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[WOTC] Advent Hunter Restoration (Counter Op)
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[WOTC] Advent Hunter Restoration (Counter Op)

Personal Lore:
"The ADVENT Hunters originally existed as a more black op's unit led by Elite Hunter Captains for hunting high profile targets which is why they use the Advent sniper rifles, they're a lot more common these days and slightly less trained as a result but their overall role in combat remain the same, rumors out there support the idea that they were trained by some high ranked individual who we believe is called The Hunter not much more info then that though."

The Hunter's History:
When WOTC came out there were many new enemy units added to the game however there were two Advent units that weren't added into the game properly yet were very much finished apparently according to what was left over in not only the game files in the SDK but a lot of their left over data was in the ini files and the localisations.

The Advent Hunter and the Advent Hunter Captain (Called the CounterOp and CounterOpCommander in the files)

According the files these Advent units would be similar to the Advent General in which they would only show up on a single mission type, in this case that was the Covert Escape missions.

In the end whether these units were unfinished, only temporary templates or cut out for being unnecessary I do not know without more information directly from the Dev's themselves which would be nice to have.

Would of been sweet to have an official Advent sniper in the game though, would of sucked to only ever see them for one "uncommon" mission type on the other hand.

Mod Information:

This mod originally started as a restoration project to restore the two Advent units and the Covert Escape mission to how it seemed to been intended, however the latter has proven to be outside of my expertise and I do not know if it's an impossible endeavor.

So instead this mod restores the Advent Hunter and expands the unit to be one encountered through out the whole game, to accomplish this I have done the following

1: Restored the model for the Advent Hunter and made a new model for the Advent Sniper rifle using the Chosen Hunter sniper rifle model with a new texture to bring it in line with standard Advent weapons, I also gave them a new firing FX effect based from the base game's Xcom mag sniper rifle.

2: Encounter lists and follower lists which are for the most part based on the Stunlancer's, for Covert Escape missions I have raised their spawn rate to be about the same as an Advent Troopers, considering they were intended for that mission I thought it was fair.

3: Gave them different stats based on game difficulty, again mostly based off the Stunlancer with deviations based on the Hunter's base stats

4: Edited their character unit script to be effected by Dark Events and gave them Squadsight and Longwatch since without them their a little meh, only slightly more threatening then unmodded Purifiers.

5: Made a new dialogue option from Bradford for your first encounter with them using unused dialogue for Advanced and Elite tiered Advent spliced together, video attached.

In combat the Advent Hunters have a preference for overwatch but can and will shoot normally, while overwatching might seem like a weird choice as a primary action this can prove to be a threat on timed missions and especially on Covert Escapes if you prefer to run over fighting especially since they have Squadsight and Longwatch as well as more dodge then most Advent, they require only 1 action to fire their rifles.

Edit: Alright I was wrong about giving the Hunter Captain their own model, I forgot I had removed that code while compiling the original project into this mod, I'll make a separate mod for them at some point.

Their existing stats from the base files including their weapon have been left alone since I do not want to mess with their established stuff too much, this includes their AI which exists already in the AI ini file.

What I will not do/change with the mod:

Just wanted to make some clarifications here since I feel this is important to talk about

Besides adding things that were missing that were needed to fit in with other base game Advent like difficulty stats or if they needed something to not be entirely stupid in combat like squadsight I do not plan to heavily change the stats or ai of the unit even if this makes them less threatening then enemies from other mods like CX stuff.

The Advent Hunter's are meant to feel as much like they belong in the base game's Advent roster as possible.

DerBK's A Better Advent and A Better Advent AI however do have "changes" for the Advent Hunter's AI specifically, and if you know what your doing anyone can make their own AI stuff for these units.

The texture will not change, of course I would of preferred a new model for them but this is what was in the game files like it or not, the lack of shoulder pads is the only liberty I will take with the character's looks and this was only done to make them standout a little more from the Stunlancer visually as a base game unit and even with the texture the Advent Hunter's shoulder pads looked the exact same as the Stunlancers in color so there wasn't anything "lost" with their removal.

I don't care for the arguments that green isn't an established color for Advent prior, considering that Firaxis introduced new colors whenever they want they are the ones who decide what Advent's aesthetic is, green is a color used by the main Advent Propaganda announcer though so take it as you will, I presume the green is because of the abandoned city environments in Covert Escape missions.

(Fun fact: the Priest is literally just a white and gold Stunlancer with a new helmet and a couple of armor pieces on top, the Purifier has more original pieces but it's mostly based off the Shieldbearer with a new texture, helmet, back tank, shoulder pads and crotch plate, so even in the base game Advent reuses armor.)

In General the only other major content change I would do with this mod is add an Autopsy and I don't mean like other mods, I mean more like what the Muton Elite from LW2 does where they made their own cutscene and Tygan dialogue, but that's a lot of work to make, and I don't want a crappy reward, as it is they drop Stunlancer corpses

This mod would be incompatible with any other mods that try to heavily mod the Advent Hunter but as of right now the total of mods that exist that do this is zero

In fact I'm pretty sure that DerBK's ABA and ABAI are the only mods that even acknowledge their existence, I recommend either one of those mods if your going to use this.

This mod is compatible with the Advent Sniper mod however I feel like the two clash somewhat since their very similar but also different.

I have added them as followers to base game units as well as many well known mods that I know of such as ABA, Bio Division and other Team CX mods, a few other standalone mods from other mod makers such as the Advent Sniper, Duelist, etc, so if you see a lot of these guys then it's because of that and not because I raised their spawn rates too much, the game will prioritize newly added mods though initially.

If anyone wants me to add these guy's as a follower to other enemy mods that aren't already covered then let me know and I might get to them.

If Bugs do arise related to them then let me know and I'll try to address them if possible

Thanks to everyone who had helped me with getting these guys out, I appreciate that help very much.

Mr.ShadowCX: for advice regarding this mod and for assistance with INI balancing and adjustments

Farkyrie: For giving me permission to use the Advent sniper character model.

Wilko: For new texture for shadowless shoulder pads

Robojumper and Iridar: for walking me through with creating the script for the new dialogue.
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Aug 10 @ 1:11am
The History of the Advent Hunter (Counter Op)
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Deadput  [author] Aug 14 @ 6:17pm 
This shouldn't be the case, the model is in the mod and everything.

The Hunter Captain's are because this mod doesn't have their model implemented but I have not added them into encounter lists or anything.

Any screenshots or game logs you can post?

This mod has no requirements beyond WOTC so everything should be there and others have encountered the unit.

Maybe try unsubbing and then ressubing since it could be a corrupted download.
ctzodiac Aug 14 @ 6:07pm 
My hunters are invisible :/
Markies de Canteclaer Aug 13 @ 10:59pm 
I don't have mods that alter the base weapons, but I do have added a few soldier classes and alternative weapons that basically reskin the base weapons with slightly other stats such as the Mass effect weapons, and the Advent sniper's "harbinger rifle".

At one point my basegame sniper had a M-97 Viper which suddenly out of nowhere no longer had a reload option but did carry the Shadowkeeper.

Another time I had a Bruiser (custom class) with a default shardgun and the Shadowkeeper.

So while I can suspect the Shadowkeeper as a possible cause, it shouldn't, I have no clue what triggered it.

I'm almost certain that your mod didn't trigger it since the problem persisted after a complete wipe and reset to a previous stable state that didn't even involved this mod.
So it could possibly just be a coincidence with a mod update that sneaked in somehow, but since I have so many mods it's going to be difficult finding out.
Deadput  [author] Aug 13 @ 10:40pm 
I'm really sorry about the bug, I don't know what would cause it.

Been using the Advent Hunter's myself and I have not been able to replicate the bug at at.

Do you have any mods that would "heavily" alter base game weapon properties like say mods that edit sniper rifles?
Markies de Canteclaer Aug 13 @ 10:38pm 
Still been looking into the whole "reload bug" and I still am not sure what's causing it.
I have an insane amount of mods that could all conflict with each other somehow.

re-installing the game, resetting configs, starting a new campaign, all did nothing.

But I seem to have a stable game now. And it's also the first time in the 1000+ hours of gameplay I encountered this. The problems started after I got this mod, but didn't go away after disabling this mod, but keeping the old mods that never caused any problems, even after reinstalling the entire game and wiping any config or savegame.

Tl;Dr : It's not caused by this mod, but what did I don't know.
Deadput  [author] Aug 12 @ 8:32pm 

Very cool to hear thank you! As a newbie modder comments like that are much appreciated.

Hope you find/make a mod list that works for you!
Californiadreaming Aug 12 @ 8:07pm 
Hey @Deadput, I just wanted to make you aware that with the cool mods you've been putting out recently, I have been moved to re-evaluate and cull my entire mod collection. I was running about 220 mods until a couple of days ago. I am now in the process of deciding what to lose and what to keep in order to work a couple of your mods in without going overboard (this mod, for example, makes me review ALL the mods which add enemies to see what I really want to keep and lose). This is taking me hours. For this, I salute you.
Deadput  [author] Aug 12 @ 3:02pm 

That would be interesting to use thanks, I can take a look if it's alright with you.
Wilko Aug 12 @ 12:08pm 
@Deadput - don't know if you'd be interested, but I edited the stun lancer texture to remove the shadow on the shoulder pads for a version of my medic that never saw the light of day. Let me know if you'd like it! {LINK REMOVED}
THE BLACKOUT Aug 12 @ 12:16am