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Sensible multiple ascension paths
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Sensible multiple ascension paths


Will allow to take multiple ascension paths that make sense.
For example Synthetic Evolution will unlock Synthetic Age.
Genetic can be used with cyborg or psionic.
Driven assimilator can use all genetic, cyborg, and synthetic age.

Also allows using overtuned traits after finishing genetics tradition tree.

Based on Biopsionic Mastery (Patch Edition)

My other mods:
Better Machine Intelligence

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Argus von Stein Jul 12 @ 7:09pm 
Nope. It's not the one.
Argus von Stein Jul 11 @ 5:47pm 

Ok, so, after an entire day of rather boring tests with console, I believe that the conflict is with this mod:

I have no idea what's the conflict. Could you please add the affected files to your mod's description? Also might be a good idea to mention the abovementioned mod as incompatible.
Paprus, Teutonic Knight. Jul 11 @ 12:23pm 
I've discovered an issue with going Modularity after going Synthetic Ascension. The path grants Machine Species trait points and picks, but Synth Ascension makes you a Mechanical species, not Machine. As such, the main benefit of Modularity- the trait points and picks- is not present.
Argus von Stein Jul 11 @ 11:02am 
Also, is it savegame compatible?
Argus von Stein Jul 11 @ 11:01am 
@materus I'm also using a custom "away on an island" (Gigas extragalactic) origin that integrates several Giga origins in one. It might be the source of the problem. I'll try a "clean" version of the gigas and report the results here today.
materus  [author] Jul 11 @ 3:30am 
@Argus von Stein It won't show as option until you finish synthetic evolution. It was working with gigas for 3.11, don't know if something broke after it's updated for 3.12
Argus von Stein Jul 10 @ 10:37pm 
Does it show the synthetic age as an option (even if unavailable) immediately, or do you have to finish the synthetic evolution first? Also, is it compatible with Gigas? I'm trying it on gigas and something's dramatically wrong. My pops don't seem to convert and I don't have the SA perk in the list. I haven't finished the SE tree though.
Embryon Jul 7 @ 9:19am 
@Destwin Maybe its because synths have mechanical trait not the machine one. The bonuses do apply to machine pops from machine empires but without those machine trait point techs i get only 5 points iirc. I hope this gets patched soon.
Destwin Jul 3 @ 8:10am 
I've noticed that going from bio -> synth -> modular doesn't apply all of the trait points and picks. A fully modular empire from my test had 9 of each, whereas the bio one had less than that.
킨제유만 Jun 27 @ 8:47pm 
Is DLC absolutely necessary? Or is it ok without it?