Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Empyrion - Galactic Survival

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Sneak: Shielded Micro-SV (level 10 shuttle)
Blueprint: Small Vessel
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Sneak: Shielded Micro-SV (level 10 shuttle)

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Shields, Cargo and O2 are included in this micro-sv,
it'll fit through a 1 block hole with room to spare and is highly manoeuvrable.
I wouldn't face rockets with it but it's resilient against a surprisingly large number of threats.

There are no steel blocks, every space is occupied by devices,
the shields do protect the components, long enough to give you time to clear the room or escape.
Gatlings can be replaced by rocket launchers if XP is unimportant to you,
this would shorten the build by 1 block

As a starter sv using basic mats;
If in creative mode, you remove the shutters on the back, the shield and pentaxid tank, replace the armoured cockpit with a standard one, all you will need is iron, silicon, copper and plastic.

Tolerance - up to 1.3G