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More Star Classes
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Nov 18, 2018 @ 10:15pm
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More Star Classes

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Kepler68's mods for a multiplayer game
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This mod currently adds:

The Elusive O class star

The Massive Red Giant

The Enormous Red Supergiant

The Titanic Red Hypergiant

The Ancient White Dwarf

The Weak L Star

The Totally Not A Planet Y Star

The Explosive Wolf-Rayet Star

Several Rogue Planet Systems (disabled for now, will come back)

Two Special Systems (that i wont spoil, 1 of each per galaxy)

to the game. they will spawn in adittion to the other star types but rarely. this is purely cosmetic and should have minimal impact on gameplay.

check the suggestions + todo list thread

A Rogue planet is a planet that has no parent star. they orbit the galaxy directly with stars and can be thought of as orphan planets.
Rogue planets are generated after the galaxy and as such will not reduce the number of planets in the galaxy. you choose how many will be generated, from 0 to 50 in increments of 10. they WILL be generated in existing saves if you choose anything other than 0 :)



planet classes are

pc_o_star for O star

pc_wd_star for white dwarf

pc_rg_star for red giant

pc_rsg_star for red supergiant

pc_rhg_star for red hyper giant

pc_l_star for L star

pc_y_star for Y star

pc_wr_star for Wolf-Rayet

pc_barycenter for a barycenter

pc_grn f04 !?#<REDACTED>&#&T*

pc_pr Fo_R &#%@<REDACTED>^#!:D!!

star classes use the same letter system like sc_o = O star

sc_rogue for rogue planet lighting and background. default star is a barycenter but is not needed normally. yes it is misspelled internally. fixed

there is a random list rl_more_stars that will pull from all modded stars. there is also one called rl_morestandard_stars which pulls from all stars except neutron stars/pulsars/black holes. Rogue planet lighting is not included in any of the lists for obvious reasons.

also, at the beginning of the game a global flag is set "using_kepler68_morestarclasses"

These are objects that look exactly like a gas planet, cold barren world, or a frozen world, but the game thinks they are stars. they are used in rogue planet systems to allow the construction of starbases. they will also allow the construction of megastructures... but im looking into a way to fix that and im really hoping noone figures it out before i do :P


free use for all!
credit is only required if you directly copy paste files out of the mod with 0 changes. (typing exactly what is in the file letter for letter also counts)

this is only a request. i will not hunt people for this PLUS pdx rules say no lisences allowed on mods.
this is only here because of other modders getting hate from random people for taking files from other peoples mods without the original modders knowing and i wont hate people for borrowing :).


this mod should be compatible with everything as no vanilla files were harmed in the creation of this mod. however you may notice an imbalance of certain system types if using other mods that interact with system initializers.


compatiblity with Stellar Energy
Patch made by Zinogre

with icen system scale
Patch by iCeFrEnZy

only binary:
only stars:


+possibly maybe fixed an issue with null systems
+Fixed an issue where morestandard stars would not generate O stars (NOT THE CAUSE OF NULL SYSTEMS)

dyson sphere wont fit on big stars such as supergiants. this is purely asthetic and the structure works fine normally.

brown dwarves make the dyson sphere produce energy despite not making energy themselves. not really surre what to do about this.

Ringworlds will form around the barycenter in binary systems without removing the stars. this is a purely asthetic issue which i hope to fix but it leads to some hilarious sights in close systems. removed binary systems, now using vanilla

small stars like white dwarves vanish when you are zoomed in all the way and looking at a specific angle. this is a consequence of how stellaris renders stars but the issue is invisible unless you look for it. Seems to have disappeared as of 1.6

binary system planets consistently end up in a line despite the code asking for random positions. this seems to be an internal quirk with the system initializers, but im looking for a way to get around it. removed binary systems, now using vanilla.

rogue planet related data is misspelled in the code as rouge. this is not intentional but if i change it it will break existing saves. fixed


Hypothetical stars by | Vμν ⟩


By NaK1119

Zinogre for base work on red supergiants, most of the work on Hypergiants and making localization files far better than anything i could ever produce

SparkyFox for having a backup of the mod description when i lost it

mzilli for being the genius that figured out how to get the binary star names correct

Lord_Assaultーさま for a russian translation of the whole mod :)

Paradox modding discord ( for help with the random effect

Alguerath for fixing the spanish localisation AND helping me test a new version :D

SalsaDoom for not only solving a cross-version issue, but sending me the fixed files

Shuv1 For French Localisation :)

JR For finding a weird incomaptability error
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Broken B Class Star Causes
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ArcticJack Feb 28 @ 8:58am 
As stated before in the comments, this is updated to work with and 2.1 patch. The author has yet to update to a 2.2 patch. If you want to try anyway, that is up to you, but again this is only guaranteed to work on a 2.1.* patch.
IMPLOSIONS Feb 28 @ 7:54am 
Would you know if it works with 2.2.4 already or should I hold off on using it for now?
AFK Feb 24 @ 4:30pm 
I have enjoyed this mod, and hope to see an update when your time and interest permit. As that is not likely to be soon, you have, until then, my thanks for providing the current and previous versions.
Kepler68  [author] Feb 24 @ 3:38pm 
Plus your message is even lazier than UPDATE PLZ. at least they hold shift.
Kepler68  [author] Feb 24 @ 3:37pm 
Fuck off. I have alot of schoolwork and the code has changed alot. I am under no obligation to update this when i have college to focus on. Over the summer sure i will work on it, but right now i have more important things to do.
WERWOLF-SS Feb 24 @ 3:24pm 
TurtleShroom Feb 8 @ 1:40pm 
There has GOT to be a way to stop habitable planets from spawning around Class Y Stars and other dead brown dwarves. Seeing a continental planet one AU from a glorified gas giant absolutely wrecks immersion.

This Mod is awesome and I hope it gets updated soon.
AFK Jan 12 @ 11:49am 
@Mango Crepe
"You're right, I should have taken the time to make sure my comment reflected the level of polish I desired in this mod; however, I respectfully disagree with your point about function." — A response you could have made without, as you put it, "Go[ing] after the person instead of refuting the points listed".
Mango Crepe Jan 12 @ 10:45am 
@AFK Classic brain-dead response kid. Go after the person instead of refuting the points listed, try harder next time nerd.

@TurtleShroom Yes I have, looks like the typos are not there anymore. Thanks!
Kepler68  [author] Jan 10 @ 7:08pm 
EVERYONE: Due to IRL issues and a lack of motivation, i cannot keep updating this at a satisfactory rate. for now, the mod is open for everyone to make an updated version of, and it may stay that way. If you do upload a 2.2 compatible version please comment here so i can link to it in the desc.