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Metro Overhaul Mod (MOM)
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Dec 10, 2016 @ 11:51pm
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Metro Overhaul Mod (MOM)


Version 10 (10.0.1)

Thank you for scoping out the Metro Overhaul Mod. The main goals of this mod are:
  1. NEW Integrate and extend the functionality and versatility of the existing metro network.
  2. Add character to the metro network with new track styles, rendered tunnels and stations.
  3. Extend the functionality of metro with new UI's controlling track aesthetics, as well as underground station depth and length.
  4. Easily switch stations between Metro and Train
  5. Easily customize multitrack stations for metro and train services

    1. Subscribe to the mod and all required items listed on the right side.
    2. Ensure all the associated assets are enabled in the ingame Content Manager.
    3. Metro lines are built like tram lines. You must start by placing a depot (found in the metro menu). This is where metro cars spawn from.
    4. Build your stations, tracks, and lines the way you normally would, only this time, you can go above and below ground!.
    5. Set up your transport lines.
    For more info - check out the guide below in "Links"

    Unsubscribing (permanently)
    Ghost Mode. Enable Ghost Mode from options and then load and save your cities which use MOM. Then unsubscribe. You may also want to delete the m100 asset to get back the shorter vanilla metro cars. Keep in mind that if you intend on Resubscribing, make sure Ghost Mode is unchecked before starting your city.

    Special Thanks

    First and foremost I want to thank BloodyPenguin for building out the fabulous code base. Very talented. I learned a lot.

    I would also like to thank BadPeanut for his exclusive stations, MrMaison for his dedication to the Metropolitan Depot, bsquiklehausen for the default m100 rolling stock, TimTheTerrible for wonderful track models and Classic Pillars, and scoobyduped for the underground station rotation idea.

    Click here for the full collection of required items for version 10.0:

    For a Full Guide detailing everything you need to know about Metro Overhaul click here:



    Follow These steps if you believe this mod is causing you problems:
    1. Open Content Manager and go to the Mods Panel, disable all except the mods listed under required mods in the side panel on this page
    2. In Content Manager, go to the Asset Panel and disable all except the assets listed above in the description and those in the required assets on the side panel of this workshop page
    3. Quit to Desktop
    4. Verify Game Cache
    5. Launch the game
    6. Start a new game 100% vanilla - DLC allowed but no other mods other than specified.
      test thoroughly the mod to see if it presents the same problem (yes you may have to play and build a quick test city to do so)
    7. If the problem still persists, please upload the same vanilla save file you tested in making sure you have not used any other custom assets (so they don't disappear when we load it) and paste a link to the savegame in the discussion thread "Troubleshooting Savegames". Savefiles uploaded on third party servers will not be accepted.

    If you do not complete these steps and submit a savegame we cannot help you and any comment requesting help will be deleted.

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Anomaly 4 hours ago 
no one is using the stations in the Hubs.
Aidan22sushi 4 hours ago 
Dear everyone, I have found a solution to all your quad track needs so I am writing a quick guide ps this works over roads, underground and ground level
Firstly you need these mods, Undo it , toggle witness and TM:PE
Step 1) open up your line making tool
Step 2) look over your tracks and look for any weird changes
step 3) note the node where weird things happen (this is usually before and after stations)
step 4) make sure your game is paused
step 5) delete ALL the roads under and around your problem node(including under the station)
step 6) fire up your TM:PE lane tool and connect accordingly
step 7) make sure you close all of TM:PE then hit ctrl+z with undo it your roads will return if not just manually redraw your roads
step 8) repeat for all bad nodes
step 9) delete the lines that were running on that track and remake them
step 10) ENJOY your realistic NO SWITCHING trains
(if you have underground or ground level then this is much easier)
I hope this helped
Aidan22sushi 10 hours ago 
@Lazaus*man two things do you think deleting the road under the track setting up tmpe then rebuilding the road will work any way thank you for being so active with this mod and I hope you stay safe
metromaster 16 hours ago 
@Lazarus*Man Thank you. Most of us do not say that anywhere near enough. But the work which you and the MOM team have done and continue to do is invaluable to us.

@Aidan22sushi The procedure you outline works well when I want to build a station without the road underneath. I should think it would work with the actual trackage as well. Give it a try. Good luck, and post what happens as it may help another fellow Mayor
Lazarus*Man  [author] 19 hours ago 
@Aidan22sushi & metromaster: Yeah I know that is kind of a pain at the moment. I have been developing an algorithm that I am working with the TM:PE team to integrate that should solve this problem. However, being rather backlogged, it is not quite ready yet but please stay tuned.

@Tv: Thank you. Your support keeps this project going!
Aidan22sushi 20 hours ago 
@metromaster you kind of helped I unfortunately don’t have the space for the tracks on the side but what I will do is delete the road onset the problem places and then set up TMPE and then rebuild the road do you think that will work? Any way thanks for the help
Tv 21 hours ago 
@Lazarus*Man: Regarding your post, thanks for all the hard work and the dedication to this mod. Cheers!
metromaster 21 hours ago 
@Aidan22sushi I had this very same problem. I "fixed" it by relocating the tracks. In other words, instead of building the right of way over the street, as you might see in New York, I relocated it over unused land, like some places in Chicago. TM:PE will then recognize the nodes, as there won't be a road underneath competing for attention, and you will be able to have your expresses and locals stay on their respective tracks. Hope this helps
Aidan22sushi 21 hours ago 
hi I am having a problem with the quad tracks my trains switch all the time even when it is in the middle oh the tracks with no switches TMPE does not help as for i can't select the track and only the road bellow some times my train will glitch out imbetween switching which bugs out the game and causes local and express trains to stop and cause a huge traffic jam which I have to delete that train and my local and express train both use the outer rail the express train even swithes to use the outer rail and once again I can't just use TMPE as that does not work and when my express does weird switches on the line map (the ting you use to make lines) it shows a 90 degree switch onto the other track when there is no switch it just does it in the middle of the track
please help me any help I can get would mean the world to me thanks
Lazarus*Man  [author] 22 hours ago 
Hey guys. Reading all your comments. I will be dropping a few patches over the coming days to address most of these concerns. Some I may still need to do some additional testing / get understanding. The first patch will fix the quad station issues, improve 0 ridership issues, and fix people clipping through platform issues. There will be more patches shortly thereafter so don't freak out if you don't see your issue/bug listed. I just want to get these fixes out ASAP so you can continue to enjoy the game :). Thanks for your ongoing support!