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Gwen's Simple Traits 1.6.1
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May 19 @ 5:19pm
Jun 5 @ 9:59am
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Gwen's Simple Traits 1.6.1

In 1 collection by GwenBlanketKnight[WaitingFor1.8]
Gwen's 1.6.1 Mods
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1) 41 new traits many with up to 5 levels and negative versions of each.This adds a total of over 300 traits to the game. I suggest also looking at my Zero Cost traits mod that adds over 50 unique traits to the game.

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2) Without touching the core AI personality files I have made it so that the AI personalities spawn when using traits with similar effects to the vanilla ones that they require.

A lot of the math I use is based on the fact that adaptability and strong double in cost as their effects double. This leads me to cost things in increments based on 50% of their in game value.

opinions.txt trying to find an easy solution to having to do that for opinion modifiers.

Title image done by an anon.

Latest Updates
fixed other species happiness traits to be more impactful given I didn't realize they changed how the modifier works. they are noew 1 to 3 and -1 to -3. and provide bonuses in increments of 5.

Turned off positive versions of the consumer goods reduction trait until i can know for sure if its granting a positive bonus to mineral production. This will not affect save games as I simply turned the traits off from selection.

Added some new traits and re jiggered some of the math in light of changes to core traits

Posted new version while preserving legacy version

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h1]Get Notified[/h1]
I post announcements of every major mod update here. my discord server is another location to get updates about my mods. you can go to my workshop profile and hit follow to get alerted when I release a new mod or a new version of an older mod.
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Exende Aug 6 @ 1:49pm <-- whenever I use your mod there are just way too many traits and it just overflows, any chance of a scroll bar or something like it?
Cray935 Aug 6 @ 1:40pm 
i think it is not necassary to overwrite the opinions file, just make a "clone" of the opinions (custom opionions file) and just apply for your own traits ;) Jun 9 @ 5:12pm 
For non-steam user, please?
[C7] EvilBob The Almighty Jun 9 @ 7:41am 
she'll update and fix things when her computer returns from the shop
legion248 Jun 6 @ 12:00pm 
Oh and unscruplous eaters 5 grants benifits not penalties.
legion248 Jun 6 @ 11:13am 
With all these traits now enabled for gene moding could we perhaps get some icon differention? On the species creation scree you at least have a discriptor in addtion to the icon. Gene mod window just the icon. At minimum color codeing more postive, negative, and mixed. Perhaps Blue,red, and yellow respectivly?
Nozeminer Jun 5 @ 12:50pm 
If it isn't too much to ask, would you probably be so kind and localize this mod (and perhaps your other ones too) by copying the english files and renaming them into the other languages?
I'd really like to play with them but since i don't use the english version i am just getting an underscore_text instead of the actual names and descriptions. :/
Idrinth Jun 5 @ 10:05am 
really looking forward to mess up a species even more, thanks Gwen :) let's see if I can get growth rate even lower than -80% now :D
NeoDnyarri Jun 5 @ 10:01am 
Thanks a ton! That helps a lot.
GwenBlanketKnight[WaitingFor1.8]  [author] Jun 5 @ 9:59am 
as son as steam updates on your end it will work for modding.