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Higher Fallen Empire Limit
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Sep 8 @ 3:45am
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Higher Fallen Empire Limit

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This mod increases the maximum amount of fallen empires on your maps to 13.


Huge 5-------> 13
Large 4------->8
Medium 3--------> 8
Small 2-------->4
Tiny 1-------->2

Overrides the setup_scenarios folder completely. Not compatible with mods that do the same.

Known bug: Using random amounts of fallen empires limits the number to vanilla values.

Needs to be in use with mods that add more fallen empires as there are only 5 vanilla fallen empires.

For more varied fallen empires, try looking at my other mod: Extra Fallen Empires. That adds 8 more fallen empires.

For Bigger Galaxies, 1250 and 1500 stars, try looking at my other mod: Higher Fallen Empire Limit Bigger Galaxies

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Daniel  [author] Sep 8 @ 3:47am 
updated to 13 fallen empires.
Daniel  [author] Sep 6 @ 7:03am 
It is compatible.
MayhemX8 Sep 6 @ 6:21am 
If this mod modifies game setup files, does that mean it will be incompatible with Twink's Playable Fallen Empires? I was hoping to have a galaxy full of FE's for my playthroughs as Eternals.
Daniel  [author] Aug 13 @ 9:46am 
Limited upped to 12
Daniel  [author] Aug 12 @ 8:27am 
Limit upped to 11
Daniel  [author] Aug 11 @ 10:36am 
I've decided to make the 1250 and 1500 its own mod.
Daniel  [author] Aug 11 @ 10:26am 
Without loading the Galaxy size mod, my mod wont spawn stars in the galactic core, loading the other mod allows stars to spawn there.
Daniel  [author] Aug 11 @ 10:13am 
Still load the other mod too, as that still changes some other unrelated stuff that i did'nt need to change.
Daniel  [author] Aug 11 @ 10:12am 
Just updated the mod to allow for 1250 and 1500 stars.

Use the galaxy setting called HFE 1250 or HFE 1500