus on a ship’s Engines.
• AI can lay mines with Turanic Minelayer Corvettes now.

BUG Fixes & Others
• Fixed the General Failure error in the Thaddis Sabbah mini-campaign.
Note: Previous saves will not work.
• Fixed the badge on Kushan Resource Controller model.
• Fixed the build prerequisites for the Hiigaran Light Cruiser: it now requires an Adv. Research module in your fleet, and either a Capital Ship Facility on the Mothership or a Super Capital Ship Facility on the Shipyard.
• The Taiidan Salvage Corvette, Defender, Defense Fighter, and Kushan Cloaked Fighter and Salvage Corvette can now dock with Support Frigates and Resource Controllers.
• Removed Hyperspace Ability of Taiidan Light Corvette, Taiidan Heavy Corvette, Progenitor Heavy Mover & Progenitor Capture Mover
• The Vaygr and Taiidan fleets in the Thaddis Sabbah mini-campaign now use their correct fleet color schemes & badges.
• Thaddis Sabbah Station's HP has been increased from 200000→350000
• Various localization fixes.
**The following two problems and their fixes come from https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/hwr-bugs-solutions/1639765, thanks @Cloaked and other people for their work on this**
• The mod now uses the Hiigaran Mothership model from HWRM v2.205 (public beta), which fixed some texture misalign.
• Fixed a bug where the Kushan Heavy Cruiser’s Ion Turrets did not display custom base/stripe colors, as they did in v1.0/v1.3. Instead they just displayed the default Kushan colors. We used fixed model from @Trebic & @Dom2, special thanks to them.

Balance Adjustments
*DPS – Damage per Shot
*CD – Cooldown (between two shots)

- Pulsar Corvette DPS increased from 90 → 100. Accuracy against corvettes increased from 0.8 → 1. Penetration value decreased from 1 → 0.8
- Torpedo Frigate Heavy Torpedo's CD decreased from 30s → 15s. Damage per cluster (regular) torpedo decreased from 190 → 50, CD decreased from 15s → 4s, penetration against corvettes increased from 0.8 → 1

- Laser Corvette DPS decreased from 350 → 225, CD between two shots increased from 2s → 4s

- Mover DPS increased from 120 → 180, CD increased from 2.9s → 4.9s. Anti-corvette attack style changed to Flyby_Interceptor_vs_Frigate, Anti-fighter attack style changed to Flyby_Interceptor_vs_Fighter;

- Construction time of the Corvette Module has been decreased from 65s → 30s.
- Construction time of the Heavy Corvette Module has been decreased from 33s → 30s, cost raised from 250 RUs → 1000 RUs.
- Heavy Corvette's attack style changed from circlestrafe_heavycorvette to frontal_heavycorvette.

Turanic Raiders
- The Energy Jam Frigate and Siege Drill Frigate can no longer be repaired by other units. The only way to heal them now is by docking.
- Standard Corvette DPS increased from 40 → 75, CD decreased from 4s → 2s
- Missile Corvette special ability DPS decreased from 90 → 30, DPS of EMP effect decreased from 35 → 5, CD increased from 19.8s → 39.8s. Attackstyle changed from circlestrafe_missilecorvette to frontal_heavycorvette
- Warfare Module's build cost increased from 750 RUs → 2000 RUs, build time increased from 45s → 120s.
- Lifespan on mines from the Minelayer Corvette has been changed to 180s.

Known Bugs:
• Fighters docking with new Khar-Toba disappear sooner than they should.
• Bentusi AI is not finished yet, and should not be used by CPU players (exempted from "random race" option by default for CPU players). Forcing a CPU player to use the Bentusi anyway may produce additional bugs such as the sensor view not working.
• Tai resource controller cannot dock with fighters & corvettes.
• Units stances don't work at the moment. So, there should be no differences between neutral, evasive, and aggressive (F2,F3,F4) stance for now. But some fighters do have a higher speed at aggressive stance, and we will try to fix that later.
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WildHeart|GENESIS|  [developer] Jun 9, 2018 @ 2:39pm 
A small addition to this is that a new (progressive) achievement for Skirmish mode has also been added. It can be found under the in-game Achievements tab.
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