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MEIOU and Taxes v2.60
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Sep 20, 2019 @ 12:29pm
Feb 19, 2023 @ 9:04am
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MEIOU and Taxes v2.60

In 1 collection by [M&T] Gigau
MEIOU and Taxes v2.60 - A Total Overhaul Mod
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Welcome to MEIOU and Taxes, the quintessential overhaul mod for EUIV v.1.29.6.

Brought to you with love by Gigau, Rosth, FireKahuna, Beorsferth, Kjh, Dgl, amukorihSCoffee, Mepper, Mati, Sun Wu, and the rest of the M&T team.

- Fifteen-hundred new provinces and counting, as well as new nations.
- Extends the timeline, offering five hundred years of history (1356-1856).
- Religious mechanics by Dharper's Dei Gratia.
- New trade system.
- Overhauled graphics and map courtesy of EOOQE.
- Completely new Estate and State Systems
- New Disease and Unrest Systems
- Revamped and Reworked Colonial System
- A unique musical score composed by ciadude2

M&T Wikipedia:

Q: I subscribed, but mod doesn't appear in the Launcher or the game loads Vanilla.
A: Unsubscribe from M&T v2.52, check you don't have a version downloaded from the forum, and resubscribe.

Q: Are there any required DLC?
A: Mandate of Heaven is important for balancing China. Craddle of Civilisations is important for to keep population going when disbanding armies.

Q: I played this game a few years ago, but it ran slowly on my computer. What's changed?
A: Owing to upgrades to the Clauswitz Engine, and better scripting, FPS has been significantly increased on most machines.

Q: Can I play this mod with only the graphical and map changes?
A: No.

Q: Do I have to install the compability patch if I have a certain DLC ?
A: the compability patches make the units sprites fit better on the M&T map and are not necesarry to run at all, only use them if you have the associated unit sprites activated.

Q: Where do i find the different modules working with this mod ?
A: They are all in my M&T Collection.

Join the Discord[] to join the community, report bugs or see teasers and more.

If you want to support the team, please consider visiting our Patreon page [].

The M&T team would like to wholheartedly thank the Patreons for their continued support, and are also so very thankful for the enormous help of the Closed Alpha testers in rooting out bugs and helping with the Wiki.

The following mods are integrated or partially integrated with permission from their respective authors. We can't list every contributor here, but feel free to read the full credits here [].

- The Riches of Africa by Hellwyr
- Translucent Colored Mapmodes by Negi
- Historical Events Extended by Voffvoohunden
- Pax Sinica by Chatnoir17 and Fryz
- Purple Phoenix Arise by Dorimi, Myrkul, Shnipe, and Inimucus
- Divide et Imperia by Einfall
- Additional Titles and Governments by Kaigon
- Serenissima Italia by Marco Dandolo
- Medieval Universalis by Tunch Khan
- Lex Talonius II by jnt.mullen
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Can't use the mod
Sep 1, 2020 @ 6:48am
Brandenburg -help me with "centralising the mark?"
sgtpochan Jul 4 @ 5:14am 
By Far the best Eu 4 mod on the workshop.
Rana May 30 @ 4:52am 
update it bro
Phoenix Apr 13 @ 5:10pm 
@💖⎛⎝Silver Knight⎠⎞ gigau is at tinto making eu5
Rosth Apr 4 @ 11:47pm 
2.6 won't be updated to the newest eu4 version, but there will still be a couple of maintenance updates fixing bugs and things like that. Updating v2 to 1.35 is too much work for me, and it involves dealing with UI which I can't/won't do.
Gigau disappeared sadly
Philemon Mar 30 @ 12:03am 
i think my biggest issue with meiou 2.6 rn is that it uns on eu 4 version 1.29.6 wich has a bug that the ai takes too much ae and gets huge coalitions making allying them pretty annoying.
Philemon Mar 20 @ 8:10pm 
this version of meiou an taxes was the best it has been, hopefully you will update it some day
Calvin J. Candie Mar 12 @ 10:27am 
Sadly I have to agree. I keep having to revert patch when I want to play MEIOU because 3.0 is a horrible mod. Its impossible to understand, uninteractive, unfun. I guess its fun as an observer mode experiment but certainly not fun to play. Instead of enhancing what they built on 2.0 they removed it all and tried to build a new game that was superior to victoria 3 but with a 10 year old game and IU. Terrible experiment. I hope they reverse shit although I suspect not given how EU5 is around the cornern. I just hope they dont make the same mistake in EU5 and the mod in EU5 is more like Meiou 2.6 andnot 3.0.
Уважаемые Ядра Feb 18 @ 9:00am 
3.0 is far worse than 2.6 in almost every aspect. Less realistic, less challenging, less fun, less historical, less immersive. Not to mention terrible interface and absence of good submods (Like HIM).
2.6 with Historical Immersion mod still rules. Shame this mod not getting any updates.
battlez Feb 16 @ 10:23am 
whats with china being its own mini hre instead of all yuan ruled?