Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III

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Mostly Mechanical Mods
Mostly Mechanical Mods focus on bringing mechanical changes to CK3. New flavor content might be included, but the mechanics brought to the table should make for interesting gameplay in and off themselves.

Mostly Mechanical Mods each tacle a specific mechanic, so players can pick and chose those which changes they like. This approach has been chosen over game rules, to also enhance compatibility.

UniUI is not a Mostly Mechanical Mod, but it handles GUI compatibility for them all, so I include it in the collection as a definite must-have.
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All That Glitters Is Not Glitterhoof
Updated for v1.6.*
Sometimes it's Errorhoof.

This mod includes various fixes for bugs encountered in script.
Does not, alas, include Glitterhoof.

Those bugs have been reported on the proper channels, these fixes will be removed from the mod ...
In My Humble Opinion
Updated for v1.6.*
In My Humble Opinion shows the player character's opinion of others, for RP-inclined players who like to factor this in their decision-making. Also enables to see any character's opinion of any other.

In My Humble Op...
Prisoners of War
Updated for v1.6.*
Long gone are the days when prisoners teleported from a siege location deep in enemy territory to your own dungeons !

With Prisoners of War, characters imprisoned in battle, raids and sieges will be tied to the army tha...
Submission to Authority
Updated for v1.6.*
Long gone are the days when rulers could assert their Authority by the flick of a pen for a small Prestige cost !

With Submission to Authority, Rulers will need to consolidate their Authority overtime by ensuring the Su...
Terms & Conditions May Apply
Mod not updated for v1.5.0.1

With Terms & Conditions May Apply, AI Rulers will now negotiate their vassal contracts depending on their personality, for a more dynamic system.

Players can also delegate vassal contract negotiation ...
Updated for v1.6.*
Croak'n'Roll, baby! When you die, play as a random heir, instead of always playing as your primary heir!
Also includes gamerules to always play as the underdog that gets the smallest domain, or as the top dog that ...
Trick or Trait
Updated for 1.6.*
Want to spice up genetics and childhood gameplay? Trick or Trait will hide inheritable physical traits, until they are revealed through the appropriate childhood events.

Trick or Trait is a [url=https://steamco...
Loyal To A Fault
What if loyal vassals rose up with their liege against hostile factions? Loyal To A Fault introduces a new Loyalist Faction, which loyal vassals can join, to deter and defend against hostile factions.

Loyal To A Fault is a Mostly...
Unified UI
Created by TheGib770
Please Follow Load Order Instructions

Unified UI is a master UI patch for a collection of mods, allowing you to pick and choose a selection of mods at game start

Please note:
  • There will be startup errors related to
Take A Datadump
Take A Datadump is a Mostly Mechanical utility Mod.

It logs a bunch of data to debug.log, and comes with a python script (as either a .py or a .exe) that parses the debug.log to split it in several smaller, properly formatted .txt f...
Gamerule Gadget
Tired of browsing through endless gamerules to find the one you're looking for?

Gamerule Gadget is a Uniquely Useful Utility mod that sorts vanilla gamerules into collapsible categories, and enables supported mods to add their own gamerule...