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Ultimate Merge Mod
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Ultimate Merge Mod

The intent of the mod:
Well, I always though that Stellaris civics lack of personality. Like Shadow Council, the concept is cool ok, but in the end they give only +/- % on stuff. The more unique civics are mechanists, syncr evolution, fp and few other ones. My goal is to create civics (or to modify the current ones) to give a more unique feel in the gameplay and are not just +10% border range, +5% minerals, etc...
For now they are four:
- Young Space Brothers: The moon of your homeworld is populated with a primitive species, also you get -50% cultural shock and -20% xeno tradition cost
(icons by Taeghen and Sage)
- Primitives Caretaker: Your home system has 4 planets inhabitated by primitives. Requires Fanatic Xenophile ethic.
(icons by Taeghen and Sage)
- Presentient Fauna: Similar to Syncretic Evolution, but you start with 2 presentient races on your homeworld and the ability to uplift them
(icons by Taeghen and Sage)
- Hunters Culture: +25% damage to space creatures/guardians, you get nice amounts of unity killing them and also you have access to two exclusive techs that allow you to attract space creatures in your systems.
(descriptions by Elgenar and Mthis)

Even though I got some cool ideas for others, I want to focus on these ones and make them even more unique.

Minor changes:
- Uplift time reduced and you need gene tailoring in order to change presentients planet preference
- You can enlight xenophobes

Stand-alone version:

More to come...

(however remember to rate them anyway if you didn't already)
This mod also merges the following mods (that normally are incompatible):
- More and better civics ->
- Civics redux ->
- Ethics rebuild ->
- Ethos unique techs and buildings ->
- Life Engineering ->
- Choose syncretic appearence ->

Confirmed compatible with:
- Planetary Diversity
- Plentifull Traditions
- Misterious Universe
- More Events
- Extra Events
- Extendend Leviathan Events
- Tier 4 Stations
- Misterious Universe

In general, this mod is not compatible with mods that alter the following vanilla files:
- 00_ethics
- 00_buildings
- game_start
- 00_skillcap
- crystal_monster_designs
- 00_missions
- 00_personalities
- pop_faction_types (folder)
- 00_empire_names
- 00_eng_tech
- 00_soc_tech
- 00_species_traits

Thanks for contribution to The Unknown Guy, Taeghen and Sage.
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youyoumu Aug 8 @ 3:13am 
ethic rebuild has been updated to ethic&tradition rebuild.
when you apply to upcoming content and if it applied when its done?
andycred1 Aug 3 @ 4:40pm 
Anyone else had trouble with playing the Yondarin (religious bird people that Paradox made)?
darthkemenner Jul 30 @ 11:38am 
Just to let you know that Misterious Universe is listed twice
chrisbeverly Jul 25 @ 8:39am 
can you set the space brothers to pre space and not atomic
Brain Power Jul 20 @ 1:31pm 
When this mod is active, the traditions screen always acts as if I have enough unity to purchase a tradition despite the fact that I do not (and can not purchase any traditions). This also means that once I do have enough unity to purchase a tradition, I won't be alerted, which is significantly annoying since by the time I remember about unity existing I've usually wasted a lot of time I could have had the benefits.
BurningTemplar  [author] Jul 20 @ 11:26am 
If you use alphamod this may be the problem since it alters
piotr35 Jul 20 @ 10:16am 
The planet preference for that species was Arid

The mods I use:

Human Variety
Automated Behavior Adjustment
NSC (New Ship Classes & More v5.0)
Ultimate Merge Mod (offcourse:) )
Extra Events
LEX - Leviathan Events Xtended
Enigmatic Tech Return
Elves of Stellaris
Mass Effect - the Asari Civilisation
Max Traits = 12
Reworked Planet Diversity
Usefull Stations - Version 2.0 Citadel included
Animated Portraits (all of them)
More Events Mod
Plentifull Traditions
Enhanced AI
Advanced Ship Behaviour Modules (yes in my game on 1.6.2. it still works)
Alpha Mod Plus
BurningTemplar  [author] Jul 20 @ 9:38am 
@piotr35 what your planet preference was? Plus, what mods are you using?
piotr35 Jul 20 @ 12:47am 
In my game just now when I uplifted a species the planet reference they had was totally gone, is this intended?
justinfesta Jul 15 @ 9:04am 
This is the perfect combination for civics govt etc. I would remove the 7 trait picks and just stick to this area as its perfect.