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More Galaxy Setups(with Fallen Empires)
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More Galaxy Setups(with Fallen Empires)

This little mod is to give players additional 14 galaxy sizes with 2 editions (see the "Editions" section below!).

The mod requires cybrxkhan's "Cybrxkhan's Assortment of Namelists for Stellaris" mod to make it work properly!

The mod is compatible with game ver1.4.*

+ 18 galaxy sizes with Fallen empires ranging from 22 to 7500 stars!

+No clustering starts! It generates the empires more evenly and spread out.

+You can play without any AI empires, except Pre-FTL civs. when you play without FEs editions

+Stars at the galaxy core!(No core editions only)

+Realistic Spiral galaxy shape and more randomized placement of stars

About "MoO 2" setting:
This is the classic Master of Orion 2's "Huge map" setting with 71 stars and maximum AI players of 8, well guys, 71 stars map was felt like "HUGE" at that time lol...

1.IMPORTANT You have to turn on "Clustered starts" in Game detail screen to spred-out starts work.

2.If you're having problem that your galaxy doesn't spawn FEs, try following options:
A. Reduce the number of AI empires to about 1 AI per 50-80 stars.
Also note that the current vanilla game limits the max FEs per game to 4, so any more than 4 wouldn't spawn.
B. Turn off "Clustered starts".

3.I don't recommend to play "Massive" or above settings as these are just for experimental ones...
These settings would be laggy and may even freeze up your game unless you have a mid-end or better spec PC XD
So, I recommend to play "Epic" or below for comfortable experience.

with Fallen empires edition
No core with Fallen empires edition

that's it, Enjoy!

Oh, if you have any problem, question or request, feel free to comment down below. : )

Change log:

v2.1.2 *Adjusted the starting position so that you wouldn't always spawn from the edge of the galaxy.

v2.1.1 *All the galaxy star types(e.g: spiral 2, 4, ring) available for every setups.

v2.1 *Now the mod is compatible with game ver1.3.0 "Heinlein" patch!
*The galaxy core is bit darker than before so that you can see and navigate the map without burning your eyes.
*The number of stars at GC is reduced for better performance, should save your FPS a little.

v2.0 *2 New editions! 1.No core edition(without Fallen empires) 2.No core with Fallen empires edition

v1.3.2 *Adjusted the number of FEs for bigger galaxies.

v1.3.1 *Added some adjustments so that each empire spread out more.

v1.3 *No empire clustering anymore! Every empires start in more spread out positions.

v1.2 *Now you can play without any AI empires, so you can enjoy more relaxed games without any competent enemies. : )

v1.1 *Added 3 more sizes ("quantum", "fit-in", "vast")
*fixed some values

v1.0 Initial release
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TIYB 15 hours ago 
@OTRR does this work with mods that effect the galaxy generation like Leviathans Expanded (LEX) or any mod that affects the spawn chances and types of enclaves/primatives?
Sarus Mar 20 @ 2:37pm 
If these maps/mod dont already have it, is there a setting or another mod that can "remove" or lessen how bright as holy hell the galactic core is? id love to be in center map but with how bright it is, i wouldnt dare to :(
G!R Mar 19 @ 5:10am 
@Iristi Almost all practical fields (science - engineering - military) uses old technology for storage because it is extremely reliable. Nuclear silos still uses floppy discs for updates and you'd be surprised to know that most things are still used on XP or 95 because it is reliable and not because they lack funding. Instead of complaining about the hardware, you should complain about the software. Even the most potent virus can be found under half a megabyte (Stuxnet, if you dont know). Most developer just dont bother optimising their programme because they say hardware will deem it unnecesary.
Dark Thoughts Mar 18 @ 1:17pm 
You can have a supercomputer and it will slow the fuck down because of how bad and old the engine they use is. I seriously hope they reconsider and give Stellaris an engine upgrade when they work on a new one because right now it gimps a lot of the potential this game has.
Iristi Mar 18 @ 12:51pm 
@Razzper fiy, Nasa is running old shit. like the mainframe for ISS is running win 95.
couple of years ago Nasa had to ransack ebay for spare parts due their Diskette reader broke down, like 80's Dics large as an LP cover. google it you be suprised.
BurningTemplar Mar 18 @ 12:16pm 
Is there in the world a CPU capable of running a 5k stars galaxy?
Tool mad duden Mar 18 @ 11:19am 
So according to your figure "quite small" is the largest option with 7500 stars? dude wat? Seems pretty awesome though. How tasking is this on an i7 4 ghz quad core? wouldn't want to destroy my pc because of a mod
Megumi Mar 18 @ 11:11am 
your CPU0 is crying, bro.
Trendyworm Mar 18 @ 8:46am 
Fallen empires expanded bros
Razzper Mar 18 @ 8:15am 
While the game remains concentrating CPU usage on core 2 these settings do not even run on NASA's PCs