War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld

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Community Spotlight - May 2019
A collection of developer curated maps from the May 2019 Community Spotlight
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Bloody Dawn - Morgenröte
Created by Cr4nK
Bloody Dawn - Morgenröte...
Frosty Fortress
Created by Doogy
Now that you're in control of Frosty's Castle, perhaps you'd care to tidy the place up a bit? Take some time off from your schemes and plans, and put down some carpets and fireball-belching sentry guns. Make the place for you, ya know? Plus you can test ou...
HP007 - Hourglass
Created by HPoltergeist
V2 - Fixed sacred land and minor accessibility and breach spot adjustments.

A map, ideal for a free for all deathmatch, 2v2 or a tournament with a 1v1 V 1v1 game. You will see that it is much easier to cross than it seems. I hope you like my design!

I ha...
Created by sarah140392
The Elements
Created by Calebloki
Conquer the four Elemental Regions guarded by the 4 Titans and various other darstadly traps and minions that get in your way, whilst also exploring for helpful hidden minions and secret rooms to help sway the tide of battle. There are a few moongate porta...
Tales of dwarfs and greed
Created by Taktikus
Hello, I have created a level for a new campaign. If you like it please rate accordingly. If the reviews are good, I will continue the campaign. Thanks and have fun :-)

The Stronghold of Pin'in, the Hoarder.
Created by Chaos
A pinwheel-style map with a powerful central stronghold.

Fight in and around the powerful gold-ridden complex, and claim the central area to harvest the endlessly processing rivers of gold....
Unforgiving Fire Realm!
Created by Polis Ranger
Keep your core shards safe from the other underlords but watch out for the Emberdemos and untold horrors that hide in the metaling pits of death. You will loss lots of minions but I have giving you all some useful goods and rooms to help.

Have fun and fee...
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