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Ploppable Asphalt
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Ploppable Asphalt

This mod adds ploppable asphalt props.

They can be color matched to your roads. (Hold shift to drag all sliders together)

Decals can be placed on top of them. (On the prop versions)

They can be floating using move it.

Update 1: Sunken prop added - for covering regular roads.

Update 2: Decals added, detection method changed.

Update 3: Changing detail (or adaptive prop visibility distance) settings doesn't break the mod anymore. -TPB

Video explaining the mod:

Script for asset creators:

Source code:

Thank you TPB for help and RGB sliders.

Known issues:

The mod doesn't work sometimes for some people. This mod waits for the loading manager to load all mods, and only then starts running. If the mod doesn't work for you, it's very likely another mod is preventing loading manager to confirm all mods have been loaded, so this mod (and decal hover area, sharp textures as well) keeps waiting forever. I've only seen the ARIS no seagulls (without having skylines overwatch) create this problem so far.

If you change adaptive prop visibility distance mod settings, or game graphics detail settings, the render distance might not be infinite anymore, by default it should be, move any color slider to reset the render distance again.

The props are not terrain conforming and won't be, that's because the shader is needed for the texture, and a different one would be needed for conforming... There is a decal version of the prop, but it comes with all the same limitation as any decals - bad render distance and random decal order.

Recommended mods:

More Beautification (for accessing the prop menu)

Find It (search for any assets)

Prop Line Tool

Move It

Prop Precision

Prop Snapping
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unsinnig May 26 @ 6:55am 
so it would be nice if you could provide the rgb's of road colors (for vanilla and neXT), i just tried literally everything, but the asset color is always a bit off. thanks in advance :)
Moog® May 23 @ 11:18am 
magic! thanks again.
Moog® May 23 @ 11:10am 
Hey Ronyx, can I ask another question?
How do you package decals/props into a single workshop package? I can't find any info on it anywhere!...
Moog® May 21 @ 12:55pm 
ok, I get it. It's the alpha I'll be wanting to modify so it sounds like I'll have to stick to my cumbersome approach! Thanks again.
Ronyx69  [author] May 21 @ 12:21pm 
@Moog® You can use texture replacer ( ) but changing more than the diffuse is kinda messy, you have to understand how to make an aci texture manually...

Yeah reloading them screws it up, you have to reimport every time.
Moog® May 21 @ 12:17pm 
Hey Ronyx, another question (thanks for your help btw).
I think I've learned how to make the road marking decals I want to make. I was wondering if there is a quick way to view/test them on the fly next to a road. At the moment, if I import the asset using the prop editor, I can't then "findit!" if I switch to intersection editor (to test on a road) until I restart the editor via main menu or switch into game mode.

Is there a quicker way?

Also, I'm making decals using your tutorial and script and they work fine in game etc but if I reopen the asset to modify in the editor they appear corrupted/distorted. Is this normal?

thanks in advance
Moog® May 20 @ 2:14pm 
wow- Christmas comes early this year! Thanks, mate.
Ronyx69  [author] May 20 @ 1:54pm 
@Moog® Just take the source files, some may not be the final ones and there's a bunch of random stuff there as well but yeah.
Moog® May 20 @ 12:21pm 
no, I've tried some of your decals and others... thanks for ther reply!