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Transport Fever

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Seamon's balancing to real values
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Seamon's balancing to real values

This mod is a script modification, which aims at bringing the different balancing interpretations of different modders together.
The advantage of this mod is, that it can be activated and deactivated at any time. Thanks to Merk, crashes of this mod are virtually impossible. The vehicles keep the values until ​​they reach a station.
Since this script includes all mods, it is deprecated with every update of a modder. Actual stand is:
October 10, 2017, 10 am CET

The following adjustments have been made:
- all passenger ​​and goods values ​​of all vehicles are uniformly defined (for passengers by the specified positions).
- all loadspeeds uniformly set.
- all power and tractive values ​​of locomotives adapted to reality.
- for all these values, factors exists, that can be adapted to your own needs (lines 7, 13, 19, 25, 31, 37, 43, 49, 55 and 61 of the script).
- all availabilities adapted to reality.
- all prices and maintenance costs are set to -1.
- small corrections of multiple units and bounding boxes.

This mod can be adjusted as required, and additional corrections will be added as new vehicles will be added or because of user feedback in the future.Vehicles, that suddenly have no passengers are not a bug. In most cases, these mods that have no passengers defined. People who are bothered by it, give up onthis mod:
At least one update of this mod is planned per month.
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Locke 11 hours ago 
Du bist meine Rettung :D
Seamon  [author] 17 hours ago 
Die Dateien vom Workshop befinden sich Workshop-Ordner von Steam:
Locke Oct 15 @ 5:23pm 
Hi, ich wollte paar Dinge ändern, doch finde ich das Script nicht, bzw. alle anderen Mods auch nicht :D Der Transportfever/dlcs Ordner ist einfach leer und im Internet steht, dort müssten die Mods sein.... Und im Transportfever/mods Ordner sind nur die Offiziellen Mods drinnen, wie keine Kosten :/
Seamon  [author] Sep 25 @ 5:41am 
All the values are real values ... and the top speed of goods wagon is 120 km/h:
Exe19 Sep 24 @ 10:42am 
Hello Seamon! I'm in love with you mod except one little thing - it apparently reduced top speed of cargo wagons.
It's true that increased capacity more than compensates the throughput and real freight trains aren't exactly speed demons, but I'd still love to se all my trains zip along.
Is there a way to tweak out this feature, or better - reduce it's magnitude?
Seamon  [author] Sep 22 @ 12:52pm 
Yes, it is ... you have to script your own calculation (using capacity, speed, power and so on) and add the values to the lines 335, 337, 340 and 342.
OvergrownSkyscraper Sep 22 @ 2:22am 
Hi Seamon, Awesome mod!!! I cant play without it anymore. The only question i have is if it is possible to change prices and running cost? I adjusted most stats for almost all vehicles but i dont like the way the game calculates the cost ( i prefer expensive engines and cheap wagons). What should i change in the script to be able to set specific cost for each vehicle like i can do with capacity or power?
FreakyHydra Sep 9 @ 6:46am 
well thats too bad
Seamon  [author] Sep 9 @ 4:11am 
That's not possible, because the game is calculating the prices. Three times capacity means three times the price. Anyway it is more easy with this mod, because the price of locomotives is unchanged.
If you want other prices, you have to set it for every vehicle.
FreakyHydra Sep 9 @ 3:27am 
-_- its in german, i have no idea what to look for i that lua file, i am trying to normalize the price to vanilla but kepp the current capacity