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Megastructures Improvements [1.6]
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Apr 14 @ 2:21am
May 16 @ 6:26pm
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Megastructures Improvements [1.6]

Makes a few changes to the megastructures sytem to make them more feasible for the mid-late game instead of solely being an end-game feature, as well as a few tweaks to generally improve the system.

  • 1 Megastructure per system limit removed
  • Multiple Megastructures can now be constructed at once
  • Ring Worlds can now be constructed around black holes
  • Ring Worlds and Dyson Spheres can now be constructed in systems with uninhabited habitable planets (Orbital Habitats may be inhabited)
  • Time for all Ring World section construction reduced by 25%
  • Time for all Dyson Sphere segment construction reduced by 25%
  • Cost for all Dyson Sphere segment construction reduced by 15%
  • Mega-Engineering tech moved from Tier 4 to Tier 3, making it able to appear earlier in the tech tree
  • Drop rate of the Mega-Engineering tech if you have the Master Builders ascension perk increased slightly

Modified Files:
  • /common/game_rules/00_rules.txt
  • /common/megastructures/00_ring_world.txt
  • /common/megastructures/01_dyson_sphere.txt
  • /common/megastructures/02_spy_orb.txt
  • /common/megastructures/03_think_tank.txt
  • /common/megastructures/habitats.txt
  • /common/technology/00_eng_tech.txt
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Rubi Aug 10 @ 12:18pm 
I'm still wating for a mod that instead of having stages for building them it is all one project with a long time & cost ... but when it is over you have a 100% upgraded Megastructor :x
This mod is pretty good though used it on a few games.
ChupacabR Jul 11 @ 1:15pm 
Hi! How did you make possible multiple constraction? I can't find, what are blocking it =( Please, help!
Tritotamar Jun 2 @ 2:05am 
Currently it seems totally arbitrary whether or not it lets you build more than one megastructure at a time.

Sometimes it lets me queue up all of them at once, sometimes it only lets me build 2 at a time, sometimes it only lets me build one at a time. There's no rhyme or reason to it.
John Canavi May 13 @ 2:10pm 
More hipsters building things around black holes...
kasskloff  [author] May 13 @ 12:26pm 
Fixed the issue with science nexus tiers blocking megastructure construction, but I'm not sure what you mean about ringworlds - None of the ringworld stages should block construction of other megastructures (although you can't build megastructures in orbit of a ringworld, but this is by design)
Waterkey May 13 @ 9:06am 
when I build Science Nexsus, I can build another same Science Nexus at the same tiem but I can't build Ring world. and when I build Ring world Sections, I can't build new Science nexuses. and when I upgrade Science Nexus tier 2 into 3, I can't build new Science nexus tier 1. Could you fix this?
UNCLE-LEI-1900 May 10 @ 7:23am 
Thank you, this is a very good MOD. can get a ring in the middle of the game is very help for me to face the challenges of the back ,.one thing is I'm a materialist thought, when I finish synthetic building after I can adapt to all of the planet, So I hope you can delete the ring can not build in a habitable planet restrictions, thank you.
kasskloff  [author] May 10 @ 6:27am 
Never mind, I managed to get it updated to save the hassle of having to re-subscribe to the mod. The spaceport problem should be resolved now.
UNCLE-LEI-1900 May 10 @ 5:00am 
I mean when I built a ring world and the colonial it later, I can not build a space port in the ring world colonial, it shows that there is another station, but there is not.
kasskloff  [author] May 10 @ 4:09am 
It seems to still be working for me, I can still build all the different megastructure types in one system. If you want to build Habitats (I assume that's what you mean by space station) and a Ring World in the same system, make sure you build the Habitats first as once the Ring World is built there won't be any planets to build a Habitat on.