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Work In Progress. Also my first mod so don't judge :P Really though any thoughts, idea, constructive criticisms are all welcome/encouraged.

I've been really into the idea that bombers and fighters should play a more active role in Stellaris, not just as a component on a ship but as build-able, editable, upgrade-able entities.

Done a little bit of balancing, but there is still a lot to do/tweaks to make. Fighters pretty much own bombers, but both can be shot down by destroyers or corvettes. Bombers, especially the torpedo ones will obliterate battleships though if they can get through your support ships and fighters.

New version of the mod available here: This one includes event driven deployment of waves of fighters and bombers during combat. Is experimental.

NSC compatibility patch. Requires BuildableFighters:

Known Issues:

The Avian models look weird right now, the turrets are way too big. Will figure that out later.
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Mar 29 @ 2:38pm
A Place for Bickering
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Torto The Conqueror 2 hours ago 
Please fix the turrets on avian fighters.
tolaburke Jul 20 @ 2:28am 
It works fine with 1.6.

Actual effectiveness can be called into question, though. The scaling costs mean that Fighters have to devote all their Utility slots to Power to keep up with advancing tech(Engines, Sensors) and good weapons. Bombers have a little more leeway, and can generally mount a single shield, thanks to them having an extra Utility slot. Seriously considering messing with the mod files so 'Ship-Mounted Power Stations' can work with this.

They also basically can't be used much early, since early fleets are of course all Corvettes, and Corvettes/Small guns shred Fighters(Evasion-60 Tracking leaves them with only 30% of their 90 Base. Bad odds when 2 or 3 hits will kill you.) and Bombers(As Fighters, only they're left with 10% evasion) alike. So will most Destroyers.
KarkatAndEridan Jul 4 @ 6:17am 
Please update to 1.6! Please!
mefistofeus Jun 21 @ 10:03am 
How this designs work with technologies that unlock new fighter tears?
Black Gear May 31 @ 6:21pm 
Update is required
Commissar BS May 27 @ 10:52am 
Update? Or does this work fine with 1.6?
mrcoolize Apr 30 @ 11:54pm 
Is there any way to make these fighter the one the hangar launch?
DracoMcGee Apr 21 @ 11:08am 
Yea i did see that. However more so talking about event caused by ship component rather than ship type.

Since right now we have all of these awesome fighters we can design, however, ships like carriers from nsc or hangar slot ship sections are less attractive, since well be forced to use fighters we dont want on said ships.
Pode Apr 20 @ 6:11am 
Draco, Anakione may be one step ahead of you BuildableFightersEvents
DracoMcGee Apr 20 @ 5:25am 
If i could make a suggestion
Both ISBS:doomsday and this mod (!A stellaris remake)

Use ship spawning whenever ship enters combat through an event. So, question is, would it be possible to create a hanger slot weapon, one for fighter one for bomber (which creates no fighters on its own) that spawns x number of fighters or bomber (the ones designed by player) per equipped weapon slot whenever the ship enters combat through an event in the same fashion that these two mods use?

Would have to be a conditional event trigger, only allowing fighter spawning if the ship has the correct hangar slot item equipped?

The hanger weapons would have to be reworked to create no fighters, which im guessing would be the annoying part.

As for the spawning should be able to add in a conditional effect when the event fires to make a check for a equiipped hangar item.