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Ploppable Asphalt +
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Mar 11, 2017 @ 5:40am
Jul 22 @ 3:51pm
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Ploppable Asphalt +

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Ploppable Asphalt +
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Allows using road shaders on props for ploppable asphalt, pavement, cliff, grass, gravel surfaces.

Also includes legacy asphalt props, they are outdated but still work fine if you used them before, from now on I recommend using the new set.

Asphalt can be color matched to your roads using sliders in the mod settings. (Hold shift to drag all sliders together)

Decals can be placed on top of them.

They can be floating using move it.

Update 1: Sunken prop added - for covering regular roads.

Update 2: Decals added, detection method changed.

Update 3: Changing detail (or adaptive prop visibility distance) settings doesn't break the mod anymore. -TPB

UPDATE 4: Renamed to Ploppable Asphalt + (instead of just Ploppable Asphalt)
Added use of other shaders to allow cliff/grass/gravel as well.

Video by Crumbs McGee showing how to use it: (outdated, but still relevant)

Video explaining the mod: (outdated, but explains the original mod)

Video showing how to make props and explains the script/mod:

Script for asset creators:

Source code:

Thank you TPB for help and RGB sliders.

Known issues:

The mod doesn't work sometimes for some people. This mod waits for the loading manager to load all mods, and only then starts running. If the mod doesn't work for you, it's very likely another mod is preventing loading manager to confirm all mods have been loaded, so this mod (and decal hover area, sharp textures as well) keeps waiting forever. I've only seen the ARIS no seagulls (without having skylines overwatch) create this problem so far. Any mod associated with Skylines Overwatch should be avoided.

The props are not terrain conforming and won't be, that's because the shader is needed for the textures, and a different one would be needed for conforming... There is a decal version of the asphalt prop, but it comes with all the same limitation as any decals - bad render distance and random decal order.

Recommended mods:

More Beautification (for accessing the prop menu)

Find It (search for any assets)

Prop Line Tool

Move It

Prop Precision

Prop Snapping
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dpinna Nov 3 @ 2:05pm 
I'm heaving the same problem. Even trying to raise the ploppable asphalt square with Move It, just nothing happens. Textures is gone... can somebody help?
aubergine18 Nov 3 @ 8:50am 
Would it be possible to add narrow rectangle deccal version of pavement prop? One of my regular gripes is that when using surface painter to paint terrain next to pavement, it causes tearing in the pavement (if pavement is using theme texture), so I have regular need to cover up the tears - which is a nightmare if they are on uneven terrain as only part of the pavement prop shows.
nojmcross Oct 29 @ 12:30am 
I'm trying to raise the ploppable asphalt square with Move It but nothing happens. Anyone know why?
WONHO OPPA Oct 20 @ 5:16pm 
maybe I'm doing it wrong!
I use grass ploppable and want to place a tree on the ploppable but the tree will sunk into the hole under the ploppable grass.
What is wrong and am I missing something!
Lascivia Oct 8 @ 4:26am 
@mat1476 I confirm, with this mod my asset loading time is about 50/60 sec, without it 20/30 sec. This is an amazing mod but this problem has to be solved. Anyone knows if this mod affects performance too?
Crisfur Sep 7 @ 11:09am 
pora na Podlasie
mat1476 Sep 5 @ 5:50pm 
To consider:
My loading time with 72 mods = 10 seconds
My loading time with 72 mods AND this mod = 3 minutes
les_amis_2 Aug 20 @ 4:28am 
I do not speak English very well so I would like to know how to cancel a change of asphalt poorly done?
with what touch of the keyboard please
sindar Aug 14 @ 10:03pm 
@siwe7, I don‘t believe PA is the right mod for this. I would assume a canal that could be elevated would do, but such does not exist yet I am afraid.
siwe7 Aug 14 @ 3:29pm 

i'd like to build a real water bridge, like it is on that picture:

but it seems, that this isn't possible.

is there any prop that does prevent water from just flowing through it?
i mean: there are many asses that prevent water from running through them "horizontally", like some walls, but i need something that does the same "vertically". the best would be a prop like ploppable asphalt, which can be easily used for that.

i tried to use metropolitan sunken walls and ploppable asphalt itself, none of these do what i want.

may it be possible for the creator of ploppable asphalt to add such behavior?