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At War: Planetary Cannons (3.0.3)
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Jun 4 @ 12:58am
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At War: Planetary Cannons (3.0.3)

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At War Continued
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This mod is a continuation of the original, created by The Dadinator, and now updated and maintained following his expression to discontinue support.

This mod may be removed if he returns to the modding community and wishes it taken down to consolidate effort.

Original Mod
Original Description (links culled to avoid misdirection):
Tired of sitting passively while your enemies bombard your planets? Build some planetary cannons to fight back! These cannons target ships in orbit of your planet, both military craft and transports. Planetary cannons, don't leave home without them... installed.

Note: Colossus do not enter orbit so they cannot be targeted. For that try At War: Planetary Defense Force which can send system-limited ships against them.

  • Planetary Coilgun Battery building to take on enemy fleets in orbit. Fires 20 shots at a time. 35% chance to hit, 10 - 25 hull damage, 3 day cool-down. Unlocks with the Coilguns technology.
  • Planetary Railgun Battery building to take on enemy fleets in orbit. Fires 20 shots at a time. 40% chance to hit, 20 - 35 hull damage, 4 day cool-down. Unlocks with the Advanced Railguns technology.
  • Planetary Proton Cannon building to take on enemy fleets in orbit. 50% chance to hit, 100 - 500 hull damage, 5 day cool-down. Unlocks with the Proton Launchers technology.
  • Planetary Neutron Cannon building to take on enemy fleets in orbit. 60% chance to hit, 500 - 1500 hull damage, 7 day cool-down. Upgrade 1. Unlocks with the Neutron Launchers technology
  • Planetary Tachyon Cannon building to take on enemy fleets in orbit. 70% chance to hit, 1000 - 5000 hull damage, 10 day cool-down. Upgrade 2. Unlocks with the Tachyon Lances technology
  • Planetary Gun Batteries and Cannons can target transport ships while not under bombardment.
  • Planetary Gun Batteries can be set to target transports before other fleets using a planetary decision on the planet in question.
  • Only one Gun Battery and one Cannon per planet.
  • Planetary cannon damage is directly against hull points, ignoring shields and armor as that is the only type of damage a mod can do to a ship currently.
  • Not currently able to target an active colossus (charging / firing) as they don't enter planet orbit.
This mod only overwrites the message types file (common/message_types.txt) to add new message types and should be compatible with any mod that does not add message types.
Compatible with Stellaris v3.0.3
As with any mod that affects game play, NOT achievement compatible.

Bugs, Feedback and Suggestions
You can post your Feedback and Suggestions here in the comments.
Bugs can be posted in the Discord channel for the mod[]
I take all constructive feedback and suggestions seriously.
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Ambit  [author] Jun 12 @ 5:49am 
@[HONVÉD] PordyHUN thats the only thing in the code that was changed so its working for 3.0.3 again. The features are the same as in the older versions and currently there are no planned changes for this mod currently. but that could change in the future.
[RHA] PordyHUN Jun 12 @ 1:24am 
Did you changed anything beside adding 4 random_owned_pop? Or it just a reupload of
At War: Planetary Cannons (2.6 Compat Update) with new version number.
All features tested and working?
Soldaten_112 Jun 9 @ 5:13pm 
Mein gott

Many thanks for updating this amazing mod
barkingnoise Jun 8 @ 5:21am 
I'm using AA's Starbase Overhaul together with NSC2 and its modules and buildings are functioning well regardless of load order (as does NSC2's), but they both overwrite eachother's changes to the starbase itself.
And if NSC2 is not put last, the starbases cannot upgrade beyond "Citadel".

I get the modules and buildings from AA's Starbase Overhaul and all the functioning of NSC2 starbases if I put NSC2 lower on the load order.

They're incompatible in that the changes they make to the starbase can't both be kept going in.

As for the At War: Starbase mod, it seems to mostly make changes to defense platforms as well as adding some new techs to this, along with a "better version" of starbase power plants (without changing any vanilla files).
So it *could* be compatible with NSC2, but putting NSC2 lower in the modlist is probably recommended anyway just to be safe.
Rage007 Jun 6 @ 7:37pm 
Be wary of using starbase mods, the NSC2 authors have said - starbase mods are not compatible.
Black Goat Jun 5 @ 6:30am 
thank you for the NSC2 compat tips @barkingnoise :praisesun:
barkingnoise Jun 5 @ 5:36am 
If you're running the NSC2 mod, skip the carrier improvement and strike craft submods for At War.
And if you want to use the starbase one, put NSC2 -below- it just in case. Same with advanced ship sections (though you'll have a lot of sections to choose from and some might overlap and clutter your window)
Platform longevity should be fine I think.
barkingnoise Jun 5 @ 5:36am 
@Counter Stroke
This particular mod only adds new buildings and overwrites message types. It does not do any galaxy generation (for instance) so it shouldn't be an issue dropping it into a save-game.
Most likely the result of dropping it into a save game is that you will have to wait for the tech you need to research these pop up (unless you've already researched them as they are integrated with the Railgun techs iirc) and then you'll be able to build the buildings.

This will be the same for most other At War mods probably.
Possible exception being the starbase improvement one - that one might fuck up your existing starbases somewhat initially (especially if you have other mods overwriting the same stuff, as I do with AA's starbase overhaul and NSC2) but that will be managable and might only require some load order tinkering.
Counter Stroke Jun 5 @ 2:30am 
This mod looks great. One question though, @Ambit , Would it be okay to add this mod to a preexisting save game? Especially a modded preexisting save game? I really want to add this mod but I don't want to restart a new game just yet because I just started a really good new run recently. I also don't want to break my current run. Also I have the same questions for the At War mod that improves carriers and strike craft and the At War mod that adds planetary defense fleets and other options. I figured I would ask all the questions to you in one go rather than repeating the same question on the other At War mod pages you have uploaded recently.
Black Goat Jun 4 @ 8:20am 
i was literally about to merge a big pack and start playing some test games when you posted these - i will be happy to test them (as in all your At War: updates) and pass you any relevant information