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VFE Increased Durability
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Jan 25 @ 5:31pm
Apr 15 @ 6:33am
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VFE Increased Durability

Increased durability for all weapons, buff spawn chanses and some gun balance

Changes: Weapon durability is increased by 3-5 times depending on the type (more for an AK type assault rifle, slightly less for an M16)
FAL mag capacity increased to 30, reload sound has been changed to an in-game sound
Damage balanced and adjusted depending on caliber
R788 magazine increased to 5
M24 rifle capacity increased to 10
Shotgun magazines now have a capacity of 6 to 8
The firing range of long-barreled weapons has been increased by several tiles
The chances of spawning are increased by 2-3 times for ordinary weapons and 10 times for very rare ones
Added spawn points for very very rare weapons in military crates
Penetration has been added to .44cal weapons
The quantity of links in the M13Box has been increased from 8 to 100
Increased accuracy of some weapons

Ammo weight has been balanced and is now more realistic
(previously .308 weighed like .50 in irl)

Bonus: Bandoliers can now hold some ammo
New weapon M-four .22 carbine - сivilian carbine in .22 caliber, visual copy of the M4
In case you didn’t know where to place the mountains of small cartridges
Added support of ZRE Armor Pack for survivors loadout

It didn’t work to add VFE to the required one, it causes unexpected bugs, so the addon remains independent

Перевод на русский язык был доработан и выглядит более естественно

Updated to latest version of VFE B41

Workshop ID: 3147320963
Mod ID: VFExpansion1ID
SoulLess >,<  [author] Apr 15 @ 6:34am 
@xuanlong288 I looked at what the problem was, the update should help
xuanlong288 Apr 15 @ 12:25am 
after auto update latest version it conflicts with other mods ERROR: General, 1713097154597> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaException: VFE_AttachedWeaponDefinitions.lua:722: '}' expected near `zRe_Military_3` at LexState.lexerror line:278.
ERROR: General , 1713097154598> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace:
se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaException: VFE_AttachedWeaponDefinitions.lua:722: '}' expected near `zRe_Military_3`
Francisco Jose Feb 10 @ 10:58am 
Great, thank you so much!
SoulLess >,<  [author] Feb 10 @ 7:15am 
@Francisco Jose, So, mod was updated for latest version
SoulLess >,<  [author] Feb 9 @ 6:11am 
After the update I will add VFE B41 to the requirements, the rebalance will remain the same.
Francisco Jose Feb 8 @ 5:27pm 
Thank you very much! I'll consider using the stalker pack until then. I was planning on playing with the Project Russia mod anyways. lmao
SoulLess >,<  [author] Feb 8 @ 5:11pm 
Oh yeah, VFE was updated on February 5th
Well, if you want to play with a machine gun, you can install VFE stalker pack addon from me
there are both PKM and M249 :D
SoulLess >,<  [author] Feb 8 @ 5:06pm 
this version is based on VFE from two or three weeks ago
I think it won't be difficult to update to the latest version, I'll do it next weekend
Francisco Jose Feb 8 @ 4:53pm 
Thank you for posting the changes, they are nice! But the mod isn't updated to the latest version, is it? When I have this enabled, the new weapons added to the mod (M60 and the two carbines) aren't in the game, they don't even show in the debug menu
SoulLess >,<  [author] Feb 8 @ 4:23pm 
There aren't many changes, but if you think they're worth mentioning, that's fine.