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XL tram station
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XL tram station

This model is converted from the TF model by laedi (TF|net)
During conversion, he adjusted the lane speed to 50 km/h. Many thanks for this.

The original Train Fever mod was motivated by some shortcomings of the original tram stations that are part of the main game. Trams did not fit into the stations correctly, the maximum number of passengers was highly limited, and the overall size of the tram stations did not seem right. So we stated this project.
The design of the station is a product of Kiwi-NZ, McRiggs, Feuerwehrmann_Kay and myself. Right at the start of the project planning, Leonard Nimoy passed away. In memory to the only true "Spock", we adjusted the design to the current state. Now, this station named Genesis is the biggest tram and bus station in Transport Fever as well as a memorial site for Leonard Nimoy.

Special thanks goes to leadi for the implementation of the complete path layout for the statioin. Without him, this station would still wait to be published in years to come.
Of course, also Schwarzfahrer deserved to be mentioned for giving my dull concrete building just the right flair.

I thank all who supported me with this project and wish you all great fun with this model.

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Jul 4 @ 9:22am
Mehr tram gleise?
Jul 16 @ 11:50am
Immer Buszuweisung
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Merk Nov 30 @ 1:57am 
Do you mean the running costs of all vehicles are suddenly higher? That's most likely not caused by this mod, as it contains no scripts which could cause this effect. The only possibility would be a bug in the game itself, but thats unlikely too (I've never heard of it before).
So are you sure, that you haven't added or updated another mod?
MacGyver Nov 26 @ 11:36am 
When I added this mod to my Transport Fever save game, it caused all running costs to sky rocket, and made me start to loose money. I thought it was another mod that caused it, but when I moved mods around, I found it was this mod which caused the problem. I love that you made a terrific mod, and commemerated it to Leonard Nimoy, but I believe some more development needs to be done before I use it again.
Officer Jul 25 @ 1:21am 
MysticDaedra@ You can use it for both trams and buses, but you unfortunately can't remove the tram tracks. Hope this helps!
MysticDaedra Jul 25 @ 1:08am 
Will this function as a bus station as well? Or only trams?
Countryman Jul 20 @ 2:00am 
Hello, Grimes you and all other employers a big praise. To put such a fine man as Leonard Nimoy here with a monument I find simply exelent.
Officer Jul 16 @ 5:22am 
Grimes  [author] Jul 16 @ 4:28am 
I think it is possible, on occasion i will have a look at it.
Officer Jul 16 @ 1:21am 
It's really great. But I thought that it'd be even better if you'd make the tram tracks toggleable,
so that you can also have a XL bus station. Please? Thanks!
Madd5554 Jul 4 @ 2:28pm 
Thank you for this mod, it really helps my citys from not getting to backed up.
Officer Jul 4 @ 2:17am 
Please make the tram tracks toggleable.