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Buff Out Leviathans
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Sep 3, 2021 @ 1:04pm
May 30 @ 12:28am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Buff Out Leviathans

Updated to 3.4

A mod that I've been using for fun since the introduction of Leviathans and Distant Stars.

This mod will extremely buff the following creatures. You can use this mod to give you a challenge or just prevent the AI from killing them early game. (Highly designed for modded games)

Changes Summary:
ALL HP multiplied by x10
ALL Armor multiplied by x5
ALL Shield multiplied by x5
Added HP regen by percent of 2.5 for all
Added Damage modifier for all by 200%

NOTE: Some creatures dont have shield, so they dont get the x5 for it, same goes for creatures that doesnt have armor.

Leviathan DLC:
-Space Dragone Red
-Enclave Station
-Station XL
-Station L
-Station M
-Station S
-Station XS
-Dimensional Horror
-Automated Dreadnought
-Hive Asteroid
-Wraith, Red
-Wraith, Yellow
-Baby Drake
-Shard the Dragon
*NEW*-Space Dragon Origin
*NEW*-Space Dragon Origin Baby

Distant Stars DLC
-Tiyanki Matriarch
-Enigmatic Cache
-Baby Drake (Nanite)
-Adopted Space Amoeba Centenarian

Not compatible with mods that edit the following:

(as I know, there's almost no mod that modifies those, other mods modifies their spawn rate and not that files so it should be compatible with almost any mod including those force spawn mods)

Dimensional Horror
100k HP now changed to 1M HP
100k Armor now changed to 500k Armor
100k Shield now changed to 500k Shield

Anyway, for people expecting a new stand alone ship, i'll post a new one next month.
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corsairmarks May 17 @ 11:13am 
Red-Eyed_Fairace  [author] May 17 @ 3:43am 
corsairmarks: Should be fixed by now. Thanks!
corsairmarks May 16 @ 8:36pm 
@Red-Eyed_Fairace There appears to be a missing brace in your 11_leviathans.txt file. Seems that the space_dragon_origin_baby ship_size is missing a closing brace for the ai_ship_data section.
Grunt4life Apr 8 @ 10:36pm 
Please update the reaper ships your best mod to date ill cry if you dont
Rogueone Apr 3 @ 12:02pm 
Bizzaro Mar 12 @ 9:27pm 
Really great mod, makes leviathans more than a mid-game speed bump and pirate galleons actually require some effort to clear out
Volkov Feb 15 @ 3:26pm 
Thanks red eye, really like the mod 'cause I play with starnet and this way the leviathans can live past year 2250.
Red-Eyed_Fairace  [author] Feb 9 @ 1:57am 
Updated to 3.2. Added missing 2 Dragon Entities.
Red-Eyed_Fairace  [author] Feb 5 @ 10:43pm 
I'll be free on Feb 8-12. I think I'll be able to finally push an update on most of my mods by then.
Volkov Feb 5 @ 5:42pm 
Such a weird bug where ships are not showing up.

I thought it was ASB space battles or some other wacky addon, but nope, it's this one.

It's still bugged.