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All my WW2 missions that I have made :D
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Air Battle in the Pacific (Outdated) (WIP)
Created by maxcov4
The Americans must gain air superiority over this deep passage so their landing craft can safely land on the Japanese island.

This is a 14 vs 14 air battle where the Japanese and Americans will be battling to control the skies over a large sector to bl...
Tank Town
Created by maxcov4
A multiplayer sector control map where both forces have a number of tanks. Each team has 500 tickets and will attempt to outcapture and fight the other to win....
Desert Battle
Created by maxcov4
A large multiplayer tank battle I made....
WW2 PvP arena
Created by maxcov4
5vs5vs5 in a small arena :D...
Dunkirk (CooP)
Created by maxcov4
The British and French forces are being pushed back by the rapidly advancing German blitzkrieg. You must hold this road open so your comrades can escape to the beaches and go back to England. You must hold the line until all 10 trucks have made it through...
Stalingrad Grain Elevator
Created by maxcov4
A single Russian Sqaud must defend the Grain Elevator against two German Squads of infantry.


Please comment what you liked, suggestions, or new mission ideas :)...
Reichstag 1945
Created by maxcov4
The Final battle against the germans in Berliin, the Russians must kill all of the germans to win!

Join my discord to play battles on this map and others I've made :D
Warsaw Uprising
Created by maxcov4
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