War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld

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War for the Overworld, map Rustam
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Fight with 2 AI and Empire.
Created by rustamgm4x
Fun map for battlefield 2 with AI (above), are closer to each other and the Empire, than to you, and are not so advantageous terms as you (you - all kinds of totems).
AI have a different preset of rooms.
Go from the bottom to the top of the map - it is p...
Labyrinth for 4
Created by rustamgm4x
A maze of impenetrable stone and precipices. The path to the bases, winding and long. There is only one way to 2 neighboring bases; and, the path to Empire in the center of (well-fortified). All paths intersect in the center and closer to the base. Everyo...
Created by rustamgm4x
4 of dungeon master's fighting for complete victory, and everyone should go through swirling like a Typhoon, the center of the map; along the way, you can release and recruit the 3 creatures for 7 level, as well as artifacts (happiness, work and experience...
Shotgun, zerg, and you
Created by rustamgm4x
It's just you, your shotgun and an enemy zerg. And the same thing - the enemy. Shoot, tear, or disappear into oblivion - see, what you get.

PS I hope you will include a jukebox in the campaign of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Есть только ты, твой дробо...
陰陽, 3 ways
Created by rustamgm4x
The Yin - Yang. The struggle of opposites. 3 ways for the opponent, and all the obstacles.

PS Map was updated, now instead of lava and the Holy land - Imperial and neutral territory, it is the same in the grip.

Инь - Янь. Борьба противоположностей. 3 пу...
Kind word and a gun
Created by rustamgm4x
Here you do not have their own portals. It can not appear. But, in the middle - the Empire, which has 3 portal (including 1 Imperial) and the territory of which it is impossible to capture (the holy land fenced walkways and walls of impenetrable stone).

5 rooms, 1 death.
Created by rustamgm4x
Attention. Play this map with humans, because the AI in it is incredibly dumb, he just builds another beast den. It is relevant to the current version, 1.3.
This map will ensure victory to the player with the best planning and decisions, with the best stra...
I see dead peoples
Created by rustamgm4x
All 4 candidates for survival, see dead people - most of the movement units of the observable, thanks to closed impassable stone perception shrines.
Map is symmetric. In the centre empire, is also attempting to seize more territory. The main passes to the ...
Divide et impera
Created by rustamgm4x
Divide and conquer! Map is recommended for FFA, play as green Underlord, against AI. Everyone has a artifact ghost workers. 2 small area green area below the center of the map enclosed holy ground (it's impossible to take), you can disembark your troops.
Gordian knot
Created by rustamgm4x
Two claims to the territory of the Underlords is here intertwined in a knot of fierce fighting. The most simple promotion - capture rooms in a spiral. But the rooms are in following the spiral turns (and they are separated brimstone and strengthened the Im...
Hatred's Cask
Created by rustamgm4x
Hatred is the cask of the pale Danaides;
Bewildered Vengeance with arms red and strong
Vainly pours into its empty darkness
Great pailfuls of the blood and the tears of the dead;

The Demon makes secret holes in this abyss,
Whence would escape a thousand y...
Λαβύρινθος του Μινώταυρου
Created by rustamgm4x
Labyrinth of the Minotaur.
You - Theseus, deliberately went in group of 7 boys and 7 girls sacrificed to the Minotaur. And you should kill him, or he kills you.
In this map, you only have 14 creatures, including Theseus, and no gateway. But there is a sh...
Disco Inferno
Created by rustamgm4x
Remember Disco Inferno sounded in the jackpot in Dungeon Keeper 2? This music helped to create this map. Instead of a casino here - a tavern, instead of the disco ball - the path of gold, glittering around the earth in the center, instead of the jackpot - ...
3 killer and the sherif
Created by rustamgm4x
3 murderers sentenced to be hanged. But unprecedentedly strong lightning and the storm scared away onlookers, the executioner and guards.
The criminals threw off the hinges and escaped. Well, bring justice alone. Prove that the gavel, handed down the sente...
The pies in the oven.
Created by rustamgm4x
Get ready for the battle. Will be hot.

Пироги в духовке.
Приготовьтесь к битве. Будет горячо....
Sacred earth - Revival
Created by rustamgm4x
Vous mourrez de nos mains, sachez-le, si la chance
Est pour nous. Vous mourrez, suppliants, de nos mains.
La justice le veut d'abord, puis la vengeance,
Puis le besoin pressant d'opportuns lendemains.

Et la terre, depuis lon...
Battle for the hive.
Created by rustamgm4x
Дети солнечно-рыжего мёда
И коричнево-красной земли —
Мы сквозь смерть во плоти проросли,
И с огнём наша схожа природа.

Подымаясь к огню на высоты,
Припадая бессильно к земле,
Неустанно мы строим во мгле
Наших тел шестигранные соты.

В них...
Created by rustamgm4x
Samsara (2 ways)
Created by rustamgm4x
Life and death, yin and yang, entropy and evolution. One absorbs the other, one feeds the other.
The area here is closed in a ring, and there are 2 ways to attack. Effectively expand your dungeon, and devour the opponent.

Жизнь и смерть, инь и янь, энтроп...
Created by rustamgm4x
Just do it!
Просто сделай это!...
Dark sunshine in the shrines
Created by rustamgm4x
In the center of the map the sweetest - all kinds of artifacts and shrines, and the Imperial gateways. But get this not just a luxury - it is protected by a neutral defences, and all it claim the other 3 Underlord.
From the arena of constant battle in the ...
Hot blood
Created by rustamgm4x
Attracted by rumors about the presence of a powerful artifact - Kenos - 4 enemy joined forces and have surrounded you on all 4 sides of the world.
But you have no Kenos, and no desire to engage in a dialogue with the aggressors.
You have a powerful economy...
Veni, vidi, vici (map for multiplayer)
Created by rustamgm4x
Map recommended for multiplayer, because A. I. doesn't know how to use Outpost, especially when combined with ritual Construction".
Do not be deceive, the name of the map. The path to the enemy lies through a significant Imperial defence. But there are a l...
Honeycomb - our home
Created by rustamgm4x
The meadow bloomed a lot of flowers mandrakes, and 3 a swarms of bees collected their nectar. Intoxicating flowers destroyed discernment "friend or foe" from bees, and all 3 a swarms of bees settled in a large hollow in the center of the clearing. But hipp...
Created by rustamgm4x
Play this map as you want. For example, put 2 complex A. I. with a different personality for red and blue. And do play green.

Играйте в эту карту, как хотите. Например, поставьте 2 сложных A. I. с разной личностью за красного и синего. А сами играйте зелё...
War of religions
Created by rustamgm4x
Two religions are supported by the government, because priests equally carefully lick authority’s ass. An old mental hospital was given to the religions, half of the building to each. The possession of the priests of God Unstoppable is contiguous to the po...
Whirlpool war
Created by rustamgm4x
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!...
This is SPARTA!
Created by rustamgm4x
You have to withstand 4 attack waves. Clockwise. There are no gateways, but there are powerful beings (first 2, then 4, 6 and 8 levels), and each contestant has 2 times more creatures than the previous one.
The sequence of attacks provides a more powerful ...
Stage diving
Created by rustamgm4x
You have a great day - you are a rock star, room filled with your fans, and you jump into the crowd.
But narcotic shroud dissipates, and you realize, that rush with a knife in a fight the same madmen.

У вас шикарный день - вы рок-звезда, зал наполнен ваши...
Zen Flesh, Zen Bones
Created by rustamgm4x
Плоть и кости Дзен.

Meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha!
Встретил Будду — убей Будду!...
Zen Flesh, Zen Bones (meditation O-nami)
Created by rustamgm4x
Плоть и кости Дзен (медитация О-нами).

You are the waves. You will sweep everything before you.
Ты — эти волны. Ты сметешь все перед собою.

Unlike map "Zen Flesh, Zen Bones", there are bridges, and the AI is easier to seize territory in its half of the ...
Cockroach races
Created by rustamgm4x
Тараканьи бега...
Tower Defense
Created by rustamgm4x
Тут нет порталов. Есть 3 врага, каждый сильнее предыдущего. И множество способов защиты.

There are no gateways. There are 3 enemies, each stronger than the previous. And many ways of protection....
Created by rustamgm4x

No gateways. Watch the video.
Нет порталов. Смотрите видео....
Blood and Concrete
Created by rustamgm4x
Кровь и Бетон.

Map is recommended for FFA.
Карта рекомендуется к FFA....
Evil neighbors
Created by rustamgm4x
Злые соседи

Watch the video.
Смотрите видео....
Created by rustamgm4x
Each have 1 gateway, 2 research shrine, 2 mana shrine, 2 gold shrine, 8 sentinel. The passages in the rooms of gold closed of the brimstone. Learn more in the video.

У каждого есть 1 портал, 2 алтаря исследования, 2 алтаря маны, 2 алтаря золота, 8 часовых...
Circle Pit
Created by rustamgm4x
I took it for a road sign.
The winter journey.

Kusatao Nakamura

Могильный камень...
Я принял его за дорожный знак.
Зимнее странствие.

Накамура Кусатао...
Jump in the Fire
Created by rustamgm4x
Map of the recommended 2 on 2, and multiplayer. With mutators made some changes, most importantly: since the beginning of the game 7 sins (instead of 3), 7 base workers (instead of 5), and being (reasonable and beast) immediately appear with 3 levels. Als...
Map with a passive Empire # _more than 9000_
Created by rustamgm4x
So before your next map against the Empire. A bunch of surprises (but it is visible in the video). Used different mutators basic: unavailable bombard and ember rift, the increased speed enhance the experience of beings, passively 100 gold per second. Black...
Three Underlords in a boat (to say nothing of the watchdog)
Created by rustamgm4x
There is no fog of war! Read the description.
Applied mutators: no fog of war, active income is 150%, passive income is 50 gold per second.
The map can be used in different ways:
1. Select the green dungeon core, and watch the fight 3 Underlords.
2. Se...
Λαβύρινθος του Μινώταυρου remake
Created by rustamgm4x
This is a remake of my map "Λαβύρινθος του Μινώταυρου". Added by creatures each side, reworked, replaced the empire into enemy Underlord (blue enemy, you can select it difficult and personality), and the empire has closed (with the help of a closed and not...
Created by rustamgm4x
You are an experienced shogun. On the way to the enemy there's an old, weak Empire, which put a lot of defenses, but it won't help her - anarchy in the country. You can capture prisoners and recruit to your army its people, (yet will not destroy a small ca...
The garden of forking paths
Created by rustamgm4x
Here are a little areas. Little of gold. A lot of hard choices, and loss profits rejected alternatives.
Map recommended for multiplayer. But maybe after 1.6 patch, the AI will be strong enough.

Сад расходящихся тропок.
Здесь мало территории. Мало золота. ...
Ursa Minor
Created by rustamgm4x
Ursa Major
Created by rustamgm4x
Created by rustamgm4x
This is a water map. Islands lands on the weight of the gold. Besides, they have gold. Review cards in the video.
Mutators: 125% have: speed of units, passive and active learning of sins, regeneration of mana. The initial and maximum mana +125. 7 basic wor...
Created by rustamgm4x
It is recommended to play 1 vs 3. Play as the green figure against the rest of the underlords and empire. Applied mutators: passive and active study of the sins of 120%, 15 gold per second, 7 basic imps. AI Empire: Oberon, master.
Learn more in the video a...
13th Black Crusade
Created by rustamgm4x
In this version of the 13th Black crusade, Abaddon was killed by Saint Celestine, the invading army was split in accordance with 4 gods of Chaos.
Substitutes Trazyn the Infinite, sent to Cadia, was killed by a squad of Deathwatch, so the pylons were not a...
Time and Tide
Created by rustamgm4x
The circle and square. Time and tide. Watch the video.

Окружности и квадраты. Время и волна. Смотрите видео....
Kill ’Em All!
Created by rustamgm4x
3 gateways for all; 2 of them (overworld, for Imperial units) can destroy, but they are protected by defenses.

Убей их всех!
3 портала для всех; 2 из них (надземные, приходят имперские юниты) можно разрушить, но они защищены обороной....
Gas stove
Created by rustamgm4x
Газовая плита...
Spiral collection
Created by rustamgm4x
Играйте зелёным. На этой карте есть все виды существ, конструкций и защитных сооружений (все имперские). Захватывайте имперский рукав спирали, пытайте существ, увеличивайте армию - у вас нет портала, в отличие от противника (синий). В начале, у вас есть то...
42 rooms
Created by rustamgm4x
Blocked by a stone bridge, not be able to do a rush using the defense (for example, with bombards).
Each have 3 gateways, 54 000 gold from the start, research shrine, shrine gold, 5 ghost workers, 42 rooms, and the defense is sufficient to deter an early a...
*77* diagonal
Created by rustamgm4x
Between you and the opponent - the long diagonal of the Empire. Do away with the Empire, and send the enemy in the warp.
Mutators: 9 basic workers, 200% faster experience, 100% active study of sin, 150% passive study of sin, 200% gold income, 10 gold per s...
Created by rustamgm4x
2 areas, that are impossible to re-capture. In one - your dungeon core, in the other - with your gateway.
Prove, that the separability of the territories - is not an obstacle for the victory.
Mutators: unavailable Outpost, 9 of the base workers, the popul...
MyCn 18
Created by rustamgm4x
Welcome to the "Hourglass" nebula (also known as MyCn 18). Empire in the middle are not available for capture, but will serve as a source of growth of your army.
Mutators: 7 basic workers, beast den (and upgrade the beast den) available immediately.

Exclave (for 4)
Created by rustamgm4x
Here the dungeon core and gateway are in different parts of the map. Total, for each - 2 territories (one with dungeon core, the other - with gateway). These 8 territories can not be re-capture (prevent the Phaestan road and the blocking outpost).
Salad of sentinels
Created by rustamgm4x
Destroy the sentinels. After death each leaves a pile of 5000 gold. Blow brimstone, and the path to the opponent will be opened.
Mutators: you can't dig fortified walls other people's (but you can blow up or to dig out with possession in imp or ghost worke...
Quick and dead
Created by rustamgm4x
The battle (against imperial sentinels) will begin immediately. Mutators: there is no fog of war, foreign walls impossible to dig, colossus and sentinels are not available, a passive study of sins is 150%.
Быстрый и мёртвый.
Бой (против имперских часовых (...
Created by rustamgm4x
Карта 4 FFA. Можете играть, например, 1 игрок против другого (dungeon core по диагонали, соседи - ИИ).
Захватить чужой dungeon core невозможно. Мутаторы: нет тумана войны; чужие укрепленные стены нельзя разрушить (можно только взрывом Underminer, или при в...