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Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Central Station)
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Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Central Station)

=== UPDATE 2016-06-24 ===

Should work with Metro Overhaul Mod (MOM) now

First of all, this is my first ever asset and it took me 6 months and over 200 hours to complete. Along the way, I've learned how to do 3d modeling, texturing and bringing things together in the asset editor. So, if you have a dream to build something that is not yet in Cities Skylines, it can be done!

Berlin Hauptbahnhof is the most important passenger train station in Berlin and also the largest tower station in Europe. With more than 300,000 travelers each day, it's number four of the most frequently used long distance stations of Deutsche Bahn, right after Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt (Main).

The crossing station with 14 platform tracks is a transfer point between passenger long-distance (Intercity-Express, Intercity/EuroCity, HBX, EuroNight) and short-distance (S-Bahn, Regionalbahn, Regional-Express) transport.

The connection to the Berlin underground through the station with the same name, which is currently the endpoint of line U55 to Brandenburg Gate, will be the western extension of U5 to Alexanderplatz when becoming operational as planned in 2019. More connections to public transport are available in front of the station with inner city bus, as well as tram services (line M5, M8 and M10).

The striking building was designed by architect Meinhard von Gerkan. Together with the station, a new north-south train path through the north-south long distance train service tunnel was put into operation on 28th May 2006, resulting in a complete conversion and reorganization of passenger train travel in Berlin following the so called "Pilzkonzept" (mushroom concept).



- Make sure to flatten the whole terrain under the station (I recommend Extra Landscaping Tools,
- The elevated station stops are located in the long part of the tube structure, next to the DB tower

Model stats

- Total for Main Models: 12,513 tris with 2x 2048x2048, 1x 512x512 and 1x 128x128 textures
- Total for LOD models: 207 tris with 2x 512x512 and 1x 128x128 and 1x 32x32 textures
- Textures are always (Diffuse, Illumination, Normal, Specular)

Main features

For Regional, Intercity Express, Intercity, Local and Berlin S-Bahn services:

- 4 elevated double tracks running east-west direction
- 4 underground double tracks running north-south direction

For Berlin U-Bahn services:

- 1 subway double track (U55)

Game basics

- 9 subbuildings, no road connection needed
- 1:1 size of the real building
- Lot size is 45x27 units (360 m x 216 m)
- Found under Transport > Train
- Costs $500,000 to build
- Upkeep is $960 per week
- Track height is 12m
- Note: interior is not modeled, remember this is my very first asset

I want to thank SvenBerlin, AmiPolizeiFunk, BoldlyBuilding, Boformer, Tim the Terrible, Ronyx69, Jerenable and the one and only BloodyPenguin for your tutorials, your help and for spending so much time for something other people can have fun with.

Thanks for subscribing! Any comments are appreciated.
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Headspike 2 hours ago 
You can try to use LargerFootprinsMod if you have troubles with the " invaldid format"
SJT375 6 hours ago 
Will do, thank you!
michaelcurl44 7 hours ago 
Legend Martin. Thanks so much for your help! :)
martinAusBerlin  [author] 8 hours ago 
@SJT375, @Alger P: I am so sorry, I found the issue that is causing 'no road access'. Will try to fix it. For the time being you can do what @AmiPolizeiFunk explained further down: use 'Touch this' ( .
SJT375 12 hours ago 
@martinAusBerlin thank you, I appreciate it. For the time being, I'm using a different elevated rail asset as my train station
martinAusBerlin  [author] 19 hours ago 
@SJT375: I think I'll look into that as soon as time permits.
SJT375 Jun 24 @ 5:37pm 
@martinAusBerlin. Yes, I know, and the roads plop when I place it, but for some reason, it's still telling me that there is no road access. For some reason, if I create an elevated road that goes through the building perpindicular to the train tracks through the walking entrance, it's gone. Really bizarre
michaelcurl44 Jun 24 @ 3:53pm 
Amazing asset, easily my favourite so far! Berlin also my favourite city in the world. I have placed the station and it works perfectly, except it says there is no road access, even when clearly there are cars driving through it and passengers using the station.
Can anyone help please? Thanks
AmiPolizeiFunk Jun 24 @ 12:27pm 
What I would do for that Alger, is use "touch this" to delete the station streets, then add your own with zoning exactly how you like.
Alger P Jun 24 @ 11:30am 
Absolutely stunning asset, and I would like to demolish the center of a huge city to place this at the center crossroads. But there is a lot of empty space surrounding the building. Most of the streets included are not zonable, and even streets which I've added/connected to it are not zonable until several tiles away from the station. I'm not sure whether this was deliberate, but since this station is so massive and yet inspired from a center-city station, I would think being able to zone right up to its access-streets would be the intention. Thoughts? Am I missing something? Incredible job with the overall design & execution.