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Anno Domini
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Anno Domini

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Anno Domini Brave New World
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Anno Domini is an ancient era full conversion mod. Play as one of countless civilizations from the "Old World" from the dawn of time to the Dark Ages. Details of the mod are on the Anno Domini website:

To play, you must have the Anno Domini base files, art files and the cities in development files, plus at least one of the civilization packs - but it's up to you as to how many you select. Anno Domini may not work with other mods, so it's recommended that you only use Anno Domini mods when you play and also you should have all the DLCs and both expansions (except the map packs).

Anno Domini incorporates it's own version of various modcomps, including the Community Patch, Cities in Development, Events and Decisions, Mercenaries, Leugi's barbarians and Tomatekh's historical religions.
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Apr 26 @ 10:55am
My Civ 5 crashes when i download the mod
Meowie (Gone on Holiday bk 24th)
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Fisch125 Jul 31 @ 8:23am 
This modpack doesn't show up in the game. However they are in the files as where they should be. I had the same problem one year ago, but no one answered me. Please help anyone.
DanioRex Jul 17 @ 5:14am 
why this mod does not want to show me where the fashion is involved?
ImaRRgam *EMFAUPE* Jul 9 @ 6:56am 
When found astronomy, I can't build settlers nor colonist. Is there any limit or this is some kind of bug?
jacquelinecheng23 May 3 @ 3:50pm 
also by any chance making anno domini compatible with Enhanced User Interface?
jacquelinecheng23 May 2 @ 10:48pm 
Um to clarify on my last comment, when i try to load a game in DirectX 10 or 11, i get a render error and the game crashes
jacquelinecheng23 May 2 @ 10:46pm 
So, im currently using the rise of cities edition, and what happens is that im unable to run the mod (not using any other mods) in DirectX 10 or 11. It works in 9, but I've just found it strange. Can you help me?
rob8xft  [author] Mar 27 @ 11:20am 
Sorry for the late response - but in order to sort the issue with mods disappearing from your mod list then you need to go to MyGames/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/Cache and delete the file "Civ5ModsDatabase" then come back to Steam. The mods will re-download from Steam and Anno will be back. I was unable to upload everything for Anno Domini here as there were issues with the amount I'd actually uploaded, but on Civfanatics, I uploaded a version 27 which has seemed to have worked okay for most people and has all the civ packs in it.
Mazzini Mar 7 @ 8:12am 
@rinaveightel, I don t know, nevertheless.. try to go to your steam..steamapps..common filles..mod, and eraise all (mod folder content). then eraise it all from pc.

sometimes it works for me
r1nav8tel Dec 9, 2017 @ 9:29pm 
Played this game once a long time ago. After that the base file Anno Domini disappeared from my mod list; although, Steam still shows I am subscribed. Unsubscribing, then subscribing again has done no good. It's still not there. All the other mods are present. Any suggestions on what I should do?
tsf4 May 8, 2017 @ 2:36pm 
Next turn even on turn 9 stops responding. please fix because this is awesome, but it stops me from continuing through the game. This is with all of the anno domini packs and core files, art files, and city dev.