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Roads United: US Edition - Reworked
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Jan 23 @ 12:44pm
May 1 @ 5:41pm
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Roads United: US Edition - Reworked


This mod gives your roads a realistic American look! HUGE thanks to Unlawful Enemy Combatant for giving me permission to rework the amazing Roads United: US Edition pack! Thanks to Meow for the alley textures and KraIstGerecht for other help! Give this mod a rating if you like it!


- This mod requires the Roads United: Core+ mod.

- Once you've loaded into your savegame, you must open the Roads United Core+ options menu and change the selected texture pack to Vanilla, then back to this one. You'll need to do this each time you load a save because of an issue in the core mod.

- Change the brightness of your roads through the core mod. Make sure you have all of the brightness sliders set and tick the box next to "use the road brightness sliders below" or your changes will not take effect. The further to the left your brightness sliders are, the darker your roads & vice versa.

- File size is 367MB.


- NExt elevated 3 lane 1 way
- NExt elevated 4 lane 1 way
- NExt elevated 4 lane road
- NExt 8 lane tunnel
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Realname Oct 1 @ 6:54am 
@randy read the -IMPORTANT- description!
randymramirez Sep 25 @ 7:00pm 
i downloaded this but the color isnt like the picture. its the same as the game but just yellow lines. I thought it was black roads? anyone help?
doctapeppaman Sep 24 @ 1:49pm 
How do the highways not have a yellow line on the left? I know there's been issues with textures getting swapped, but having all white is just silly.
Opaco123 Sep 24 @ 12:02pm 
For two lane roads, the center lane appears as just a faint, spread out yellow dotted line, instead of the bright solid line it should be, any way to fix this?
here's an image:
momo Sep 17 @ 2:45am 
Thanks for reworking this mod Pres!
Geliboy Sep 14 @ 7:30pm 
Is it possible to have red curb where parking is not possible ?
[LKW Tr.] Diego M. [LET] Aug 24 @ 5:54pm 
This is awesome. Would be even more awesome with the yellow lines on the left sides of the highways like it is on most American highways...
IronFish99 Aug 11 @ 6:23pm 
Certain NExt roads don't have any texture on them, how do I fix that?
shizane2002 Jul 22 @ 3:49pm 
So this cant get updated until the core mod gets updated.....which is unlikely.

Does anyone else have the skills to take control over the road texture mods? I dont. But I would gladly pay money for someone to update and improve on the road texture mods (US/North American roads).

Thanks in advance.
DarcieRixy Jul 11 @ 10:11pm 
please do the mass transit roads! (just keep the textures for assymetrical 3-lane.) there is one thing also, since the monorails hide the small roads underneath you dont see the ugliness of normal roads