Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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A group of suspected terrorists broke into the headquarters of Rogger Marketing GmbH in a suburb in Germany and took hostages.

Among the hostages is the managing director, for whom a ransom demand is outstanding. The hostage-takers have locked themselves in the conference area of the restored office complex.

The Federal Police's GSG9, a specially trained anti-terrorist unit, is tasked with freeing the hostages.

Enter the complex. Shooting clearance has been given.


● Garage has now a more finished, modern look. (And actually makes sense now..)
● Conference Room now has new windows with shutters and a blocked of emergency exit door to give the room more depth.
● Disabled most shadows on Grass props, because source engine.
● Minor lightning and texture tweaks.

● Fixed lightning in garage
● Garage now supported by steel beams instead of lame ol' pillar.
NOTE: Garage will receive further updates, I'm currently waiting for textures to be made!
● Made fountain in mid prettier and easier to spot enemies.
● Placed sockets, smoke detectors and fire lights.
● I now understand why my compile time was massive
● Added railings (Thanks to Kory for providing the Models)
● Redone long hall and back hall (Thanks to DaSyrian)
NOTE: I updated a few screenshots to show the new back entrance, but not all of them.

● Walkable Props outside Window (Like cs_office)

● Better roof on back hall.
● New modern art in back hall. (Thanks to Kay)
● Ambient Sounds. (Thanks to maximbogdan)
● 100% Beef Burger Ad is now made out of beef.

● Better Optimization.
● Fixed Clip Brushes.

Jeden zweiten Sonntag ist verkaufsoffener Sonntag, da gibt's das Team zum Sonderangebot! Kommen Sie vorbei wenn es wieder heißt "Rogge Verkauft"!
(eng. 'The shops are open every second Sunday, where you can get the team for a special offer. So come by when it's called "Rogge is selling" once again!')

I, my team and many in the community love cs_office, or do it regularly as a self-hostage. Our clan, Markttag (The Day of the Market, hints the quote), plays every other match on Office.

Unfortunately, the map didn't get much love from Valve, so I decided to make a rework of Office. Because of our love for the original, I made the map more modern, but also decorated it with a lot of easter eggs and little things.

It is only true to the original from the rough layout, and we had a lot of ideas. Like a connector between long and conference.

The map is set in Germany, our home country. The name "Rogger Marketing GmbH" came from the quote above, because Rogge likes to sell his teammates.

This is my first CS:GO map and my first experience with Hammer since 2010-2013. I used to create surf and jail maps for private servers for CS:S, so a competitive map is quite a difference for myself.

I have now already spent over 120h on this map, but am now also not an experienced mapper who would have made an office rework certainly faster. Please be merciful with me.
NOTE: Now with all the updates, I worked around 160h on this map. Wow!

Feedback is greatly appreciated

I have a server with the latest map version. There you can test the map directly.
IP: (Frankfurt, 10 Slots)

I used some grass assets from 9yz. Link:
Unfortunately I can't model myself, and my graphic designer only started creating textures for this project, but I'm still happy with the result.

On 15.04.2021 I added custom railings from KoryBagel, he created them after I asked him, and he is making them publicly available.
Check his site out:

Does a map need custom assets to be good? I think not, and hope to convince you here with my choice of props.

Map made by:
SteffTek (Map)
CloudDust (Texture Work)
Aquastics (Nav File)

Special Thanks to my Playtesters:

Wait, the NEWS?!
I don't know why you guys download this map, neither do I dare to understand people writing whole news articles about my map.
But I feel flattered about the recognition in the media! If you want to contact me about my map, dm me on Twitter:

This document was translated with DeepL.
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makar456456 Aug 19 @ 8:59pm 
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I'd rather eat my butt hair than play on this map
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buen mapa para un casual y un competitivo
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+rep nice
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i love it, it reminds me of office but balanced
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+rep nice:oxinablanket:
Mihai RO ® Apr 18 @ 8:06am 
The map looks cool. Similar to Critical Ops game :)
Limbo Apr 16 @ 7:48am 
Interrios of the map are cool , but i don't really like how you did outside space , a lot of same trees , just coppied 20 times , also disable grass shadows , it look weird in source engine
adx Apr 15 @ 11:41pm