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Cities: Skylines

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Miriam Bay Tree Collection
These are the trees used to populate the Miriam Bay map. Link to map here
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Bald Cypress
Created by MrMaison
Bald Cypress by MrMaison

Introducing a Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum) tree for your wetland/swamp areas. These trees are well known in the south east and Gulf coastal plains of the United States.
Note these trees also are found on dry land in these ...
Bare Tree A
Created by MrMaison
Bare Tree A by MrMaison

Not all trees have leaves. This is the first of what I call the "Sticks 'n' Twigs" series of bare trees. These bare trees will be released in alphabetical order....
Bare Tree B
Created by MrMaison
Bare Tree B by MrMaison

This is the second tree of the "Sticks 'n' Twigs" series of bare trees....
Bare Tree E
Created by MrMaison
Bare Tree E by MrMaison

Introducing the 5th bare tree of my collection....well the fifth regular bare tree. Bare Tree E. This is a slightly bigger bare tree with more branches giving you a lush look for more realism where you want to place bare trees....
Linden Trees
Created by MrMaison
Linden Trees by MrMaison

Introducing a set of Linden Trees. Kinda generic but inspired by those found in Europe particularly Germany. The Linden is part of the Tilia family which have 30 species in Europe where they are called "Linden", North America wh...
Live Oak Tree
Created by MrMaison
Live Oak Tree by MrMaison

Introducing a basic version of a Live Oak tree. There are many variations of "Live Oak" trees and I do plan on releasing more types including a "Southern Live Oak" with moss which is already in development. This tree is tall, t...
London Planetree
Created by MrMaison
London Planetree by MrMaison

Introducing the London Planetree by request of my friend snibble007. It's great for tree lined neighborhoods and parks in urban areas. They are very common here in NYC and in many places around the world.
There will be more...
London Planetree 2
Created by MrMaison
London Planetree 2 by MrMaison

Introducing a 2 piece set of new and improved London Planetrees. One big fluffy one and a younger version. The young version is great for street decoration and smaller yards. I plan to make more variations in the future.
Created by MrMaison
Magnolia by MrMaison

Introducing Magnolia soulangeana also known as "Saucer Magnolia" or "Chinese Magnolia". This is actually a hybrid species bred in France from the denudata and liliifora species (both from China).
This particular small tree is of th...
Mangrove Tree
Created by MrMaison
Mangrove Tree by MrMaison

Introducing my first Mangrove Tree. This tree is good for swamps and shorelines with a lot of vegetation.

Quote from the web:
Mangroves are defined as assemblages of salt tolerant trees and shrubs that grow in the intertida...
Mountain Ash
Created by MrMaison
Mountain Ash by MrMaison

Introducing the first in my Eucalyptus series, the Mountain Ash aka Eucalyptus Regnans aka Swamp Gum or Stringy Gum.
This species is native to Tasmania and southeastern Australia. It's the tallest flowering plant and one of the...
Norfolk Island Pine
Created by MrMaison
Norfolk Island Pine by MrMaison

The Norfolk Island Pine is a forest giant originally from a small Island in the south Pacific (Norfolk Island) between New Zealand and New Caladonia. It is very symetrical more as a young tree than when it becomes an adul...
Norway Spruce
Created by MrMaison
Norway Spruce by MrMaison

Introducing Picea abies AKA the Norway Spruce! Native to Northern, Central and eastern Europe this tree stands out among any foliage with it's distinc shape. It is famous for being used as a Christmas tree around the world. T...
Norway Spruce 2
Created by MrMaison
Norway Spruce 2 by MrMaison

Introducing 2 more Norway Spruce variations. The 2 trees in this set are taller than the original to capture some of that Northern European forest look. The tallest one is "Norway Spruce Tall" made to look older. They are gre...
Created by MrMaison
OakTree by MrMaison

Featuring an Oak Tree to add variety to our landscapes. This tree is great when plopped in groups giving you fluffy realistic foliage with realistic color. I plan to make a large more fuller one in the future. All the foliage was cra...
Pine Tree
Created by MrMaison
Pine Tree by MrMaison

This is a generic pine tree that I had in my stash for well over a year as of this release date. If you look closely at some of my screenshots over the past year, you may see it lurking in the background. At first I thought it didn...
River Red Gum
Created by MrMaison
River Red Gum by MrMaison

Introducing the River Red Gum aka Eucalyptus camalduensis. This is the second species in the Eucalyptus series released as a 3 piece set.
The original (River Red Gum) is the largest with the most branches. The mid sized have l...
Scots Pine 2
Created by MrMaison
Scots Pine 2 by MrMaison

This is the second variation of the Scots Pine tree. It's a smaller tree with a more distinct younger shape.

2,209 tris
1024 texture for crisper foliage at closer zooms.
Snowfall Support.

As with all my colle...
Scots Pine Tree
Created by MrMaison
Scots Pine Tree by MrMaison


By request from a fellow city builder, jesper107, on Simtropolis, I present to you a Scots Pine tree.

This is the first variation. There will be more in the future with more gnarly branches an...
Siberian Pine Tree
Created by MrMaison
Siberian Pine Tree by MrMaison

By request of our friend BloodyPenguin, I present a Siberian Pine Tree to the nature series. This massive beauty stands up to around 56 meters tall.
There is height variation so not all planted trees will be at that 56 m...
Southern Live Oak
Created by MrMaison
Southern Live Oak by MrMaison

Introducing Quercus virginiana, also known as the Southern Live Oak and many other names.
This is the second variation of the Live Oak series with mossy bark and Spanish moss hanging.
These trees can grow to be very old....
Sugar Maple Fall Set
Created by MrMaison
Sugar Maple by MrMaison

Introducing a 4 piece set of Sugar Maple trees with Fall colors.
Even though this set is made primarily for Fall colors, the flagship version "Sugar Maple"
is a green Summer variation and can be used in both Fall and Summer s...
Tall Grass Clusters
Created by MrMaison
Tall Grass Clusters by MrMaison

UPDATE 5/17/2016: I realized that while making this grass, I had the "More Natural" LUT activated and didn't realize how saturated the grass looked in default biomes. So I desaturated the color to make a more realistic sh...
Young Trees
Created by MrMaison
Young Trees by MrMaison

Introducing my first set of Young Trees. This is a 3 piece set of forest garnish. These trees are generic so I just named them 1-3.
They can be used in empty lots, places that are unkept, virgin bush, remote areas of parks or y...
Semi Bare Tree Set
Created by MrMaison
Semi Bare Tree Set by MrMaison

This is a 3 piece set of Bare trees based on "Bare Tree E" with a few leaves left on them like it would be in late Fall. This set includes red, gold and green colors.

All Semi-Bare Trees are 1321 tris and 1024 t...
Pin Oak
Created by MrMaison
Pin Oak by MrMaison

Introducing a young Pin Oak (Quercus palustris) tree. It's native to North America mainly from the Midwest to Eastern United States. It's also known as "Swamp Tree" as it originally grows in swampy areas. This tree is introduced in ...
Lady Fern
Created by MrMaison
Lady Fern by MrMaison

This Lady Fern can be found in many places in the northern hemisphere. It grows in moist shady forest floors and is also used for decoration.
More info here

Lady Fer...
Bare Tree D
Created by MrMaison
Bare Tree D by MrMaison

Here is my 4th fuller Bare Tree. Not all trees have leaves :) It's good for adding texture in any foliage, and also for winter and fall maps.

732 tris 512 textures including normal map.

For those who don't know, I s...
Golden Phragmites
Created by MrMaison
Golden Phragmites by MrMaison

Introducing the Golden Phragmite. This is an aged version of a common reed great for wetlands and shores.
This is a 2 piece set including smaller (Golden Phragmites), and larger coverage (Golden Phragmite Clusters) versio...
Grass Cluster 2
Created by MrMaison
Grass Cluster 2 by MrMaison

This is my second grass cluster 2 piece set. This grass is also tall but much shorter than the first Tall Grass Clusters so it's more suitable to place in urban settings.

The "Grass Cluster 2" is great for unkept looking ...
Bare London Planetrees
Created by MrMaison
Bare London Planetrees by MrMaison

Introducing a 2 piece set of Bare London Planetrees. The models are the same but with 2 bark variations. I plan to make more variation in the near future including ones with leaves which will be next. These are good...