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Roman Portraits
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Roman Portraits

Roman-like portraits for humans!
*Now with Greeks!*
This is a non-replacing portarit pack that allows you to have human in Roman-like clothes in your galaxy.
The sources of the clothes are:
Ruler: Marcus Licinius Crassus's shirt from Spartacus
Admiral: lorica segmentata with a trident pin
General: lorica segmentata with an eagle pin
Governor: Gaius Julius Caesar's toga from Rome
Scientist: the same as the governor, but with a blue stripe

I couldn't find any good images of Roman women's clothing, so for the female portraits I used the same clothes (slightly resized).
I apologize for my poor graphical skills. However, I don't know of any other Roman portrait pack, so you will have to make do.
Credit to Ulmont: I reverse engineered your Imperial German portraits mod to learn how to make this.

Have fun conquering the galaxy in the name of the senate and the Roman people!


Update 1:
Admirals and Generals can now randomly spawn with helmets.


Update 2:
Added Greeks
Made compatible with 1.5


Update 3:
Minor graphics fix to the Greek Women's tunics
Typo fix in the name of the portrait set (Acient->Ancient)
Changed Roman helmets to dark metal, to look more like the armor
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I'm gonna come off as pretentious or cringy here, but will you consider expanding your mod with more portrait sets? I'd love to play as a pirate empire of space illyrians (I even installed a raiding mod for that), but as of now I can't find enough time to dedicate to learning how to add custom portraits or even look up names to add namelists, so I'm gonna beg you like a pitiful kid to at least consider this.

Otherwise, how about making the helmets part of the clothing? This would solve the issue with civilians/pops spawning with helmets while wearing togas.
Scorch Apr 19 @ 6:34am 
@boris.van.sosin Is it possible that you can upload a seperate version of this mod without the helmets? Some people like myself aren't techny enough to edit files and all that you see.

Also, would you consider adding in Roman sounds aswell? For example, you select your fleet and you hear your admiral say "For the Glory of Rome" and things like that? Rome 2 has lots of
sounds that would be great!

we_wuz_kangz_n_shieet Apr 12 @ 2:28pm 
I'd like to see you do a futuristic take on this, like Ancient Rome meets colonial Marines or Halo
boris.van.sosin  [author] Apr 11 @ 11:57am 
@[J4F] Sentinel
It looks like most people like the helmets. Have you considered making a private mod, without the helmets? It's just editing 2 text files. That's what I do with all the mods that have some features I like and others I don't like.
boris.van.sosin  [author] Apr 11 @ 11:55am 
I want to upload a minor fix for the mod. One of the suggestions I got was making the Roman helmets darker. Here is my best attempt at making them darker, but still retaining the metallic shine:
[J4F] Sentinel Apr 11 @ 6:40am 
Ah, by the way, the name of the portrait list should be: 'Ancient Humans', not 'Acient Humans' like it is now. You had made a small typo ;)
[J4F] Sentinel Apr 11 @ 6:36am 
The mod is great, thanks a lot. Do you think that in the future you can make an option to have the people NOT spawn with helmets? (They looked better without, to be honest)
"I apologize for my poor graphical skills. However, I don't know of any other Roman portrait pack, so you will have to make do."

Oh Boris, you innocent boi. Trust me when I tell you that, since I'm an obsessive antiquity lover, this mod will definitely do just fine for my Roman Republic of Terra game. Great job, thank you so much for this mod!
boris.van.sosin  [author] Apr 8 @ 1:57pm 
I have experimented with masts (my first model had a mast), but they feel out of place. Possibly some models will have masts as antennas (science ship, and possibly heavier military ships). I agree on the sails. They are out of the question. Oars don't fit into the space setting either.
The model I am currently working on has a polyreme hull with a superstructure similar to modern ships, and small wing-like structures instead of oars.
Another idea I had, was having the guns styled after ballistas, but at this point it's only a very tentative idea.
Also, thanks for the feedback on the helmets. I assume you mean the roman helmets (they do look a bit bright, now that you mention it). I will experiment with making them slightly darker.
boris.van.sosin  [author] Apr 8 @ 1:57pm 
@Eowyn the Badass:
That's currently not in the roadmap. The next step is definitely ship models, and after that, probably Persians and "Generic Barbarians". If you want late medieval / renaissance portraits, try the Holy Roman Empire variant in
deutschlandlied . That guy is far more talented than me.