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Megastructures Improvements
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Apr 14 @ 2:21am
Apr 22 @ 6:02am
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Megastructures Improvements

Makes a few changes to the megastructures sytem to make them more feasible for the mid-late game instead of solely being an end-game feature, as well as a few tweaks to generally improve the system.

  • 1 Megastructure per system limit removed
  • Multiple Megastructures can now be constructed at once
  • Ring Worlds can now be constructed around black holes
  • Ring Worlds and Dyson Spheres can now be constructed in systems with uninhabited habitable planets (Orbital Habitats may be inhabited)
  • Time for all Ring World section construction reduced by 25%
  • Time for all Dyson Sphere segment construction reduced by 25%
  • Cost for all Dyson Sphere segment construction reduced by 15%
  • Research output of the Science Nexus increased by 100%
  • Mega-Engineering tech moved from Tier 4 to Tier 3, making it able to appear earlier in the tech tree
  • Drop rate of the Mega-Engineering tech if you have the Master Builders ascension perk increased slightly
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Jostarus Apr 23 @ 6:27am 
Super mod! would it be possible to change the colour of the ringworld if you chose reptilian ships? All other structures are e.g. BLue striped (if this is Prime color) The ringworld have the default orange look in vanilla.
kasskloff  [author] Apr 23 @ 2:58am 
Yeah I wasn't planning on changing the star restrictions on dyson spheres, I think they're fine as they are.
majna Apr 22 @ 7:42pm 
oh and just as a last little aside i wouldnt add anything remotely involving dyson spheres and black holes, the accretion disk may be harsh but the polar particle jets are effectively massive particle cannons, i read a set of novels by an author called Neal Asher that led me onto further reading about how harsh black holes could be, any way in one of his novels a small band of ai lunatics use a portal system called a runcible to direct a small part of one of these jets out of another portal to destroy a small artificial moon, as in these jets are one of the few places matter gets up to 99 percent the speed of light.
the gamma radiation from these jets can be detected from other galaxies and if it wasnt for the distance reducing the effect it would boil a planet as in most of the surface vapourised down to the upper mantle gone.
So sure build a ring round it just dont put anything near the polar particle streams
majna Apr 22 @ 6:52pm 
okay then
kasskloff  [author] Apr 22 @ 4:35pm 
I was referring to the comment below mine. But in reponse to you, I would guess that civilisations at this point just have sufficient technology that radiation becomes a non-issue. It is actually possible to get a ring world around a black hole in an unmodded game ( if you finish the horizon signal event chain, your home system's star can turn into a blackhole, and ring worlds remain perfectly habitable afterwards ).
majna Apr 22 @ 2:54pm 
@kasskloff im not saying its unbalanced at all as in reality a ring would probably be the ideal for leaching power out of the accretion disks rampant electromagnetic radiation, its just the whole polar particle jets and accretion disk's sheer radiation would render it somewhat... unpleasant for anything organic... as in getting shoved out of an airlock on the ring there wouldnt kill you cause the second the door opens your flesh just boiled to mush before your brain even registered the pain type radioactive.
people think space is empty but its full of dust and highly dispersed gasses and black holes suck in everything, yes there black but look at them with any other spectrum like xrays gamma rays or just infrared and they glow just because of the friction of all that stuff being sucked in

Ding space turkeys done :)
Asteyr Apr 22 @ 6:58am 
The mod is pretty much where it needs to be. Using this I actually started (!) constructing a ringworld BEFORE I won the domination victory condition :)
If anything I would say make it even easier to come by the large megastructures - but then I would probably be disappointed in how easy it is. So I personally think it is balanced pretty good where it is.

And if you don't want a ringworld around a black hole - don't build one. The mod does not force anyone to do that. But when God-Emperor Asteyr commands the construction of an artifical world uncomfortably close to the most destructive power known in the universe - my happy little drones make it happen :)
kasskloff  [author] Apr 22 @ 6:16am 
I'm not sure how being able to build ring worlds around black holes is unbalanced, they behave like normal ring worlds and you still need planets to harvest for materials. I have fixed it so you can't build multiple dyson spheres/ring worlds in the same system, however. That was just a bug in the condition checking. Thanks.
Ilovethesmellofnapalm Apr 22 @ 12:21am 
"1 Megastructure per system limit removed" - this restriction needs to come back. I've got AIs constructing multiple Dysons on the same star. Great mod idea but needs refining and balancence. Ring worlds around black holes is another unbalanced feature.
majna Apr 20 @ 11:45pm 
In answer to you all about black holes ill just say this the accretion disc (aka the glowing swirly bit around the "hole's" middle) is a place of extreme gravitational stress and high inensity radiation attaining fusion tempratures and forces, the super massive black holes inside the cores of galaxies put out more energy than billions suns combined output in their entire life per day! out of two invisible jets of hyper accelerated radioactive particles from their poles (out the top and botom) this is the tiny fraction of a percent of particulate matter that out of sheer luck doesnt get devoured and achieves enough speed within the accretion disc to slingshot at just the right trajectory to escape.
this is all the glowing but around the middle nothing comes back out from the event horizon
A smaller non galactic core black hole is just the same thing downscaled, in all likely hood a ring world around a black hole would be ininhabitable due to radiation.