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Traffic Lights
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Mar 23 @ 4:49am
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Traffic Lights

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Traffic Lights


Hello all together !

I decided to create some traffic lights for my roads ... and here they are.
I wanted to have something with the possibility to individualize the roads and that´s
not possible with the vanilla traffic lights.

I know that I am "forcing" you to use these props instead of the vanilla one´s
but you´re still free to decide wether you want to use my roads or not. ;)
Therefore I think, that my descion was the right one.:)

There might also the possibility that i`ll update some already existing roads to
these traffic lights ... if that´s the case, then I´ll of course mark that asset on top
of it´s description.

Btw. the first road that will use these traffic lights can be seen on the pictures.
I hope that it´ll be ready to upload tomorrow.

Save RAM:

About the Models

The package currently consists of 63 different traffic lights. There are different
types for LHD and RHD.

They´re obviously tris - heavier than the vanilla traffic, but way lighter than the vanilla
barrel - pallet. ;)

They´re also sorted in a certain system.

If any other creator wants to use them, then´ll contact me. I can then provide
additional informations about the modes and the naming system etc.
I´ll save the space within the assets description until then ... and my time as well. :P
The process of importing (which I did twice) took already ages ...

Forgotten thoughts

I´ll add them when they are back ... ;)


If you like this addition to the workshop... and you want more, you could give it a thumbs up. :)
That would be very much appreciated !!! :)

For further questions and comments use the comment function below the asset.

If you find issues, mistakes etc. feel free to comment them as well ...

And if you want to buy me a cup of coffee to keep me awake during the long night shifts
you can do that here ...cup of coffee...[] only if you want of course. ;)
All assets are for free and will stay for free. :)

Plus, suggestions for other road types or whatever, are always welcome ! :)

Wíth best regards

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W M Dracutus 4 hours ago 
Similar to Australian traffic lights as well, very nice! :)
clus  [author] 10 hours ago 
@Allystrya Thanks ! ;)
@ Thanks ... Well, they have a somewhat "euopean - generic" design ...
qwq 18 hours ago 
Thanks! they are very cool and their design is almost the same as the traffic lights from my home country, Chile. :)
Allystrya 21 hours ago 
I never use traffic lights but I am putting them in my collection just in case and a huge thumbs up because these look amazing! :)
clus  [author] Mar 27 @ 10:55am 
@ECO; Bobbo662 Thank you very much ! :)
@rosariolor They will be used with my roads ... if you want to use them with other roads, you have to created local copies and put them in yourself ...
rosariolor Mar 27 @ 10:32am 
Forgive my silly questions, but how do I put them and make them work?
Bobbo662 Mar 27 @ 5:40am 
OMG, this looks so awesome, can't wait to use them, thank you so much for sharing your work - much appreciated - really!
ECO Mar 27 @ 1:52am 
thanks!, they look cool, can't wait to edit them in. :)
clus  [author] Mar 27 @ 1:44am 
@VNDK8R They won´t replace anything unless you change them manually in the editor. These are just props ... no Mod to change anything automatically :/
VNDK8R Mar 26 @ 11:38pm 
Been looking through the comments but I couldn't figure it out... I understand these work in your road assets. I'm curious if they replace the Vanilla road lights also. I think I read they won't replace NExt2 lights, is this correct?