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River Cargo Harbour
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Mar 7 @ 2:16am
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River Cargo Harbour

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This asset is specifically made for my river ships, ships bigger than those will clip through the quay and the crane. This asset works very well with the RiverCargoHarborMod by yole.karif. Alternatively, on a river map, use only the river ships and disallow other ships to spawn with AVO.

Stats are about a third of the default cargo harbour.

Matching quay/seawall asset will be uploaded soon.

Item stats
Tris (main/LOD): 1394/464
Texture: 512x1024/256x256
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Cholla Quail Quail Aug 4 @ 8:10am 
Odd question since there doesn't seem to be much documentation on here. Does this mod also need Ship Path Anarchy to work, i.e. do I need to manually draw shipping routes when using RiverCargoHarbor Mod on river only maps?
SLAX May 24 @ 6:02am 
Nice work! Would like to see the container crane as prop too ;-).
rovapasi May 7 @ 6:25am 
Great work. Is there any chance to get the container crane as prop.
Lee Towers  [author] Apr 3 @ 3:46am 
Correct, the default ships will clip through both the quay and the crane.
Overlord Apr 2 @ 2:13am 
I guess classic ferry (cargo ship) will be too large for this asset and it will look weird right?
goncaalo Mar 12 @ 9:42am 
Please release the sea wall too!
Ausbilder Schmidt Mar 7 @ 3:25pm 
thank you for this harbor and the river-project, without knowing you made nearly exactly what I need, cause on my current map I habe a medium sized harbor on a canal. A question, do you only plan container stuff or would there be also somethingh like coal ships and harbors and oil-ships and harbor?
alborzka Mar 7 @ 10:18am 
This river ships project as a whole is much-needed, thank you for such an excellent idea and work!
erdobelli Mar 7 @ 9:14am 
Are you planning to release the sea wall to match the texture you used for this harbour? I can tell by looking at the screen shots that you already made them. I also suggest that you change the road segment to another one without a ped. sidewalk, perhaps to one of the roads in network extensions. Thanks for your work by the way.