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S397 Nurburgring 2018 instant Timing
Track: Road Course
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Jan 28 @ 4:17pm
May 23 @ 5:57am
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S397 Nurburgring 2018 instant Timing

Version 2.43Atime
Update to 2.42 official Track.

This is a Modification for the S397 Nurburgring 2018 Track, that allows to start the Timing from the first driven Lap.

It is available for the Layouts Nordschleife, 24h, Endurance Series and Combined.

And for the Layouts 24h, Endurance Series and Combined, you can choose if it shall be available in Practice only (P) or in Practice and Qualifying (P+Q).

To get it activated on the Nordschleife Layout, drive on the right Side of the 3 red Posts, when you leave the Pits and for the other Layouts, after you drove around of the GP Track, drive through the Coca-Cola-Curve, back to Start/Finish.

For more Information visit the S397 Forum [forum.studio-397.com].
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rf2driver  [author] May 24 @ 5:45am 
@Cabriojoschy If only these Cars get damaged, it is a "Problem" with the Mod.
Probably the Value for the front Bumper in the Damage.ini File is set too low.
To hit a Cone shouldn't cause any Damage.
And if it's only that, just don't hit the Cones. ;)
With the Cones on the Straight, i didn't put them on Track, so that you can go on the Straight with more Speed, to get a more similar Speed at the Start/Finish Line, like you would have, if you would drive the full Lap.
So i will not change anything and a Video is not necessary.
But thank you for reporting it.
Cabriojoschy May 24 @ 1:55am 
@rf2driver did test some things, with 992 Cupcar and M4 GT3 you don't get any damage (but neither when you hit cones on purpose). With Tommys DTM Mods, you feel the impact of the removed cone, and you have light blue damage on the front bumper afterwards (tested combined layout and 24h layout P setting)
It would be also nice, to have the cones on the straight as in real life ;)
Video is not so easy as your telemetry is not shown in repaly, if needed I will record one differently
rf2driver  [author] May 22 @ 6:02am 
@Cabriojoschy And does it only happen on the Combined Layout?
And is it the P or the P+Q Layout?
Cabriojoschy May 22 @ 4:17am 
@rf2driver I will do a short video, I drive the DTM `89/`91 mod mostly. I will test it with a GT3 as well
rf2driver  [author] May 15 @ 6:57am 
@Cabriojoschy I have tested it and i get no Damage. Which Car do you use or does it happen with all Cars?
rf2driver  [author] May 15 @ 6:00am 
@Cabriojoschy I will check it, it's not normal.
Cabriojoschy May 15 @ 4:20am 
@rf2driver I'm getting damage using the shortcut on combined layout, is this a bug or normal?
rf2driver  [author] Apr 10 @ 9:49am 
@silent mike Thank you for reporting again. And if you ever encounter Problems with that Mod, don't be silent and inform me too. ;)
silent mike Apr 9 @ 3:10am 
@rf2driver Thanks. It seems I was selecting the incorrect layout.
rf2driver  [author] Apr 9 @ 2:23am 
@silent mike No, you don't have to do anything, you just have to select the instant Timing Track Layout in the Menu.
Do you drive the Out Lap, in the Way that i have shown in my above Video?