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Rainfall brings simulation depth and new gameplay elements to the primarily cosmetic game concept of dynamic weather that was introduced with Snowfall. When the game is raining, this mod adds a water source for each building that pours water onto your streets, and you can add natural drainage assets for simulating non-urban flows and flooding. You must create and manage a storm drain network in order to protect your city from suffering the effects of flooding. You should be aware of and plan out the grading of any zoned roadways and add storm drain inlets to any low points in the roads. Options for Storm Water Management include surface ponds, underground detention systems, canals, and riverine channels.

Storm Drain Assets (Separate Mod Subscriptions required)
See Rainfall Collection
You must subscribe to at least one inlet and one outlet in order to create a storm drain network.
Many assets may require additional prop and/or mod subscriptions. See individual pages for details.

Storm Drain Inlets and Pumps direct any storm water that is collected to Underground Detention Basins within the same district first, and then to Gravity Storm Drain Outlets and SD Force Main Outlets in the same district once the Detention Basins have reached 80% filled. Anything not included in a district is actually in District 0. You cannot actually draw storm drain pipes, but all storm drain assets must be connected to your sewer and water system. They only require 1 water and 1 sewage. They do not contribute to the water or sewage because storm drain water is kept separate.

The Storm Drain Assets by themselves can be used to transport water throughout your city. You may even elect to turn the Storm Water Difficulty down to 0 so that you don't have to deal with stormwater, but can still use these assets to move water around your city or clean up after damming mistakes and demolished canals.

Rainfall Guide
See Official Rainfall Guide for a complete guide to rainfall with videos, screenshots, and more. For a quick summary of features continue reading here.

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On Youtube
Rockdale Series by Ars Techne
Umber Bay Series By Ars Techne
Rainfall Review by Ars Techne
Cities: Skylines Natural Disasters - Reveal Stream Karoliina's New Favorite Mod @ 18:00

Natural Drainage Assets and Flood Spawning Assets
The Natural Drainage Assets are free, no maintenance, and can be placed anywhere (anarchy will be needed to place on top of something else). They come in a variety of sizes and are used to create an accurate representation of non-urban hydrology. There are assets to simulate natural drainage, ground water, and flooding.

For more information See the Official Rainfall Guide

Problems and How to Fix Them
Except for problems related to sewer and water connections ignore what the problem actually says, and look at the text under the description of the asset when you select it.

For These Problems:
Transit Line Not Connected
Landfill Full
No Place For Goods

See Official Rainfall Guide

Intensity Curves/Depth-Duration Frequency Options
The Vanilla Storm Simulation increases linearly and then remains flat for an indefinite amount of time, and then linearly returns to 0 or another storm intensity. 0.25 < I < 1. I don't recommend using the Default (Unmodded) Simulation unless you want to use Climate Control to test various intensities. The indefinite storm durations make it impossible to design for them.

The mod includes the Intensity/Depth Curves utilized in the US and some cities for Depth-Duration Frequency data. The actual difficulty of the mod will highly depend on these choices, but unlike the Vanilla Simulation these storms have a predefined length between 30 min and 24 hours. The City List generally gets more difficult the farther down the list you go.

More info on the Official Rainfall Guide

Rational Method and Runoff Coefficients
This mod approximates the amount of Storm water emitted from each water source by a modified version of the Rational Method.

More info on the Official Rainfall Guide

Storm water Pollution
Buildings that create ground pollution produce polluted storm water, and inlets built on ground pollution will produce storm water with water pollution when released by a storm drain outlet. Storm drain inlets/pumps will also transfer any water pollution collected to the storm drain outlet. You can mitigate the effects of Storm Water Pollution with surface ponds (above sea level), underground detention basins, and outlets with filters. Stormwater Pollution can be turned off in the settings.

More info on the Official Rainfall Guide

Other Options
#RainForecast Chirps: At the beginning of a non-vanilla storm simulation you will get a chirp with data about the upcoming storm event.
#Rainfall Chirps: Random chirps that relate to the current intensity of the storm
Prevent Rain Before Milestone: Turns on or off whether the mod prevents rain from happening before you reach the milestone where the basic storm drain assets are unlocked.
Prevent Building Upgrades from Increased Landvalue due to Rainwater: Turns this feature on or off. This does not help with water than remains or is still flowing once it stops raining. I recommend utilizing retention ponds with a ground water asset which always have some water in them.
Previous Storm Options: Options on how to handle loading a game that is already raining.
Refresh Rate: Frequency in which the mod updates the water sources. This mod negatively affects the performance of the game, but you can partially control how much by changing the refresh rate.
Building/Roadway Flooding/Flooded Tolerance: Allows you to change the amount of water depth required to causes problems to occur in Buildings and Roadways.

More info on the Official Rainfall Guide

Tips and Tricks
Moved to Official Rainfall Guide

Special Thanks
BloodyPenguin, Snow_Cat, SamsamTS, Overhatted, Runaurufu, Soldyne, NS5 X, PropaneDragon, Simie, Soda & emf. Your mods helped create this one, either by your open source code or using the mods you've created. Thanks.

This mod uses Harmony by pardeike. Without it, some parts of this mod would've been impossible to make.

Source Code
Available on GitHub[]

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[SSU]yenyang  [author] Jun 4 @ 1:59pm 
@Someone it elevates the buildings a little bit to make them less likely to flood
I don't know anything Jun 2 @ 4:32am 
what is building pads height increase ?
[SSU]yenyang  [author] May 20 @ 7:45am 
As far as I can tell, the mod should be compatible with the Campus Expansion. However it's possible that it will need an update because something that doesn't causes an immediate error, causes some other less obvious problem. Please report any problems after the update and I will try to put out a patch in the coming weekends.
storm37000 ((C -EC- May 7 @ 1:43pm 
yea, he seperated that out into a different mod called immersive water i think.
[SSU]yenyang  [author] May 7 @ 7:42am 
@storm37000 ((C-EC- I looked at climate controls mod page and the author responded to comments last month and a user stated that the mod was not currently broken. So climate control is probably fine. Just don't use any of his water features while using rainfall. It could be unpredictable.
storm37000 ((C -EC- May 6 @ 1:39pm 
also i dont think ultimate eye candy is supported by rush hour 2 / realtime mod which i use and see as one of the most important mods for realism.
storm37000 ((C -EC- May 6 @ 1:36pm 
i really only use climate control for the temperature variation, i really am going for realism in this game as that is the reason i even buy sim games.
[SSU]yenyang  [author] May 6 @ 7:52am 
@Ualdriver I hate to ask this, but are you sure you have the mod enabled? If so you can post a downloadable link to the bug report thread of your output log file. Instructions are in that thread.
@storm37000 ((C-EC- I no longer recommend using climate control. I have heard ultimate eye candy may provide some of the same features.
storm37000 ((C -EC- May 4 @ 1:05pm 
is this compatible with climate control?
Ualdriver May 3 @ 5:17pm 
I have enabled the mod and when it rains, no rainfall forecast chrip happens, nor does rain accumalate