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Work In Progress. Also my first mod so don't judge :P Really though any thoughts, idea, constructive criticisms are all welcome/encouraged.

I've been really into the idea that bombers and fighters should play a more active role in Stellaris, not just as a component on a ship but as build-able, editable, upgrade-able entities.

Originally I wanted to avoid changing as much as possible by making fighters and bombers take up 0.25 and 0.5 fleet capacity repectively, however it seems when the AI does the calculation for how many of each kind of ship it should build, it crashes if there are fractions in that calculation.

Therefore, fleet cap has been re-worked for this, vanilla ships will take up 4 times as much capacity, but you'll also get around 4 times as much fleet cap so hopefully it will even out.

Done a little bit of balancing, but there is still a lot to do/tweaks to make. Fighters pretty much own bombers, but both can be shot down by destroyers or corvettes. Bombers, especially the torpedo ones will obliterate battleships though if they can get through your support ships and fighters.

Known Issues:

The Avian models look weird right now, the turrets are way too big. Will figure that out later.
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NewLord 9 hours ago 
it seems cool just wish they were closer togetor when in a fleet
Cameron Parris 11 hours ago 
From what i can gather, your mod is all-around a decent mod, considering it's your first. And i don't give first time made mods a chance, but this is certainly worth testing. HOWEVER: I should like to point out that, compared to even corvettes, the fighters/bombers are much too big, a corvette next to a fighter/bomber should still make the bomber feel like an ant, but not too small.

If i could make a reccomendation..... Have you ever seen the fighters/bombers used on HomeWorld? Which is what i'm guessing you based the model off of corret? Maybe? If not I strongly reccomend you take a look at those, if nothing else, HW did an amazing job with the sizing of the ships.... looks on the other hand.... meh.... they were acceptable but could have been better, anyway that's my reccomendation for you, so Goodluck were cheering for you....
ROB 13 hours ago 
How about builing one Fighter = a Swarm of Fighter?
Tornagh 16 hours ago 
Does this actually make fighters/bombers strong? can a carrier not lose pathetically a L kinetic artilery ship one on 1?
Icaticus 16 hours ago 
Why not alter it where you build the fighters in squads instead of the individual fighters (Squads of 5) and bombers (squads of 4). I love the overall idea though. I think fighters and bombers should take a more active role in space combat. Of course now you need to add bomber weapons. All the weapons that are in game thus far are more akin to fighter style weapons. Bombers should use high payload low manuverable and low propultion weapons that are delivered directly. It should be a slightly higher yield than say a missile but cannot be delivered to the target without the bomber getting it in range. Have the normal mount as you do now just add the "space bomb" or whatever you'd call it to a special slot. similar to PD. The mount system though needs reworked. If a fighter has one gun and a starting ship that has 3 and uses 4 capacity that a major balance shift.
Anakione  [author] 17 hours ago 
hmm, I really like the idea of a three section ship with each section being a fighter model. Will try that out tonight.
Lathrael 17 hours ago 
Squatmatus: Good idea, and each one of them might be a ship section, so weapon points won't get weird.

Btw i'm not sold on FTL capable fighters but that's just me :P
squamatus 23 hours ago 
any chance of multiple smaller copies of the models representing a squadron?
ben.aplin94 Mar 22 @ 2:25am 
Hi, love your mod, but would you consider making the starting ships fighters and/or bombers rather than corvettes? It just seems more immersive to me. Again, great mod and I hope to see it get all the attention it deserves.
Darth Raccoon Mar 22 @ 2:13am 
should consider starwars fighters but the concept is fantastic. Also consider weapons just for fighters and bombers.