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Cuddling and More
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Jul 21, 2019 @ 8:08am
Nov 8, 2022 @ 2:58pm
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Cuddling and More

The mod allows you cuddle in bed via the "Cuddle Bed" and replaces the creepy sleeping animation on regular beds with something more natural.

To avoid having NPC's randomly spooning each other I made it an upgrade to any bed you own at the cost of just one extra fabric. You want you and your lover to have the most cushioned love nest don't you?

USE: In order to cuddle you will have to have both PCs enter from the same side of the bed. Entering from the right side of the bed will have them both in the direction of the head of the bed. Entering from the left will have them in the direction of the foot of the bed.

You gain the cuddle bed with the same research as a regular bed. The regular bed also upgrades to the Cuddle Bed.


FOR BEST RESULTS, USE PCs OF THE SAME HEIGHT AND AVERAGE BODY SIZE. Due to Kenshi's engine I'm only able to make a single animation for Female and Male. Unfortunately there is no way to make a same gender animation as the animation file is locked to the male/female's respective skeletons and the engine will only run one file at a time :/

Clipping will happen depending on the size and body variations of the PCs. It can't be helped due to engine limitations.

Skeletons and Hive use the Male_Skeleton Anim file. Thats just how Kenshi was made. Sorry.

The original camp bed part of the mod that the OG mod author made is still the same.

(This is my first Kenshi mod and I stayed up a good bit of the night trouble shooting it and figuring out the FCS. I used the mod authors's existing data to understand how to get it right.) <--- At the time of initial upload.

(Nude mods not included)

As of now I am more active in modding and have been making custom animations for the mod. I am trouble shooting any bugs that come to my attention to the best of my ability. I am also working on more... saucy animations that are uploaded to LL. If you know, you know. Go to the discussions for the LL links.

I will be expanding on the mod over time. I have plans for different beds and animations. I will work on same gender animations as well. Due to the way the FCS works, each new animation will require a different bed as well. Keep an eye on the change notes for updates.


Original Camp Bed Cuddle mod author: ekyozyu
His files are still in the mod, he made it where you could cuddle in camp beds, I expanded on the idea. I will eventually be replacing those animations as well.
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NonExistantFlower May 31 @ 5:59pm 
One of the beds is marked as a building shell so it can only be placed outside
ShakaShiri Apr 21 @ 2:34pm 
Get a life
I3eauLeBoi Apr 4 @ 7:46am 
Me and the homies.
[BKNE] kiwimatsch Apr 3 @ 3:19am 
i love it, am new to kenshi and i hope i own soon a cuddlebed
BattleMaster Mar 31 @ 7:13am 
i .. uh... approve this
BigRowdy Feb 25 @ 3:16am 
JRPG race wont lie down. They just stnd next to the bed. They are resting and technically occupying the bed but are just standing there.
-=KapTowKa-Fpu=- Jan 27 @ 1:38pm 
:outface: ёлочки-палочки
ksav777 Jan 13 @ 6:09am 
finally i can fuck rabbit women
tommy May 31, 2023 @ 10:47am 
it doesnt work with skeletons smh
Dr. Igor Dolvich May 31, 2023 @ 10:16am 
The camp bed is a nice side effect (beyond RP and such) of this mod, you can store two people on a single camp bed which is relatively fair and balanced. Works nicely for small animals like dogs where you can toss them both on a bed if they're downed.