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FVR V8Supercars 2022
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FVR V8Supercars 2022

Scratch Built Australian Supercars Series 2022.

Please read comments below for latest updates or news. If you can spare a few bucks and you wish to support us please make a PayPal donation to paypal.me/atFVR

FVR V8Supercars 2022 V22.xx simulates the 2022 Australian Supercars Championship. The mod has multiple options in it to suit various configurations of how you want to drive. The diff ratios and tyres are set for the Australian tracks, with race changes. There is a Server Edition with open diffs for online racing. Please be mindful these cars run a spool diff which means a fixed axle unlike your normal cars. Therefore you can get extra wear if you are too hard on them and they can tend to try and drive around in a circle at low speed corners. You have to be smooth. They do use an S397 tyre with no changes however the diff will make them unlike a GT3 car. We can assure you they have been driven for hours and hours.

Please understand that if you find a fault this is a constant Work in Progress we are only human let us know as we may be able to update it but enjoy it for the short term. We do this for our own enjoyment and hopefully yours along the way. We aren't a big team and with life getting in the way it just means you get what you paid for. Speaking of which - paypal donations are always appreciated of course - paypal.me/atFVR

You can join us on our Facebook places, FVRFactor Supercars Australia look it up or talk to us at Steam Workshop.

2022 Mod is independent of the previous mods. We built the models from scratch so they aren't perfect but modding is a hobby.

AUFM v22.11 - Official Public Release

AUZB v22.11 - Official Public Release

This has been a strange year for everything due to Covid-19, including FVRFactor. This is the first year we haven't had an inhouse painter. FVRRetrogamers, V8Skinner and Isaac35 have done the majority of skins for this mod. Feralarri has painstakingly adjusted them to get them to work successfully in the mod. Many hours were taken.
We have finally put some damage in this mod, surprise, some bits may fall off. Made the tyres a little less wearing. New motecs, position leds and a whole bunch more.

Join us on FVRFactor Supercars Australia Facebook page.

Special thanks to the following:
Support and assistance: Feralarri - big work on this version, in fact everything.
Modelling: FlashQld
Talent Files: Buzzhornet
Tim Pattinson: Jordan Boys #49 car livery
Tyres: S397

Image Space Incorporated and S397 for taking rFactor 2 over and allowing us the opportunity to be a part of the success of this and it's predecessor rFactor 1.

This is not a patch - it is a version 22.xx short for 2022 Series. This is a new package completely. You don't need to uninstal previous versions at this stage evcentually be updated.


To our partners, kids and our cats and dogs for putting up with our hobby since we started all these mods.

This mod is not for commercial use unless prior written consent. This mod is not to be used in Commercial Simulator Units unless written consent from the authors of this mod. This mod is not public domain software and if as a Commercial Simulator you have obtained this unlawfully, talk to us, we are reasonable. This mod's use is for personal and private use only and is not to be used for profit. Please do no not pull the mod apart - if you are learning we are happy to help. Please ask us, we're not that bad but we have noticed we get really resentful.

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nipzon Jul 31 @ 2:23am 
Thank you to the FVR Team and extra help. It is most appreciated.
Feralarri  [author] Jul 30 @ 4:21pm 
We cannot finish without a big thanks to Tim Pattinson @tpracedesign for his help in securing the various logos and designs on the Jordan Boys #49 wild card car. Also a shout out to Shane @ Racecentre for making this happen. Cheers Guys hope you enjoy
Feralarri  [author] Jul 30 @ 4:21pm 
Also we have made some physics changes. We have corrected an error in the rear toe in settings which has made the car have less understeer now. We fixed some errors in the Ford Upgrade files. The ignition cut on the upshift has reinstated. And the big talking point "tyres".
We have revisited the tyre after feedback and we have tried to add some more slip angle to the tyre to make it more forgiving before going into a slide in an attempt to stop the sudden snap from grip to spin. In addition we have added a slight grip increase to the tyres overall which we believe has enhance the cars driveability and overall feel. The tyre degradation and life has also been tweaked to try and give more tyre life. We hope you like the improvements and welcome constructive feedback.
Feralarri  [author] Jul 30 @ 4:19pm 
2022 has been updated to v22.11. In this update firstly we have added the Wild Card entries or rookies to the field. These appear under the team they race for and selectable to drive as you want. If you wish to have them included in the AI for the track which they raced you need to selct the appropriate AI class. eg for the main field it is FVR _V8SC22, however if you wanted the Winton rookies added you need to also tick FVR_V8SC22WIN and they will appear also. Please remember to increase the AI by the number of entries so as they will be included. The three classes are FVR_V8SC22WIN, FVR_V8SC22HV, FVR_V8SCBEN for Winton, Hidden Valley and The Bend.
AluminosKartSI Jul 26 @ 11:23pm 
Thank you so much for making this!
Sniper Jul 25 @ 3:21am 
Interesting to see all the different remarks. Overall i like the mod but i don't understand the tyres. do tyres really go from 90 to 250 degrees in a 2 sec spin? one tiny bit of acceleration and the rear end is gone. I can appreciate what the modders are trying to achieve but i think you went way too far with the temps and there will be a tonne of mediocre drivers that will get no enjoyment from these cars. Pretty confident our racing group will stick to the 2020 mod because there will be way too many offs during races.
nipzon Jul 24 @ 1:33am 
30 min race, normal wear. Hard compound, the AI all ellected for supersofts and I thought I will do the opposite. I was slipping and sliding on lap 8 thinking that AI will pit long before that, but out performed me. Lol I know AI lives in their own world but was hoping to out perform them on hards.
Feralarri  [author] Jul 21 @ 11:40pm 
How long a race are we talking, Laps and Time? Ill see if I can work out why
Feralarri  [author] Jul 21 @ 11:38pm 
Not sure there nipzon, the wear and grip are pretty linear right through to 10% left
nipzon Jul 19 @ 1:19am 
The DNA of the V8SUPERCAR is that it is difficult to drive. There is nothing more rewarding than battling with a setup to get these monsters to go around a track competitively. At the moment I’m battling to get the tires lasting a race, or why the tire is slippery as hel at 80%.