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Doel Nuclear Power Plant
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Doel Nuclear Power Plant

Doel Nuclear Power Plant - Belgium

Includes a main building set, 12 individual buildings and 5 props.

The big building is a power plant, all the others are decoration buildings.

The big building requires a road connection, so drag a road to the main big garage in the front, use anarchy in fine road tool

The reason sub buildings enabler is required is it allows having a main with sub-buildings together, but also allows them to be used seperately.
If you're scared of mods for no reason, you can skip the SBE mod and still use the individual buildings.

The other buildings in the screenshots are Avanya's warehouses and BB Offices.

Thanks to Jerenable for the idea, planning and part of the modeling.

This project took over 100 hours. (~100H Ronyx and ~14H Jerenable)

Video of build in screenshots:

Asset creation videos:


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ArabianCamels Nov 16 @ 1:45pm 
@Talismenf22 You place two of the same tower. They are the same tower in the photo.
Talismenf22 Nov 12 @ 10:43am 
did you change somthing in the colection because mine only came with one cooiling tower i do not have the other side
Forrest Grump Nov 1 @ 10:40am 
Does it also come with the mostly but not completely abandoned village of Doel?
runpre Oct 22 @ 4:59pm 
I'm having all kinds of trouble with the road connection. Where does it connect?
Nytcep Oct 22 @ 2:24pm 
It seems i can only place the individual buildings, maybe the update broke it ? I can't even place cookie monster :(
♔Charlie Buckethat♔ Oct 21 @ 10:46am 
So....... Why can't you just put it all together? Having to put it together myself is a piss take.
legal2blaze420 Oct 10 @ 6:51pm 
i have a problem with the road doesnt connect to i think its the main building or its a building either way. crime there too because of it
aubergine18 Oct 8 @ 1:57pm 
Why don't I see a cookie monster? All I get is a nuclear power station :/

Arimember Sep 19 @ 4:59am 
But does it have over a 1000 animated small fractures in the Containment like it has in real life?
Bosstradamus Sep 13 @ 1:47am 
So when the cookie monster is INSIDE the building everything is OK, right?