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Time Progression 2x Slower
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Nov 5, 2016 @ 1:19pm
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Time Progression 2x Slower

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** Note The image above shows stat differences for the 4x mod **

Time Progression 2x Slower

So a train which normally takes 4 months, now only takes 2 months to make the journey.
Vanilla is 1 day = 2 seconds or 1 year = 12 minutes.
Mod: 1 day = 4 seconds or 1 year = 24 minutes.

Income scales with the time, so for instance, a delivery of cargo for the same train / contents:
Vanilla: - income of 100k
2 x Faster: - Income of 200k
2 x Slower: - Income of 50k
4 x Slower - Income of 25K

Which means in the space of 1 game year, regardless of which speed mod in use, you should make the same profits as you would have vanilla.

An alternative 4x slower or 2x faster is in the collection above.

Whilst a simple edit, this allows you to enable / disable the time progression without having to quit the game and edit config files. Can be added / removed at any time. Just to clarify, this mod is a SIMPLE config edit, changing one value only. Everything else that accompanies it, scaling / balancing etc is done via the game / coded by the dev's not by me.
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[RWB] FxUK  [author] Jun 20 @ 12:46pm 
@Stinosko - Everything relating to costs / profits is adjusted automatically depending on which speed you choose, to make sure that you end up with the same funds (give or take a small amount) within the same "in-game" time, regardless of speed chosen. This is all done by the game engine / devs code, not by me.

It is designed so you can spend more time with the era of trains, without unbalancing the game... and in general, it works really well... I have used it since I uploaded it ;)

Since time is 2x slower, but animations are not, you essentially get to run the same route twice. So if before your journey took 1 month, with 2x slower, you would make two journeys in that month instead. Each trip would pay out 1/2 of what it did originally... therefore, in 1 month, you make the same.
Stinosko Jun 20 @ 11:12am 
Does the issue that routes are also much slower calculated (after 2-4 in game months) instead of the normal 1 month? Because that means it would much more harder to earn money if any reculculations takes longer time?
Dexterewicz May 18 @ 10:34am 
It does not matter, I just read that Borsig appears in 1862, not as I thought in 1860.
Dexterewicz May 18 @ 10:30am 
Does the mod affect the date of appearance of new vehicles? Because I'm 1862 and the Borsig locomotive still has not appeared.
CoskunTR Feb 11 @ 6:15am 
if you find a solution in this matter in the future, Im waiting for news from u =) because I need it...
[RWB] FxUK  [author] Feb 11 @ 5:52am 
@CoskunTR - It would be nice, I would probably use it too.
Problem is, it needs to be implemented by the dev's. They put a limit on what speeds can be set.

@leong35 - well... its a different speed.
CoskunTR Feb 11 @ 3:48am 
I need x8 or x10!
Leong.C Jan 27 @ 6:11am 
is it the same as 4x?
cubicle.warrior Dec 13, 2017 @ 11:18am 
I *think* this affects how lines are enabled. With the 4x mod enabled, I struggle to establish very long lines (the lines do work of course, but the industry is not using the line). Can somebody confirm this?
[RWB] FxUK  [author] Nov 13, 2017 @ 7:52am 
@Hospitaller - everything to do with scaling, is written by the developers. All this mod does is enable to game speed mode, implemented by the devs, so it should never require updating unless the dev's change the name of the parameter, which is unlikely. If you think things are not scaling, then it is likely a bug within the games code, nothing I can do about it other than write my own scaling algorithm, which I tried and failed at previously.