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Ploppable Asphalt
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Ploppable Asphalt

This mod adds ploppable asphalt props.

They can be color matched to your roads. (Hold shift to drag all sliders together)

Decals can be placed on top of them. (On the prop versions)

They can be floating using move it.

Update 1: Sunken prop added - for covering regular roads.

Update 2: Decals added, detection method changed.

Update 3: Changing detail (or adaptive prop visibility distance) settings doesn't break the mod anymore. -TPB

Video by Crumbs McGee showing how to use it:

Video explaining the mod:

Script for asset creators:

Source code:

Thank you TPB for help and RGB sliders.

Known issues:

The mod doesn't work sometimes for some people. This mod waits for the loading manager to load all mods, and only then starts running. If the mod doesn't work for you, it's very likely another mod is preventing loading manager to confirm all mods have been loaded, so this mod (and decal hover area, sharp textures as well) keeps waiting forever. I've only seen the ARIS no seagulls (without having skylines overwatch) create this problem so far. Any mod associated with Skylines Overwatch should be avoided.

If you change adaptive prop visibility distance mod settings, or game graphics detail settings, the render distance might not be infinite anymore, by default it should be, move any color slider to reset the render distance again.

The props are not terrain conforming and won't be, that's because the shader is needed for the texture, and a different one would be needed for conforming... There is a decal version of the prop, but it comes with all the same limitation as any decals - bad render distance and random decal order.

Recommended mods:

More Beautification (for accessing the prop menu)

Find It (search for any assets)

Prop Line Tool

Move It

Prop Precision

Prop Snapping
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ShaneCao 1 hour ago 
There's a problem. The sunken can't cover the road
Mr.Jaffles 17 hours ago 
Nice Mod
BuRsT Oct 18 @ 5:27am 
the decals are not loading for me. either they're completely black or just not visible. i have no mods that are related to overwatch. sorry if this has already been asked, i might have missed it.
saintkhawnan Oct 4 @ 3:05pm 
@Ronyx69... Thanks for confirming-- it does show a duplicate copy in my file; which is more than likely why it is showing up as an error... Thanks for all your hard work in putting together a great and helpful mod- Blessings:)
Ronyx69  [author] Oct 3 @ 10:44pm 
@saintkhawnan No idea why it's a conflict, but why do you need it anyway, the arrows are now implemented in vanilla, no?
saintkhawnan Oct 3 @ 7:20pm 
@Elrond Hubbard... One way street/water way arrows are also coming up as a conflict/error... Not sure how to fix it? Oct 2 @ 3:31pm 
best modder in Latvija and the Citites skylines community!
Oskar White Oct 2 @ 8:04am 
@Weed Exterminator d'acc merci ;)

dpinna Sep 25 @ 6:43pm 
This mod is amazing. But could you do it with terrain conforming?
@Oskar, oui, c'est normal. Ça te permet de combler des trous dans le terrain qui seraient impossible à gèrer avec les outils de terrain. Tu peux mettres des props dessus, des décals, et dans certains vidéo, j'ai même vu des bâtiments être placé là dessus.