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Fine Road Tool 2.0.3
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Aug 24, 2019 @ 3:15pm
Jan 10 @ 2:56pm
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Fine Road Tool 2.0.3

Updated version of SamSamTS' Fine Road Tool. The fix applied allows that other mods that already have tools implemented extending the game default NetTool, BulldozeTool or BuildingTool to be usable, like recent Dynamic Text Props and the Touch This! Tool.
IMPORTANT: Unsubscribe the older version to avoid incompatibilities!

SamSamTS has retired from CS modding community in December 2018.

This mod is compatible with the version 1.12.* of the game (and probably with the next versions too).

Original description
This mod allow you to set finer road elevation steps and also provides different building modes.

Mod Options
- Reduce rail catenary masts: Reduce the number of catenary mast of rail lines from 3 to 1 per segment.
- Change max turn angle for more realistic tram tracks turns: Change all roads with tram tracks max turn angle by the value set below if current value is higher
- Disable in editor (Recommended for road editor)

- Normal (Nrm): Unmodded road placement behavior.
- Ground (Gnd): Forces the ground to follow the elevation of the road. This also works downwards (sunken roads).
- Elevated (Elv): If the type of road selected has it, it forces the use of the elevated pieces, even at 0m and below.
- Bridge (Bdg): Same as elevated but with bridge pieces.
- Tunnel (Tnl): Create tunnels, underground or not.

Straight slope
- Makes the road go straight from A to B instead of following the terrain.

If you need anarchy with straight slope, use Fine Road Anarchy which integrate nicely within the mod's interface.

Use Ctrl + Up/Down to change the elevation step (it goes from 1m to 12m).
Use Ctrl + Left/Right to change between placement modes.
Use Home to reset the elevation.
Use Shift + S to toggle the Straight slope option.

Patch 2.0.2
Fixed OnGround flag when adding segment in on ground mode.

Known issues
Converting roads to suspended bridge doesn't work properly. Bulldoze and rebuild is required.

Source Code
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顶风一尿十丈 Feb 20 @ 4:03am 
Cuchales Feb 15 @ 12:28pm 
el enlace a descarga?
bish0p23 Feb 13 @ 9:05am 
@Bonovision...same thing started happening to me yesterday. I've experienced it in the past, but usually a restart would help. Today, I just started playing and it already keeps switching views when I'm trying to lower a road. Very annoying.

Otherwise, thanks for the hard work, OP!
Bonovision Feb 13 @ 5:31am 
@Klyte45 I'm experiencing a weird quirk in game that I'm trying to troubleshoot the cause of but am entirely not sure if it's related at all to your mod but figured you may have ore insight. The quirk is that whether I've selected a road or not, or within the road tool or Move it and also when having selected an elevated road (let's say it's +15 units in height) normally I'd use the "page down" key to lower it. My view would stay above ground until I went "-6 units" below flat terrain.

What has started to happen that in any circumstance, if I hit the "page down" key just once (and this includes the above example of wanting to lower a raised road from "+15 units down to 14" my view instantly switches to underground. The same applies when raising and lowering within Move it with a selected node.

Curious for your thoughts on whether this is a bug or some setting that has changed via an update. Thanks for your time.
Jackalope Jan 27 @ 12:50pm 
Straight slope glitch exists at least year and looks like author doesnt want to fix this.
Jackalope Jan 27 @ 12:47pm 
I think you have to say that straight slope almost never works twice.
Bp101697 Jan 27 @ 2:03am 
Another known issues: Straight Slope Glitch
This glitch also occurs in oiginal version of Fine Road Tool.
Sometimes straight slope option does not work and roads follow the terrain. e.g. Constructing 20-u slope from ground to 12m: First time it works but second time the slopes only one segment out of two, another segment lies along the terrain.
[YouTube] FARGON =^-^= Jan 21 @ 10:01am 
This is I wanted to know. Thank you
LemonsterOG Jan 21 @ 9:20am 
@FARGON Oh...I understand now. You can only be subscribed to ONE version of EACH mod.

Subscribe to:
Fine Road Tools 2.0.3
- AND -
Fine Road Anarchy 2

Remove all other versions.
[YouTube] FARGON =^-^= Jan 21 @ 8:59am 
@LemonsterOG, I'm using Fine Road Anarchy 2. But I don't know, do I must unsubscribed from Fine Road Tool or Fine Road Tool 2.0.3? Or I must unsubscribef from both mods? And use ONLY Fine Road Anarchy 2? I don't uderstand It!