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The City of Atlantis
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The City of Atlantis

There have been countless of myths and legends surrounding the Lost City of Atlantis, but there has been no scientific evidence found so far! Now since you are of course a brave scientific explorer, you decide to take measures into your own hands and launch an expedition!

Whilst sailing on the Atlantic a storm starts brewing! Oh no, you remember you've never learned to swim. Not a really a smart move! And then, BIEM! (BOOM in Dutch), your ship is struck by lightning, setting it ablaze. You jump overboard hoping that you will spontaneously learn how to swim!

Then a miracle happens! A current drags you down and down, but you're not grasping for air, a magic bubble seems to have appeared around you giving you the ability to breath! You start noticing ancient structures around you and realize you might have found the lost city of Atlantis! There's a whisper in your head: He or She who is pure of heart will wield the Trident and become the champion of Atlantis! Follow the guiding statues and find the crystal of prosperity. The gateway towards the Trident will open! Prove your worth in the trial of cunning and wield the Trident!

This park features custom music and a RESHADE preset! They can be found here:

Make sure no duplicate effects are active while using the reshade!
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Benutzername Jun 29 @ 2:31am 
Hi. This is just meant as in Information for you.
I have made a "Spotlight Video" ( = some kind of Review / Showcase) about your creation.
Maybe you want to take a look (if you are understand german language)

Your Spotlight will be released:
29. June 21
at 13.00h (german time)

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It has the Number 288

Thanks for Sharing your Creation.
So. now, feel free to delate this comment. Was just meant as an Info for you.
KITTracer7 Jun 25 @ 9:02am 
Amazing build Jurre +1
Rice Jun 24 @ 9:21pm 
Finally getting around to commenting on this! Great job, Jurre - it looks so good. The blues and the deep sea coloration on everything, the maze, the statues - I love it all!!!
SmilingGrandma333 Jun 20 @ 10:40am 
It's no wonder why you're a Legend in our community. This is a work of art! Once I get more points I'll come back and give this an award. :D
Replica74 Jun 20 @ 4:33am 
Nice :steamthumbsup::steamhappy::steamthumbsup:
amavisca18 Jun 20 @ 3:07am 
Anigmandra Jun 20 @ 2:23am 
This is awesome!
Esbi Jun 19 @ 10:25am 
OMG incredible
Vinaigre Jun 18 @ 7:15pm 
C'est vraiment incroyable ! magnifique création.
Mydorrka Jun 18 @ 9:19am 
Fantastic creation Jurre 👍👍👍👍