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Lindblum by Dexter

Hi everyone,

time to introduce my City Lindblum.
Lindblum is a realistic european city with classic city centers and modern expansions like the airport or the financial district. This city is build in one year and you can see the complete development process in the Spielerheim Forum[].

Important things first:
Lindblum needs only 15 Mods and 520 Assets.

Required Mods and Assets
Lindblum - Mod Collection
All mods are required to load this savegame to avoid errors or problems.
Subscribe to this collection and activate all mods in the content manager(in game).
Lindblum Asset - Collection
All Assets you need for this city.

Lindblum - Artificial Lake Region
Lindblum - Urban Region
Lindblum - Rural Region
Lindblum - International Airport

-high realistic road networks and organic european road layout
-working interchanges and junctions
-impressive skyline and shoreline
-detailed parks, road systems, places, farm fields and many more
-interesting constructions everywhere
-big complexes: international airport, expo center, science campus, university campus,
wood cargo train station, stadium park, industrial harbor, many marinas,
artificial lake with a big dam, interesting big city center with circular shape and many more

Population: 110k - 130k
Bank Balance: 100Mio


Optional and helpful Mods
Mods for better graphics and look:
Clouds and Fog Toggle
No Radioactive Desert And More!
Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance
Sharp Textures
Dynamic Resolution (Fixed for 1.6)
Softer Shadows
Random Tree Rotation

Mods for build and better function:
Building Themes
I controled the growables in the european districts with this mod and choose the default euro theme. The configuration of this mod is saved separat and cant uploaded with the savegame.
IPT - Improved Public Transport 3.8.10
I optimized the transportation system with this mod. Without this optimizations the transport system can do some jams. The setting of this mod is a local file and cant uploaded with the savegame.
Road Edit Collection
A collection of all mods i use to create road layouts.


Thanks to the complete Cities: Skylines community for making those projects possible and special thanks to the Spielerheim Community[] for motivates me every time if i share my content.

An end is every time a new beginning and i plan a new project next time and will share more development content on Youtube, more information about updates of my new project on Twitter.

Lindblum - Roads only Version

Support me if you like:
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gravage Apr 21 @ 8:31am 
@MikaL [DK]: Well, he wouldn't have to count them, so to speak ... CSL Show More Limits
MikaL [DK] Apr 15 @ 1:13pm 
@Ðiehard: I don't hope he counted that.
Ðiehard Apr 14 @ 2:20pm 
520 Assets, but what I wanna know is. How many trees did you place in this? :O
AtomGaming Apr 12 @ 11:15am 
"only 520 assets" i use in my citys 2 assets

dannybush48 Apr 12 @ 4:35am 
what is the total amount of assets used in your work ..incredible
jhchx1525 Apr 3 @ 9:45am 
Such an amazing city that I want to live in it forever!震惊!美哭了!
Lat819 Mar 27 @ 6:10pm 
This is truely amazing. The amount of detail is out of this world. I have been following and awaiting this download for awhile. It feels like a living breathing city!!!
Welly Mar 27 @ 8:25am 
LazyNetter Mar 26 @ 5:06pm 
aleppio22 Mar 26 @ 7:04am 
just a question:
the cargo ship not appear in the sea, sometime a ship depart to the port and return immediatly in an other port in the same area, but the goods remain into the port and any truck depart to the industry.
furthermore, some industry needs a raw material, and cargo train station are apparently not operative, cargo trains arrival but any truck depart.
any idea how to solve??