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Ancient Human Civilizations Portraits
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Ancient Human Civilizations Portraits

(Formerly: "Roman Portraits, now with Greeks!")
This is a non-replacing portarit pack that allows you to have *rough approximations* of anceint human civilizations in your galaxy.
Now includes Romans and Greeks, and more are on the way. Probably.

Don't like the helmets? Try the No helmets submod!

Some third-party stuff:
Check out this music pack from movies and TV series about ancient Rome:

Old description text:
This is a non-replacing portarit pack that allows you to have human in Roman-like clothes in your galaxy.
The sources of the clothes are:
Ruler: Marcus Licinius Crassus's shirt from Spartacus
Admiral: lorica segmentata with a trident pin
General: lorica segmentata with an eagle pin
Governor: Gaius Julius Caesar's toga from Rome
Scientist: the same as the governor, but with a blue stripe

I couldn't find any good images of Roman women's clothing, so for the female portraits I used the same clothes (slightly resized).
I apologize for my poor graphical skills. However, I don't know of any other Roman portrait pack, so you will have to make do.
Credit to Ulmont: I reverse engineered your Imperial German portraits mod to learn how to make this.

Have fun conquering the galaxy in the name of the senate and the Roman people!
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A Futuristic Space Roman variant would be pretty cool. Would definitely be nice to have something like that for an alternate history rendition of a Roman Empire that unified Earth.
pwt4397 May 25 @ 3:33am 
i would prefer a more futuristic Roman outfits i mean its 2200ys in the future for them cmon. Legionary armors should look similer but it should be more High tech, poltical outfits should be more formal, Scaince outfits should be similer to political, while Navel should Dark Navy blue formal wear with Armored Shoulder pads. its just what i imagine Romans in the Future will be like.
boris.van.sosin  [author] May 20 @ 9:59am 
I have been experimenting with adding ships to Stellaris, and I am finally ready to show some results. Here is one of the Rome's battleships: .
Now, after I am done showing off my awful modeling and texturing skills, here is the status of the mod:
Most of the ships and stations are modeled and textured. Military ships, military stations, and turrets are done. Civilian ships and stations are half-done. I am not very happy with the textures of the miliraty ships, so I plan to re-texture them.
After that I will probably go back to looking for resources for more portraits.
boris.van.sosin  [author] May 11 @ 10:40am 
For all of you who don't like the helmets, I made a no-helmets submod and uploaded it here . I tried to design it a submod, rather than a stand-alone mod, to make the entire "Ancient Human Civilizaions" system more modular. If this doesn't work, I will make it into a separate mod.
boris.van.sosin  [author] May 10 @ 11:47pm 
@Ax Stark I did a quick compatibility test for 1.6, and everything seems to work (if you find any issues, please report them here). I will probably update the mod over the weekend, along with the "no helmet version".
Also, the ships are more than half-way through and they are effing ugly, but awesome in a way. I will probably post some images soon.
Ax Stark May 10 @ 2:37am 
It's 1.6 Adam now, would you like to update this mod ? ^^
Balkan Balaklava-clad Baklava Apr 27 @ 10:37am 
This is the last piece of textwall I swear on me mum

IF you care to find some info on them, there are a few pages on wikipedia, should you choose to create some outfits that reflect them. As for a potential namelist, I've actually been making one for them with another namelist I found in an old game's files. So far I copy-pasted almost a hundred male names and edited a few of them to create female names as well, and I also made several ship names too (I literally went full shitbrain on them, didn't know what to call them so I made them up with some cringy names with somewhat hidden references). Fleet names will probably be just "1st/2nd/3rd Armada", at least for the time being, not sure what to do for the armies.
Balkan Balaklava-clad Baklava Apr 27 @ 10:37am 
As for the illyrians, yeah they were an ancient mediterranean people on the western coast of the balkan peninsula and the hilly/mountainous regions further inland, stretching from Istria in the north down to what is now central Albania in the south. Reknown for being terrifying pirates and raiders out of sheer necessity, they were a society of belligerent tribes, often warring with each other when not raiding the greeks in the south or the italic peoples to the west. The southernmost tribes were somewhat hellenized, hence the greek-like equipment (even though the openfaced helmet, the pot helmet and the "bronze disc" breastplate have become their iconic wargear). They're not very known because they're historically somewhat irrelevant, being mostly a footnote on the history of the greeks, the macedonians and the romans, which is why their language is unknown and they're considered pretty much extinct, existing only in the bloodlines of the peoples of the western balkans.
Balkan Balaklava-clad Baklava Apr 27 @ 10:29am 
I was getting at least one pop with a helmet in a specific instance: at the time, I had Twink's Playable Fallen Empire mod installed and active, but I was unaware of a known bug in which removing a single tile blocker on your homeworld and/or colonizing other planets would:
A) remove all tile blockers from said planet;
B) instantly spawn pops on all free (and freed) tiles;
By now I've deactivated Twink's mod, but I've only played Stellaris afterwards only to try and see if the bug was fixed on my end, but after that I haven't spent another single minute on the game. Therefore, I'm not sure if the "pops with helmets" issue is still happening and if it was or not a problem with that other mod.
boris.van.sosin  [author] Apr 27 @ 9:56am 
@Balkaniote Seadaddy are you getting helmets on POPs? That definitely shouldn't happen. I tried starting a new game with Romans multiple times, and never had this. Are you sure you have the latest version of the game and the mod?
Also, about the Illyrins, I tried a google image search on them, and it looks like they used armor/clothes similar to Greeks, but different helmets. Is that right?