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This mod grants all AWC perks to a soldier when training completes instead of only one. Requires Long War 2.

This mod expects a soldier to have up to seven perks in each category. It is supposed (i.e. untested) to work with more and assign the first seven in each category plus the one selected.

Enabling and disabling the mod during campaigns should not cause any issues. However, you may or may not need to destroy and rebuild the Advanced Warfare Center for changes to take effect.

Anything that overwrites XComGameState_HeadquartersProjectTrainAWC_LW.

For a similar mod with three non-officer perks see here.
For a similar mod with two non-officer perks see here.
For a similar mod with two officer perks see here.

This mod is terribly overpowered. Use at your own risk. Or if you like pistols.
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dv  [author] Sep 10 @ 12:09am 
The last update to LW2 did not change the code this mod overwrites. It still works fine.
Artig0 Aug 4 @ 12:46pm 
Alright so, ran just my mod and Long War 2 with LW2 being the first mod in the load order. Additionally, I started a new game, went through gatecrashed and to a new avenger.

It seems the issue is persisting where: the AWC has all vanila functionality, but the rest of the game is Long War 2. Very strange. If I try to add a soldier to the AWC it says "retrain soldiers abilities" and looking at them through the barracks doesn't have the AWC abilities tab at all.

I deleted my mod and made a new ID and did a rebuild + republished the new mod and subscribed.

Not sure what I am doing incorrectly since it should be a simple override. Do I need to include the dependencies in the class declaration? I see that you did not.
dv  [author] Aug 4 @ 11:17am 
You rellay need to test with only two mods. LW2 and your current one.
Artig0 Aug 4 @ 11:16am 

I cannot understand why this isn't working then. I put my mod as #49 in the load order, way behind Long War 2 and my class is only overriding one function.

Do I need to include game state history in the onload function? Or is this still a matter of my mod loading before LW2? - Is it possible previous XcomEngine overrides are affecting it?

Curious if you ran into any load order issues like this.
dv  [author] Aug 4 @ 9:31am 
No. The stuff listed there did not work.
Artig0 Aug 4 @ 9:30am 

Do I need to include LW2 as script packages as you have done here?


I set my mod last in the load order, but still no dice.
dv  [author] Aug 4 @ 8:40am 
Force load order: The alternate mod launcher can do that.
Artig0 Aug 4 @ 8:26am 

Is there a way to force load order? My mod name should behind LW2 since alphabetically it is LW2_Revamp_AWC and I have my XComEngine exactly like yours


+ModClassOverrides=(BaseGameClass="LWAWCUtilities", ModClass="LWAWCUtilities_Revamp")


Do I need to remove old class overrides or anything?
dv  [author] Aug 4 @ 7:44am 
You can override a class of an integrated mod. That's what this mod is doing. Local mods cannot override workshop mods. You need everything in the workshop folder. Or everything local. Well, you could have LW2 local and your mod in the workshop folder...
Artig0 Aug 4 @ 7:39am 

Thanks for the quick reply.

My XComEngine is identical to yours, with the exception of the classes I'm overriding. Is it possible for xcom to load local versions over the workshop mods? And can you NOT overried integrated classes?