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Spawn All Unique Systems
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Spawn All Unique Systems

A mod to add all unique systems to your game. I don't have a full list, but it should spawn every unique system and leviathan that can spawn. If anything is missing or there are any suggestions then please reply here!

Base Game Systems:
The Sanctuary
Shattered Ring
Guardians of Zanaam
Crystal Manufactory
Trappist System
Parvus System (Base Game)
Holibrae System
Debris belt system
The Mall of the Galaxy
Federation's End
Larionessi Refuge
Crystal Entities - Elites & Base
Mining Drone Home
Privateer Conglomerate

Ancient Relic DLC Systems:
Mechanocalibrator System

Distant Stars DLC Systems:
Abandoned Observation Post
Time Loop World
Toxic Planet with Toxic Moon
Shattered World
Asteroid System
Ice System
High Energy System
Hatchling/Voidspawn System
Great Wound - Void Cloud Home System
Primitive Robot Civilization - Rage Virus Chain
Superflare Star System
Vacuum Collapse System
Old Foes System
Scavenger Bot System
Sea of Consciousness System
Elderly Tiyanki System
Junkheap Ratling Home System
The Caretaker System
Phase Shift System
Star Lifting System

Federations DLC Systems:
Mega Shipyard - Randomly spawned
Shallarian System - Powerful Guardian

Leviathan DLC Systems:
Ether Drake
Dimensional Horror
Automated Dreadnought
Enigmatic Fortress

MegaCorp DLC Systems:
Ruined Matter Decompressor
Ruined Strategic Coordination Center
Ruined Mega Art Installation
Ruined Interstellar Assembly

Utopia DLC Systems:
Ruined Dyson Sphere
Ruined Science Nexus
Ruined Sentry Array
Ruined Ring World

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Feel free to use this mod in any modpacks or integrate into your own mods! A credit to this mod would be wonderful though :)
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Crabby654  [author] Sep 20 @ 1:26pm 
Updated description with a full list of systems that are enabled by this mod.
Crabby654  [author] Sep 17 @ 1:35pm 
@Cynic_Jester I updated the mod, should have fixed this bug and a few others
Cynic_Jester Sep 16 @ 12:37pm 
The Void Dwellers origin is bugged, you start with two uncolonized habitats in your starting system, which screws with the new habitat system.
Crabby654  [author] Sep 16 @ 10:18am 
Mod has been updated and a few things altered as of 3.9.1 update! Please let me know if anything isn't working properly!
A Wandering Mage Jun 19 @ 12:28pm 
Does this also include all Caravaneers and other small things or just the systems?
Crabby654  [author] Jun 15 @ 4:47pm 
@Simbach Vazo Sorry, I only uploaded this really as a multiplayer mod for me and my buddy, I don't mind maintaining it if people use it, I just don't have a whole lot of time for multiple versions.
Crabby654  [author] Jun 15 @ 4:47pm 
@ThatAngryBastard I messed with the Ithome spawning chance and I sadly was not able to get it to spawn 100% of the time, nothing I've tried seems to work.

@Ralok I just created about 10 games and infact i've been having 2 Sol's spawn. One for the actual united earth civilization and then another Sol that is usually nuked. You might have conflicting mods, I'm not sure. And I can't seem to find Federation's End spawning code anywhere, if you know where the code for that system is, I can try to change the spawn.

@Bushboar It appears that it is no longer the Dugar system and instead a random system that triggers the event chain. I can't find any system initializers containing the name "Dugar". I did find the code for the quests systems but the primary system (once Dugar) has this name; name = "NAME_legendary_crash_site". I am unable to add a chance to this unfortunately :(
Glizzy Gladiator Jun 7 @ 9:11pm 
so I'm looking through the file to create my own variation that allows the systems listed you didn't add yourself (Ultima Vigilis and such). Which query increases the "Spawn Chance"? I couldn't make sense of it myself.
Simbach Vazo Jun 3 @ 9:50am 
Would you be inclined to make a version including such things as Ultima Vigilis despite the increased chance?
Bushboar May 30 @ 12:19pm 
Just an FYI, the Dugar system was guaranteed before but is no longer as of the patch so you might want to add the systems relating to that event chain as guaranteed.