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Advanced Policies
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Aug 13, 2021 @ 6:02am
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Advanced Policies

Advanced Policies
What is this mod? Why is it here? Where have my pants gone? Well all execpt those pants are simple. This mod is aimed at making the internal workings on an empire more unique. The shortest way to put it. I felt like it deserved more. So i took some time and am working on making more for it.

My plans with this are rather simple, i want to make more events and give depth where there is little beyond just a single bonus.
My main issue with this is that i need to do a lot of events which takes time. A lot of time.

Currenct Content/Goal
As of V1.1.0, I have reached my first goal of adding a policy category to every civic. This is the first phase of what i had planned.
My next goal is to rework some stuff i already made as i have learned new and better approaches to it and add more depth where possible.
Beyond that i guess il be going and making more events. Maybe even a new mod that does anomolies.
Lastly if you have feedback, of any kind, please let me know. Be it through a message or like/dislike. It gives me an idea what is liked and what is not.

Beyond stuff like that i currently have the following content implentent:
  • 5 New unique agenda's for rulers
  • 10 New policy categories for non-gestalt empires
  • A Policy for every base game civic in game
  • 2 New policy category for gestalt empires
  • 8 New planetary decisions for non-gestalt empires(most locked behind ethics or policies)
  • 8 New Civics for normal empires
  • 3 New Civics for Megacorps
  • A few new alternative and cheap armies based on policies
  • 9 Edicts/Campaigns
  • 8 custom jobs based on policies and civics
  • AI integration so they can use the same content you can
  • 2 new Origin with unique mechanics (More sheduled!)
  • 2 new Tradition types to enhance your empires and play-styles with!
  • Opinion modifiers based on what policies or civics you have compared to the other empire

Current version: v1.1.1

This mod overwrites only 1 file. That is of course in the economic_categories.
In other words if you have a problem with modifiers not working as intended i recommend the Universial modifiers Mod as a fix to this issue.
Lastly while that is the only overwrite, my mod does check for civics, origins, government forms/types, traits and ethics. If any of those are overwriten by other mods there is a chance that some components of this mod might cease to function as intended. But that does not mean it would not function. Any addition of content however should still allow this mod to function.

Example: If mod X overwrites democracies for example, anything that checks for that might give it a false rather then true. That would make it harder for my mod to detect the AI or player is a democracy. But any other forms or unchanged civics/origins events/policies or the liking might still have there triggers in place and will still function.

Special thanks
When i first started this mod i was new to modding for Stellaris so i must confess that i would not be here without the help of the Discord Stellaris modding den and a few people especially like OldEnt and Corsairmarks. If they ever read this i wish to thank them for all the help and pointing me in the right direction regarding usefull knowledge.

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Brick  [author] May 14 @ 6:42am 
Updated for 3.4!
Brick  [author] Mar 29 @ 7:10am 
@Henk It should not conflict with any of those mods.

Granted i am not sure if the new Agenda's i add can be selected in the 'Ruler choose agenda' mod. Lastly the 'Expanded Mandates' should not effect anything. As my entire mod is build upon the idea of not overwriting any base game content. Speaking of i should probably add a compatibility section to my mod page.
henk Mar 29 @ 6:41am 
Does this conflict with Ruler choose agenda, or expanded mandates?
Brick  [author] Feb 26 @ 4:06am 
Updated for 3.3 with some fabulous opinion modifiers to spice up the diplomacy for people!
magnum2016 Feb 25 @ 9:05pm 
Shadow1474 Dec 23, 2021 @ 11:20am 
Really love the mod, I've always been a big fan of things that add further flavor and personality to what you can put into your created empires. Though, in my opinion, I think a few of the stat boosts need rebalancing like the weapon law policy choices for instance; giving 100% army health, damage, and moral with very little negatives seems a bit much.

Regardless of that, keep up the great work and I can't wait to see more!
I Calarmati Nov 23, 2021 @ 9:30am 
Ah, such a shame, thanks anyway!
Brick  [author] Nov 23, 2021 @ 8:48am 
@ | Calarmati so i checked, the sheer manner in which his mod is build-up prohibits me from making something for the base game AND for that mod. The best i can do is make an overhaul/patch that will enable it. Which while i would be willing to do it. Takes a lot of time from the looks of it.
I Calarmati Nov 22, 2021 @ 2:06pm 
The mod seems very well developed, do you know if it works with the "ethics and civics" mod?
Brick  [author] Nov 22, 2021 @ 10:05am 
Current patch of 1.0.7 should fix the issues @Meet the Zombie Soldier mentioned. Thank you kindly for bringing it to my attention!