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Park Rebalance
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Jun 14 @ 3:01am
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Park Rebalance

The problem with parks was, for me, that it just didn't make sense from a gameplay perspective to build certain parks, because others were much better. The Botanical Garden or the Carousel have hands-down the best coverage or entertainment value. God forbid you build a Park with Trees, that giant monster that had almost no impact on the surrounding buildings, or a Japanese Garden with almost no coverage.

So I came up with a rating system for parks, factoring in the entertainment radius, the entertainment value, its own size, the visitor capacity, the upkeep and the build cost. I valued it in this order: the entertainment value and radius > its own size > upkeep > visitor capacity >> build cost.

The final scoring function is:
[Entertainment] * (π * [Entertainment Radius]^2 / (IF([waterside];([Width]^0,4)*1,5;[Building Area]^0,2)) * [Visitors^0,2] / ([Upkeep] + [Water * 0,024] + [Electricity * 0,01] + 1000)^0,8 / ([Build Cost] + 8000)^0,2

I used the Bouncy Castle, Skatepark & Dog Park as baselines to balance the other buildings around.

And here are the changed values with this mod, compared with the previous values:

All workshop content is obviously unchanged.

Thanks to egi, without him this would not have been possible. Check out his mods!
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BLÀde Jun 22 @ 11:14pm 
how did you place all them parks without a road?
Methos Jun 19 @ 3:12pm 
Does this only kick in when the park is placed or does it work for already existing parks, too?
Xpowersouce76 Jun 16 @ 9:15pm 
This game needs a nuclear bomb.
Azzu  [author] Jun 16 @ 1:18pm 
@alborzka it doesn't work for workshop parks at all. The problem is that workshop parks are just too diverse to get anything done "correctly" for them. Some parks are "real" parks, but most have ridiculously low or no costs, so the formula breaks down. Some are parking spaces (or similar things) which by design have low entertainment value but with my formula would get really good values for something that shouldn't get them.

And yes, most parks have been buffed. As I said, I used the Dog Park as a baseline to get the other parks "up" to. If you look in the spreadsheet at "base relative value" you can see how many are at 30% or less, those are just ridiculously bad compared to the "top" parks.
Blackdragonbird Jun 14 @ 4:23pm 
Thank you for this info man, I had broken my head trying to figure the formula used by the devs to calculate the values for the parks. After too much thinking I supposed that they had no formula for it, only put random values in the parks and simple let "working as intended", lazy works as always.

Now I can make my custom parks more "balanced" between them and this parks of yours.

Much apreciated. =)
TheDVIMaster Jun 14 @ 10:53am 
Waow. You have done some serious maths on this :D Well done.
alborzka Jun 14 @ 9:23am 
Interesting concept, I'm surprised a mod like this hasn't been made already!

I noticed in the Google Doc that most of the parks have overall gone up -- if the new Ent Accumulation is the same or decreased from the base value, then the new Ent Radius is the same or higher than the base value. As in, I don't see any of the parks having both Ent Accumulation and Ent Radius gone down from base values. Is this intended to be like that?

Also, does this work for custom parks (i.e. from the workshop)? I know it says "workshop content is unchanged" but does this mean that their values are untouched (but are still multiplied for in-game use, like the vanilla parks) or that the formula doesn't affect custom parks at all?
egi  [author] Jun 14 @ 3:53am 
nice :)